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  1. AceyMan

    Which high level ATP Tour Player(s) actually uses the Prince Ripstick?

    I tried the Ripstick as a TW demo and it may have been at (effectively) 25 lbs tension; it was like a drugstore badminton racquet. The string itself did not look worn much at all, and even if it was, there's no way it even started out close to spec. I suspect some (? all) of the demo stringing...
  2. AceyMan

    Ellesse Fans: Check your local Marshalls

    411, I may not need to say this but ... ... at Marshall's, Ross, etc. don't trust any size placarded on the hangar. If you are actually interested in the item find the garment label itself for verification. (=> a corollary to this is: scan the other size sections, too, if you are really...
  3. AceyMan

    How much string should be cut from a 200 m string reel for a 97 sq in frame?

    I cut off what is *left past the tension head* when pulling the tie-off string and measure that as the surplus. Don't fool yourself and measure what you had left after snipping at the knot. (I don't think I need to explain how that will be fail :cool: ... ) /Acey I don't mind bridging so...
  4. AceyMan

    How much string should be cut from a 200 m string reel for a 97 sq in frame?

    FTR the Ezone 98 needs exactly 34 feet of poly when doing one-piece (+top cross): start the short side with 300 cm. /Acey
  5. AceyMan

    Reel Thoughts for Stringers

    So, I'm looking at reel of Max Power Rough and if I only get one, what gauge do I go with. I'm usually partial to 1.25 but I'm thinking I may have more scenarios to use the 16g more than the 1.25. [I extend the top of this thread to the same question for any string / gauge combo w<where...
  6. AceyMan

    Calling all Prestige afficionados! Need help!

    Hmm ... I think I like the new taxonomy. I can adapt to that. The PJ sounds good (of course, anything your toddler picked out would be better than the last five years of HEAD colorways <eyeroll>).
  7. AceyMan

    Calling all Prestige afficionados! Need help!

    If course I'm switching main gamers and four new frames just arrived today. Must ... Resist ... The AMEX <straining_face>. /Acey
  8. AceyMan

    Tecnifibre TF40 305 vs TFight RS 305

    Is the RS 305 anything like the XTC 305, because I didn't gel with the latter whatsoever. I think the TF40 isn't miles apart from the Pure Strike; I played the 2nd gen version and have demoed the current/3gen. The TF40 demo was more recent and more extensive. You def can feel the foam fill...
  9. AceyMan

    Calling all Prestige afficionados! Need help!

    => making popcorn for this thread /Acey
  10. AceyMan

    which tennis shoes have the most cushioning?

    For you players who experienced this issue— Try to reach out to Nike. The Air™ insole is their pride & joy patent and they built their brand on its reliability. If they are blowing out it's a manufacturing or materials defect. Back in my day in track with their running shoes you could run them...
  11. AceyMan

    RF97A: Mains VS Touch, which poly cross?

    I was going to say Max Power Rough 1.25 but the plain is nice, too.
  12. AceyMan

    Help! Need durable non poly string!

    if a stringer needs to be told how not to suck I'm not sure I'd be taking my frames there ... (all good points, but still :cool:) /Acey
  13. AceyMan

    Lead Tape Question

    Well, when you get the hoop balance right it actually feels *less stiff* bc it doesn't vibrate like it did before, so you'd think it's softer. Moving the sweet spot tiny amounts make for an amazing difference (... sometimes). /Acey
  14. AceyMan

    New racket search ... feeling overwhelmed.

    Well, First— what did that thing weigh? (It's not in the database). Making a major shift in mass will take baby steps. That's a whole separate discussion but it needed mentioning. Now— if you were grooved on a 110 then adapting to smaller hoops after a decade layoff won't be...
  15. AceyMan

    What was KEY to Medvedev's win tonight?

    Basically WTA ranked 50–15 strategy, and I mean that in the Optimal Way to Take On Bigger Hitters Than You way. And it worked when you add a monster service (DJ = 2 points in set one if I heard right during one telecast match stats review). So, yeah.
  16. AceyMan

    What was KEY to Medvedev's win tonight?

    Did anyone notice DJ couldn't clip a side line to save his life? He hit maybe one BHDTL that was close or on the chalk. The FHDTL wasn't any better. On the backhand, his hard strikes were a 70 cm inside the line and usually tailing back to the center. Against The Octopus that's not going...
  17. AceyMan

    hyper g soft vs topspin cyberflash

    Are you interested in fullbed or hybrid? CF is soft but tension duration is an issue, thought this issue is waaay less noticeable in a hybrid with good multi crosses. /Acey HGS => I've never played nor strung this twine, so nothing to add there, sadly.
  18. AceyMan

    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    DJ is not getting any precision on his DTL groundies. His ball has been within a ball can of the sideline maybe three times, off either wing. It's not like Med is bossing him with pace, but the timing is sure not there.
  19. AceyMan

    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    Well, @TW Staff when are the Champagne reels coming back? In the train wreck of a website now it doesn't look like you *even stock* the champagne reels—there's no option that's out of stock or greyed out to indicate its a regular SKU <head_desk>.
  20. AceyMan

    Tecnifibre tf40 305 g string setups

    I don't know Infinite. Haven't tried it with YCT, but that could be good ... for 45 minutes. I have Hyper-G 1.20 on hand but haven't tried it. The racquet is too good IMHO, for a FB of poly unless you restring each set. The TF40 is worth a half-set of gut to run in a hybrid. The durability of...
  21. AceyMan

    Tecnifibre tf40 305 g string setups

    I am a stinger. /Acey and I have TF40-specific experience.
  22. AceyMan

    HELP - Needed Arm-Friendly-Poly that feels like OGSM White 16g

    This always depends on the hoop details (pattern & length vs width). I use Stringway's tension calculator tool for my first try and then season to taste on subsequent jobs (typically no more than a 0.3 kg tweak is all that I change). HTH
  23. AceyMan

    Tecnifibre tf40 305 g string setups

    Babo VS 16 x Weisscannon 6Star string TOURNA Grit 1.25 x Luxilon NG 16 Silverstring 1.20 x Prince or Gamma Syngut (non-Duraflex/Wearguard) 1.25 HTH
  24. AceyMan

    Ellesse Fans: Check your local Marshalls

    So far I've hit two Marshall's in West LA and found one single Ellesse warmup jacket in a different colorway, size XS. Maybe more will trickle thru here, but so far it's meager pickings.
  25. AceyMan

    Weisscannon ultracable hybrid recommendations.

    I like Tecnifibre 4S in the square cross category now. To my hands, it's got the liveliness of Proline II (which it physically resembles except for the square part) and it's easier to find cheaper by the meter. And it doesn't whack the SW as much as the massive UC twine. My two and one-half...
  26. AceyMan

    What’s the one elusive racket that you still have not bought or found yet?

    a Prince Pro 90 (aluminum extrusion) with zero scratches and the pussysoft vinyl cover in NBS (never been strung) condition.
  27. AceyMan

    IS TW Slipping?

    Well, I'm ready to spend over $900 on a gear refresh ... but I can't get anyone on the phone without waiting my a** off. We'll see if my email is answered by morning (Pacific). Things are not boding well, I say clearly. /Acey
  28. AceyMan

    Ellesse Fans: Check your local Marshalls

    @Jimbud what's your zip code / nearest international airport / etc. so we can get a geographic check on the tip. Thx.
  29. AceyMan

    Tension differential for a poly main/multi cross

    This was my recommendation to a regular client. Experimental, insofar I've never installed that exact setup in that exact frame, but based on proven experience. We actually hit balls tonight and he commented how much he is liking it. It's not a rocket launcher; mind you that the Prestige is...