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  1. Harry_Wild

    2021 US Open Women's Final: [Q] Emma Raducanu (GBR) vs Leylah Annie Fernandez (CAN)

    In case you have miss it or want to view it all again, the 2021 U.S. Opens Women's Singles Finals - full match!
  2. Harry_Wild

    Raquet head closing down, on contact point

    Best to correct improper stroke technique when young before it gets ingrained and extremely hard to correct, holds back his tennis game to go to the next level.
  3. Harry_Wild

    Emma Raducanu Racquet

    If I were Babolat, I get Rafa to place a call to her just to butter her up for the owner of Babolat to make a personal appeal to Emma! Wilson could never, ever do such a personal things! Emma seems to like talking one on one with people, not corporations. Rafa could go along to seal the deal...
  4. Harry_Wild

    Osaka Pulls out of IW

    No surprise at all! that Osaka does not want to play anymore future tournaments!
  5. Harry_Wild

    Forehand MPH Question. Physics Experts Only!

    Just get to a tennis academy that has a speed gun built in to the court! Get a person in the academy to set it up so it registers your groundstrokes. Look at the display after hitting it or get an accumulation of each of your groundstrokes for you to view a minute or two later on.
  6. Harry_Wild

    Why did Agassi drop back to Challenger level at one stage of his career?

    Agassi ranking dropped so far that he needed to build back his game, mentally and physically in the low level Challenger Circuit. Gave Agassi his rejuvenated tennis back to come across those who played tennis on the real struggle of making a living with no fans and the grind of the circuit. No...
  7. Harry_Wild

    Fully formed functional and powerful 2HB after 2.5 months and 30 hitting sessions

    Tour Pro - 2 handed backhand hitting in real time! LOL!
  8. Harry_Wild

    Emma Raducanu News

    It was the UK that had travel restrictions that her parents had to meet 1st!
  9. Harry_Wild

    Emma Raducanu News

    Both her parents are in the financial business. Both started out as floor traders and mom quit to work on raising Emma. Her dad is still a trader. Not sure his specialty? Commodities, currencies or financials. They make money for a living using their knowledge.
  10. Harry_Wild

    Who is the greater player Agassi or Lendl?

    Ivan Lendl keep improving himself physically and mentally during his career! He was the anti-culture, anti-hero tour tennis player in the 1970s-1980s. He was like the Terminator of his era!
  11. Harry_Wild

    Has Agassi ever been overpowered from the baseline?

    2005 Montreal Final!
  12. Harry_Wild

    Nadal and lefthandedness

    Rafa earlier on, was a true sportsman and decided to play tennis as a lefty to give his opponent a chance of winning! If he play as a righty, he would continuously win tournaments! Tennis would be boring!
  13. Harry_Wild

    Emma Raducanu height? Wrong information at the official WTA site

    Emma is around 5' 8" to 5' 9" tall!
  14. Harry_Wild

    Emma Nike & Wilson deals, one year recurring, £100,000 combined value

    It is not entirely up to her since she has to support her entourage. Her IMG sports agent is in charge of making maximum money for her, her team and her representative, IMG! Remember she is a Pro Athlete and the job of an pro athlete is to makings money. She will not be working as a Tour...
  15. Harry_Wild

    Emma Nike & Wilson deals, one year recurring, £100,000 combined value

    It is just a PJ, not the actual racquet Emma is using! LOL! Emma using a Wilson Pro Stock Steam 100, not a Wilson Blade V7!
  16. Harry_Wild

    Andy Murray and Gasquet and superstars in Rennes challenger this week. Winner gets 90 points, Finalist 55, Semis 33… Monies prize is very frugal at this level too.
  17. Harry_Wild

    Will the USO women's final influence Serena's decision whether to retire now or not?

    Agree! Serena is way overweight maybe as much as 80 lbs. But she can still win early round match till she gets to the 3rd round and begins to run out of stamina and at times, get injured too!
  18. Harry_Wild

    Emma Is The Most Marketable Player In History.

    Product influencer today make lots of money! Top influencers get up to $100 million per year!
  19. Harry_Wild

    What kind of player is Zverev really?

    All court aggressive baseliner!
  20. Harry_Wild

    Emma Raducanu is now the second-favourite to win SPOTY.

    I am not British but Emma Raducanu can have my vote any time for her to win something!
  21. Harry_Wild

    Shelby Rogers and Emma Raducanu racquet- Wilson Blade V7?

    Just my opinion, but she just switch to Wilson sponsorship when Wilson was releasing the Clash racquet brand from her Babolat racquet. To please her new sponsor, she probably agree to give it a try! Remember at the time, she was still in high school and just trying out stuff too. It was...
  22. Harry_Wild

    How should I workout for recovery after tough points?

    Try doing sprint training! 20 yard dashes, follow by 40 yard dashes! Enjoy! Work your way up to doing 5 at a time, no rest! 5-20 yard, 5 40 yards. Do it in a time period of 2-3 months to get into this cardio shape. Every other day! Takes only 5 minutes! Start out slowly so you do not have...
  23. Harry_Wild

    GMO labeling has started...

    Soon or later, a corporation will develop a pill that gives the body all the nutrition it needs and along with trick the brain into thinking that it taste marvelous and the stomach is full.