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  1. T1000

    NFL 2021-2022

    Didn’t see a thread. Brady bunch and Dak to the future put on an amazing opening night game. Yesterday wasn’t as good. My packers got beat bad. I know there’s two Jets fans on here and while the offensive line and defense was atrocious they have to be happy with how Zach Wilson looked. I saw a...
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    MLB 2021 A Sticky Situation

    Halfway through the year and there’s been lots of storylines. First we have the crackdown on spider tack, a substance pitchers use to artificially increase the spin rates on their pitches. Most hitters can’t handle high spin rate fastballs up in the zone so the tack helps there but it also helps...
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    Never Forget

    RIP to the passengers on flights 11, 175, 77, and 93, to the civilians who lost their lives evacuating the World Trade Center, and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and selfishly rushed into collapsing towers to help save lives. Today marks the 19th anniversary of your untimely passing...
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    RIP Charlie Daniels

    Playing the fiddle of gold in Heaven RIP
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    Fenn’s Treasure Found

    “A New Mexico treasure hunter revealed that his chest of gold, jewels and other valuables worth over $1 million has been found. Ten years ago, Forrest Fenn gained a cult following when he announced that he had hidden the chest somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. He inspired tens of thousands to...
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    Man Whose Father Walked Out On Him

    Creates a Youtube Channel to help children with no father.
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    Summer Beers Thread

    Blue Point - Summer Ale and Shore Thing Thomas Hooker Watermelon Ale Dogfish Head seaquench ale Narraganset summer catch and watermelon shanty Thats what I’ve been drinking lately
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    ESPN’s Top 10 NBA Players Ever

    1. Jordan 2. Lebron 3. Kareem 4. Russell 5. Magic 6. Wilt 7. Bird 8. Duncan 9. Kobe 10. Shaq Thoughts? Not a bad list imo. Would move 3-4 guys around but I think they got the right ten players.
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    Worst Thursday Ever

    It’s not Thursday yet but based on the trend I’m seeing this week I’m sure it will be the worst Thursday ever
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    RIP Neil Peart

    Passed away Tuesday due to complications from brain cancer. The GOAT drummer from Rush.
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    RIP Don Imus

    79 years old. Radio legend. Paved the way for Mike and the Mad Dog and Howard Stern. Tons of guys worked on his show and went on to have successful careers (Mike Breen, Sid Rosenberg, Chris Carlin to name a few).
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    Your Favorite Songs/Albums of 2019

    Albums We Are Not Your Kind - Slipknot Atonement - KSE Songs Neo Forte - Slipknot Signal Fire - KSE Nowhere to Run - Fozzy Eye of God - Erra Still Got My Gun - Slaine, Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz
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    CBB 2019-20 Season: Fly Me To Atlanta

    Season tips off tonight. Idk who’s into the November/December tournaments but I love them. Coaches classic (3) Kansas vs (4) Duke and (1) Michigan St vs (2) Kentucky gets us started
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    MLB 2020 Season: I <3 Patrick Corbin

    Loaded free agent class this year. Cole Strasburg Rendon Wheeler Bumgarner Grandal Donaldson Moustakas Gregorious Ozuna Ryu. Starting this thread earlier than normal due to the loaded FA class and the last thread had some discussion still going on.
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    Top 6 originals better than sequels???

    Terminator Patriots vs Rams super bowl Predator Federer Nadal Wimbledon 2006 Batman Begins Magic Mike XL
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    MLB 2019 Season: Shipping Up To Boston

    I’m starting this thread about 6 weeks early since the hot stove is scorching. Notable moves so far Boston keeps World Series heroes eovaldi and pearce Yankees add Paxton via trade gNats add Corbin on a ridiculous 6 year deal Phillies give mccutchen 3/50 Mets acquire Diaz and Cano via trade...
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    Gene Chokes Again

    Second time he's in a close game and doesn't know what to do. His players have one read on offense and force it even if it leads to turnovers. Girl open at the top of the key, instead lets force a pass into the corner that leads to a turnover. Zero adjustments on d and refuses to double even...
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    Official MLB 2018 Season Thread

    Pitchers and catchers report in about one month (2/13-15) players report one week later. Season also starts early this year, last week of March. Hot stove has been freezing cold this winter. Notable trades Yankees trade three nobodies for Giancarlo Stanton Notable free agent signings Angels...
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    2018 Baseball Hall of Fame

    Who do you think gets in this year and who do you think eventually gets in? This years ballot is stacked IMO First time Chipper jones Jim thome Omar vizquel Johan Santana Chris carpenter Orlando Hudson Hideki matsui Andruw jones Johnny Damon Livan Hernandez Aubrey huff Brad lidge Carlos lee...
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    ok the question has to be asked.....

    you all know what it is! Did carreno busta tank?
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    When Did You Buy Your First House?

    I'm 24 and looking to get one now since I have enough saved up and mortgages are cheap (also they're tax deductible rent isn't). A mortgage on a 200k home is also a lot cheaper than rent here too. Just wondering how old the rest of you guys were since all of my friends rent or live at home and...
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    TTW March Madness Pool

    anyone interested in a bracket pool on ESPN or cbs? I'll make a group if there's enough interest @stringertom @Noveson @r2473 @hollywood9826 @Topspin Shot @Kevin T @Steve0904 @Power Player @LeeD @Vcore89 @Say Chi Sin Lo I think I got everyone I usually see in the NBA, college, and other sport...
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    MLB 2017 Season

    first spring training games start today. Opening day is April 2nd and 3rd
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    College football 2015-2016

    searched and couldn't find one for this year you're slacking @stringertom It's opening day lots of good games this weekend Yes I realize I got the dates wrong lol should be 2016-2017
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    2016 NCAA tournament discussion thread

    Real tournament starts today at 12 duke vs unc Wilmington. Best postseason in sports by far
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    TTW March Madness Bracket Challenge

    any one interested in doing a Ttw bracket group for fun? If there's enough interest I'll make one when I get home from work. ESPN Group Name: TTW Bracket Challenge Password: uc0nn
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    Official mlb 2016 thread

    spring training starts today lets goooooooo Never seen an mlb thread besides the playoffs one we did last year and it was kinda popular so starting a regular season thread for this season
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    Did the ao give him free food after he got destroyed by the goat? Haven't seen any tweets of him complaining yet
  29. T1000

    2015 mlb playoffs

    Any baseball fans here? Mets finally back to the postseason after 9 years can't wait Friday 10/23 Toronto at Kansas city game 6 Saturday 10/24 Toronto at Kansas city game 7 World Series begins Tuesday 10/27 8pm Fox Mets at Kansas City/Toronto
  30. T1000

    RIP Stuart Scott Sports will never be the same. Grew up watching sportscenter and watched him everyday