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  1. daggerman

    Australian Open Rebound Ace vs. Pexicushion vs. GreenSet

    I hadn't realized until today that the ITF maintains a database of court speed classifications for all of the surface manufacturers that are registered on it. For those unfamiliar with this, each surfaces falls into one of 5 categories: (1) Slow, (2) Medium-Slow, (3) Medium, (4) Medium-Fast, (5)...
  2. daggerman

    Poll: Who will retire with the more distinguished clay court career?

    Simple enough! What do you think?
  3. daggerman

    Black cap grommets for current Prestige line

    I've seen photos of current gen Prestige racquets with black cap grommets and think it's a really nice look. Last time I went to get my racquet restrung, however, I asked the stringer at my local shop if they carried any and he said no. I've also looked online and haven't had any luck. Does...
  4. daggerman

    How many active players are better on grass than Sam Querrey?

    It just dawned on me that it's a pretty short list. How long is that list exactly, though? My list: - Djokovic - Federer - Nadal - Raonic I'm sure there are others who'd be a toss up against Querrey, but who else is definitively better? IS SAM QUERREY REALLY THE FIFTH-BEST GRASS COURTER IN THE...
  5. daggerman

    TWU Spin Potential Metric

    I was doing some light research on poly strings and came across something surprising. When comparing the spin potential (as listed by the TWU lab review), I found the following stats on the various Solinco Hyper-G gauge sizes: 16: 7.0 16L: 6.1 17: 6.1 18: 7.5 Can anybody explain why the 16...
  6. daggerman

    Your Favorite Djokovic?

    Four different Novaks, each with their pros and cons. Which is your favorite?
  7. daggerman

    Best-sounding (or least annoying) Grunt on ATP Tour?

    Clearly, the least annoying grunters on the ATP tour are the players who don't grunt at all, BUT among players who do grunt, which would you say has the best-sounding (or the least annoying, if you can't choose a "best") grunt? I nominate Dominic Thiem. It's pretty audible, but it's not shrill...
  8. daggerman

    Biggest racquet differences between ATP and WTA

    I'm curious about some of the ways in which racquets (tend to) differ between tours. I'd imagine ATP players generally use heavier racquets w/ higher swingweights, but are there other key differences? Is my assumption about weight even correct? Would love specific player examples, too
  9. daggerman

    Poll: Is Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario an ATG?

    Yes or no? I'm intentionally not including her career accomplishments in this post because I'm curious about your answers based on what you currently think/know about her.
  10. daggerman

    Poll: Which NextGen player will become the best grass court player?

    To date, none of the NextGen players (for these purposes, we'll say that includes players Medvedev's age and younger) have so much as made a QF at Wimbledon, so it's hard to predict who among them will have the best chances to collect Wimbledon trophies going forward. But based on their games...
  11. daggerman

    Notable Late-Career Adjustments by ATGs

    For example, we have: Nadal - bigger first serve, flatter groundstrokes Djokovic - bigger second serve, more frequent use of drop shot Federer - bigger racquet, SABR (c. 2015) Murray - new hip What are some other notable late-career adjustments among other all-time greats (or fringe ATGs)...
  12. daggerman

    Lead Tape @ 3, 9 AND 12

    Does it make sense to add lead tape to 3, 9, and 12 positions? What would the advantages be, if any?