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  1. Novichok

    Lack of an extended length, feel and comfort oriented racquet in the market.

    Isn't that really disappointing? Phantom 100G LB seems to be the only one. All others options are tweeners.
  2. Novichok

    Griekspoor to expose nole false dawn

    This is not some jinx post against griekspoor. Ive been saying since wimbledon djokovic has flattered to deceive and later i think griekspoor will tear him apart. Griekspoor does everything bigger here now in 2021 and with nole's cumbersome movement i can see him getting creamed in straight sets.
  3. Novichok

    Looking for a racquet.

    I use the PS97 v11 (with 3 grams at 12) but for me it's not controlled unless you change strings every week and put a lot of spin on every shot. Also, it feels a little stiff outside the sweetspot. I tried VC 95 (2018) for a few months but can't find power and consistency on serves and dhbh...
  4. Novichok

    Do you think Nadal should attend the US Open Final?

    Other than Laver, should R.Nadal attend the US Open Final to keep up the tradition (if Djokovic is playing)? :unsure: Note: Federer is injured so obviously he's not going to be there. © @weakera
  5. Novichok

    Which version of Federer is the most likeable?

    Roger Federer is undoubtedly the most popular tennis player ever but over his long career, which one do you find the most likeable and the easiest to root for?
  6. Novichok

    How many more slams could Serena have won

    if she didn't get pregnant? :unsure:
  7. Novichok

    Which duo of players is better?

    Just wondering. ;) Anyway, here are the stats for nerds. Chung & Cecchinato Berrettini & Hurkacz Combined Career Titles/Finals 3/2 8/2 Combined Career W/L Record 145/167 160/123 Combined Career Prize Money $7,696,440 $9,826,234 Career High Ranking 16 & 19 8 & 16 Combined No. of...
  8. Novichok

    Zverev loses in second round of Halle.

    He should retire. He's truly done.
  9. Novichok

    Djokovic to expose Musetti false dawn.

    Musetti is yet another mediocre overhyped teenager with a ohbh. Kinda reminds me of Gasquet.
  10. Novichok

    So many TTW users

    have gone MIA over the last couple of years. Can someone tell me why?
  11. Novichok

    Head Microgel Extreme Pro

    I saw new ones being sold at a very low price (a la microgel radicals) and got curious. If anybody has played with it please share your opinion on this racquet.
  12. Novichok

    Novak Djokovic 2021 Golden CYGS thread

    Lord Djesus failed in 2012 and 2016. But it is time for him to put it all behind himself and get the job done because this is unarguably his LAST CHANCE. AO + RG + W + OG + USO 8-B