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  1. HBK4life

    Stop play in middle of game and rest?

    Watching teammate the other night in close singles match. After first set the opponent was pretty gassed. On serve in the second after long point we go up 0 30. Opponent stops play says he’s cramping. Goes and stretches. Then sets down. This all went over 5 min. Then the guy fired two huge serve...
  2. HBK4life

    Capped my microgel radical

    I put Capp grommets on my head microgel radical mp and played a couple times. Really liked it. Wished they made ones that fit perfectly. Made it a serving monster. It’s a load to swing though so much like the prestige you have to be strong.
  3. HBK4life

    Sporting good stores 80s and 90s?

    Every once in a while I come across pictures people have from the 80s of Star Wars toys from the toy section of various toys. Does anyone have pictures of the same type only with tennis gear? I remember being able to go to a store and see a Donnay Pro 1 or Pro Staff 85 among others. Anyone have...
  4. HBK4life

    Quality control

    Just the fact businesses have to offer an extra “matching” service shows me that we are settling for less. And prices keep climbing. End of rant.
  5. HBK4life

    I radical 104?

    I saw this listed on an auction site. Was there a team version of the I radical? I have looked and looked but found nothing. I thought maybe the listing was a typo and maybe they had the 98 but the swing types (L5 and L4) dont match the 98. Asian version maybe?
  6. HBK4life

    Ran out of rackets?

    Has a pro ever run out of rackets due to string breaking? Or simply forgotten to bring enough? Ever see someone have to borrow one on the pro tour for a match? Not an exo.
  7. HBK4life

    Agassi smaller racket in 92?

    Been watching some vids someone is posting of Agassi in 1992. Matches I never saw. It looks like Andre was using a smaller racket. Not the normal 100 plus. Was Andre tinkering?
  8. HBK4life

    Borg “best of 11 sets”

    Björn Borg shocked the tennis world today when he came out in favor of best of 11 sets in all tournaments on earth. What a day!
  9. HBK4life

    It must be nice.

    To have a weapon. Just one. Not just being able to hit with good players. Like a sparing partner for good boxers. Must be nice. I bet it’s easier on the body. A routine beating doesn’t feel like you’ve played 24 hours straight. I bet it’s great. Just great. Oh and just to be this way you have...
  10. HBK4life

    Shoes for plantar fasciitis

    My gf plays but she is going to be out for awhile with plantar fasciitis, which sucks. Anyone have suggestions on current shoes that can help prevent this after she gets better. She was wearing ASICS gel challengers and resolution 8s when it started hurting.
  11. HBK4life

    Best radical PJ?

    Which radical do you think looked the best? I can’t decide between the “bumblebee” or the IRadical.
  12. HBK4life

    Double strings?

    Anyone ever use two strings per grommet to make a tighter string pattern? Wacky I know.
  13. HBK4life

    Head grommets

    Would the radical micro gel mid grommets fit the I radical mid? I would think so but thought I’d ask.
  14. HBK4life

    “Brutal conditions”

    I heard Courier call the conditions in Paris today “brutal”. I was embarrassed to be a tennis player, fan and was thankful no one was watching with me. Brutal? Really? Because they have to play in the wind and long pants/ shirts? Oh and god the ball is heavy! Brutal!!!!
  15. HBK4life

    First jrs using poly?

    I know poly first started really gaining steam in 97 with Gugga. Does anyone know if or when (or already had) been used in the juniors and by whom? Did nadal or guys around his age etc Grow up with poly? I know Fed used full gut when first on tour. Also did the advent of poly help bring this...
  16. HBK4life


    Federer, Nadal or Novack plays the best college tennis player in the world. They can serve normal but can use NO TOPSPIN. Only slice. What does the match look like? Would they win easy? Would it be close? Would they lose? Yes I am bored.
  17. HBK4life

    Muster racket

    What was he using in 92 or 93. It’s yellowish or green. Also, was it a mid or mid plus? Thanks
  18. HBK4life

    Usta rating and Covid

    Has anyone heard about ratings for people that have gotten sick? I know someone who has recovered, but has lingering affects. They have tried to play at their level, but it’s futile. I don’t know if they will ever be the same again. That’s pretty scary. It’s frustrating because they are not...
  19. HBK4life

    Thicker than 15?

    Anyone know where I can get string thicker than 15? Nylon is fine. Thanks.
  20. HBK4life

    When Agassi singed with Head in 1993

    I remember the first I figured he wasn’t with Donnay was I saw a picture from a newspaper of him playing with the radical in a warm up tournament to Wimbledon. Does anyone know if Andre tested out any other brands? He didn’t play the French that year. I am pretty certain the two tournaments he...
  21. HBK4life

    I waste a lot of energy on serve

    Now that I am hitting and playing practice points again I have come to the conclusion that I waste a lot of energy on my serve. I basically spin it in on most first serve going for it ever so often with a lead. I have never been a big serving machine. My serves always come back no matter how...
  22. HBK4life

    Dense string pattern

    What’s the most dense string pattern on the market today?
  23. HBK4life

    Tennis channel

    Would it kill tennis channel to show something from the 80s or 90s during this time? Tennis didn’t begin with Federer, Serana, nadal and joker for goodness sakes.
  24. HBK4life

    Last match you played?

    What was the last match you played that meant something before all this virus stuff took over? Mine was a USTA match against someone I had never beat with the type of game that really frustrated me. I won 1 and 0 so I got a monkey off my back and then all this happened. I guess if that’s the...
  25. HBK4life

    New resurfaced ultra slow courts

    Our club has just resurfaced the courts and jeez they are like sandpaper. Slow as heck with a low bounce. I have never played on courts like this. Anyone have any experience or thoughts. Seems to negate my high heavy TS shots. Slice and drop shots just stop. Makes for some long long long matches.
  26. HBK4life

    40 and over how to win with four courts

    Now that we are only doing one singles court can someone explain how a team wins when the courts spilt. People around clubs have tried to tell me but they don’t really understand either.
  27. HBK4life

    Flat cc forehand?

    Anyone find that they hit a better FH CC when they flatten it out? Unless I go for an angle my TS FH lands short and sits up. So I have been hitting it more flat. Any stroke scientists here want to chime in?
  28. HBK4life

    Tennis shoes today suck

    Is it not possible to buy tennis specific shoes that don’t feel like you are wearing cinder blocks??? I have worn vapors for years but these new ones are starting to feel clunky. Every shoe I have tried feels about the same. I have started to just play in running shoes. I know they aren’t made...
  29. HBK4life

    Playing style as you age and get busy

    Anyone change radically how you play? I used to be a pure baseline player growing up. Now that I don’t play as much and 40 I don’t have the energy to grind. So over the past year I have become a lot more aggressive. I even serve and volley a lot. I find myself coming in on the first good...
  30. HBK4life

    Anyone play with wider beam lately?

    Pulled out my old Wilson pro staff 110 6.0 that I had as a kid. Racket came out in 92 I think. It is a thicker pro staff. It had a pic of Sampras on the string bed. Kinda blueish. Anyway I played with it last night first time since probably 93 and it felt pretty good. Anyone hit with a wider...