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    Breakfast with Champion (Emma)

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    Lloyd Harris"Now I think it's time to kick this Big 3 ’and let the younger generation take over”

    During a press conference organized on Tuesday in New York, Lloyd Harris spoke about the definitive explosion of the Next Gen. “It's been a while since cracks have appeared on the Big 3 (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic). It has been difficult for the younger generation to access...
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    Novak heading where humans have not set foot for 5.000 years

    hit the CC button for translation and enjoy the expedition...
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    Goran did his part...

    AO: with Goran (beats Med) won FO: with Vajda won WI: with Goran won UO: with Vajda (loses to Med) loss
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    the slam race...

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    1 more road to cross...

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    Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev at US Open delayed by President Joe Biden

    Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev at US Open delayed by President Joe Biden (
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    Carlos Alcaraz was born...

    1 day after this match and 1 week before this match
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    raducanu to beat barty

    book will be night match
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    Back to back 18 year olds beat #3 seed

    on the biggest stadium...
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    Griekspoor "Rafa and Roger were there and he just came and basically destroyed every record in the book,”

    “That’s really crazy. It’s going to be really, really tough. That is probably the biggest challenge in tennis at the moment, playing Novak on a hard court,” Griekspoor told “But on the other hand, it’s probably going to be on Ashe, which is the biggest tennis stadium in the world...
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    Let's not ignore the fact...

    ...that RBA bagled Kyrgy
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    Tsitsipas bored of Marat Safin bag check

    Look at the comment on the bottom of this video
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    Djokovic vs Holger Vitus Nodskov Rune

    Holger Vitus Nodskov Rune is what the first hurdle to CYGS is called...discuss
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    Medvedev "Since I'm here, I want to say I'm going to try my best to keep it at 20 for all of them,"

    "I'm sure Novak wants 45 Slams, play 'til 55. But we're here to try to keep up his level and to beat him," Medvedev said. "We're here to not let him win the US Open. "But we all know that Novak, he's a very strong player, one of the best in the history. That's why any tournament he's in, he's a...