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  1. terribleIVAN

    2022 is going to be a crazy slam race year yet again

    Will Nole regroup at AO and W ? Will Rafa return from Helsinki ? Will Roger and Andy succeed walking again normally ? Will Thiem ever win RG ? Has Medvedev began his nr 1 reign ? Will nextgen prevent 21 ever happening ? Can we hope to witness Raducanu competing with only a sun cap ? See...
  2. terribleIVAN

    Was this Novak's own 40-15 ?

    In the biggest match of his life, against a player he totally dominated at the same stage 7 months ago, Novak played strangely subdued and never produced his best when it mattered the most. There was no killer instinct, no drama and no swagger. The mental giant who silences the crowds had no...
  3. terribleIVAN

    Emma is a young and beautiful assassin

    Make no mistake, behind her charming looks and radiant smile lies a fierce competitor who takes no prisoners on the battlefield. She seems as deadly on the court as she's charming and innocent outside of it.
  4. terribleIVAN

    Thiem won't allow Nole to achieve the grand slam

    I'm having a hunch Nole will be prevented one way or the other to win Sunday, by either Medvedev or by some unknown obscure fate; it somehow involves Thiem's solemn pledge of protecting Roger's records. Does anybody know if Thiem's in New York ? In case he is, Novak better double down on...
  5. terribleIVAN

    I am.....INEVITABLE: Djokovic to erase helf of tennis records from the face of the earth

    Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same. 21>20 Who will step up ??
  6. terribleIVAN

    This USO edition might be one for the ages

    Novak winning the 4 slams Raducanu becoming the first ever qualifier to win a slam Stars seem to be aligned Fasten your seat-bells Here we go
  7. terribleIVAN

    Telegraph (UK) sports writter publishes article advising Federer to retire Thoughts ? DISCLAIMER: inviting members here to discuss mainstream articles cannot in any way be deemed trolling, unless rules are made to be broken by the TTW staff.
  8. terribleIVAN

    POLL: "The body actually feels fine from the matches" said Federer after Hurkacz defeat

    3.07 in the video ( Wimbledon 2021 press conference) He then said a few days ago: "I hurt myself further during the grass-court season and Wimbledon " So, obviously, both statements can't be right at the same time. So, did Roger pull a fast one to the whole world after all ? Did he knowingly...
  9. terribleIVAN

    Boris Becker Cast Doubt On Federer Playing Wimbledon Ever Again

    Straight from Boris' mouth, before his upcoming september bankruptcy trial which could send him to jail : Published 2 days ago on 14/07/2021 “I think Roger arrived...
  10. terribleIVAN

    Djokovic has won as many slams (8) after turning 31 than Lendl in his entire career

    This also includes Agassi and Connors (8), McEnroe and Wilander (7) and Edberg and Becker (6). Unreal.
  11. terribleIVAN

    Winning 3 slams at + 34 years old is unheard of

    At AO, he managed the incredible feit of beating 4 quality opponents while afflicted with a muscle tear (Fritz, Zverev, Karatsev, Medvendev); in the final he was even odds, and yet stomped on Dani. At RG, he cameback from 2 sets down vs Musetti then beat Berrittini, average Nadal and...
  12. terribleIVAN

    Arrogant Rolex ad from 2012

    They definitely went too far this time :sneaky:
  13. terribleIVAN

    Oddities keep creeping up upon Federer's latest slam campaigns.

    At RG, one chance out of 16 to play the oldest qualifier Istomin, who subsequently doesn't manage a single break point. Today he should have clearly lost as he couldn't keep the ball in play for more than 4 shots. How convenient Mannarino was unable to continue after 4 completed sets.
  14. terribleIVAN

    POLL: Is Wimbledon 2021 the weakest edition of these last 40 years ?

    It sure looks to me that way. Nole is a solid grass player but at 34 he's vulnerable to a good servebot on a hot streak. Rafa's busy cleaning Toni's room. No grass specialist in his prime to be found anywhere. Murray soon to depart for a wheelchair. Tsitsipas, Zverev not really grass...
  15. terribleIVAN

    POLL: Will Federer ever win again a tournament ?

    Any tournament: 250, 500, etc... It means 5 matches with 4 of them without a day recuperation like during slams. I highly, highly doubt it.
  16. terribleIVAN

    Djokovic the oldest OPEN ERA French Open champion !

    Damn. At 34 and 22 days, he beats Rafa at 34 and 7 days. I blame Toni. EDIT: Gimeno was 34 and 6 months old in 1974, but i don't really count it as open era... EDIT: since RG last year was played in october, Rafa's still older. THREAD FAIL.
  17. terribleIVAN

    You don't always beat Novak; but when you do, you don't

    Srdjan was right after all; his son is God's gift to the tennis world. What a steal Novak made at RG this year; conquered at last Rafa (old though), something Fed could never do. Prevented Rafa to reach 21 slams and won the tournament instead. What a stud.
  18. terribleIVAN

    Rafa's engine and legs are still better then Novak's; he lost because...

    The reason Novak always gave Rafa so much trouble is Rafa's tactic of pounding the BH with middle court loopy shots doesn't work vs Novak; he can feed on it's pace and redirect it with interests. And Novak can do this successfully all match long, contrary to the rest of the field. So against...
  19. terribleIVAN

    Poll: Does Federer stand a chance vs Nadal and Djokovic at this Wimbledon ?

    A few days ago, Roger stated he can't beat either Novak or Rafa at RG, and that he's saving himself for Wimbledon. But are we to believe that in his actual form, he would be able to beat them there ? Is this all wishful thinking ? In what state would his knees be should he enter the semis at W...
  20. terribleIVAN

    Poll: Did the RG organizers intentionnally pick the oldest qualifier (Istomin) as Fed's first oponnent ?

    Did the RG staff rig the draw to favor Fed ? Your opinion ? EDIT: after Fed's withdrawal, here's what Forget had to say: Guy Forget: "You should not criticize Roger Federer. He is almost 40, played very little in the last 16 months, was feeling some pain. He...
  21. terribleIVAN

    The lower RG half-draw has become a free-for-all

    Since Medvedev has shown improved ability to win on clay, it has become very hard to predict which nextgen will reach the final. What do you guys think ?
  22. terribleIVAN

    Odds for a seeded/unseeded male player never facing break points at RG in the first rd ?

    Can anyone cite me when was the last time it happened ? I surmised it to be around 30 to 1, Which means there should be at least another instance this RG, besides Fed vs Istomin, since there's 64 such matches.
  23. terribleIVAN

    Rafa can kiss 2021 RG goodbye

    No particular reason for this statement, except it worked here, so i'm not going to stop something that seems to bring results pretty reliably... Rafa fans, thank me later...
  24. terribleIVAN

    The good news is either Rafa or Novak will probably make the final

    Did the RG organizers rig the draw to prevent either Rafa and Novak to bank another slam, by eliminating one of them in the semis and ensuring then they face a nextgen in the final ? Had they been in opposites halves, they could have met once again in the final and the slam race would be ON...
  25. terribleIVAN

    Roger's clay season began on Monday and ended on Tuesday

    I would be amazed if he still goes ahead with RG: with his current form he would lose first rd. He wasn't even chasing the balls today. This after all the media hooplaa about him attempting a comeback. -Pic of a roasted Goat-
  26. terribleIVAN

    "Working with me is a good challenge for any coach; I'm different than the other guys."

    Straight from the horses' mouth: 22 year old Roggie at his very best: "I'm different than the other guys"... = i'm so much superior to the rest of them ....
  27. terribleIVAN

    I predict a draw from Hell for Nadal at RG 2021

    This time no cakewalk given by the organizers like in 2020. Rafa's playing for the Slam record, they won't let him bury Plastic_Facerer so easily off the record books. They know this year might be Rafa's last chance to take that record, so they will stuff his draw hoping he drowns in it.
  28. terribleIVAN

    Lendl fainted from heat exhaustion in the lockeroom after winning RG 1984

    An April 1986 article on the nr 1 champion. "A new grimness settled on Lendl's jaws and back he came, powering forehands through the 85° haze, reaping McEnroe's mistakes, winning in five sets and then vomiting inches from McEnroe's...
  29. terribleIVAN

    Yes, Rafa won Barcelone saving 1 match point, BUT.....

    But let's not forget in that 4-5 game in the third he has committed 2 horrendous unforced errors with two FH sitters right into the top of net and the open court in front of him. He created himself the opportunity to get broken. One can look at the entire match and it's only in that game he...