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    Congratulations to Novak fans

    The current world #1, Novak Djokovic, has proclaimed victorious of today's final of Belgrade 2. The Serbian comfortably defeated Alex Moican (#255) to win his first Belgrade 2 title. Djokovic played solid tennis during the week, losing only 1 set in the whole tournament. This title represents...
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    Is Djokovic a hard specialist that is specialized in special hard?

    We all know he is the hard GOAT, don't we? Yes, he is... Is Djokovic's resume skewed even on hard? AO: 9 titles (100% winning percentage in finals). USO: 3 titles (37% winning percentage in finals).
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    Nadovic News Thread.

    The official thread to discuss the tennis rivalry between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.
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    Hewitt vs. Roddick, who was a better player?

    Who was a better player? Hewitt had the superior mobility and speed, while Roddick had a clear edge in the serve. What about their strokes? Who do you think had the most complete game?
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    Federer vs. Thiem. Higher peak level at RG?

    Discuss. Argument pro-Federer: much better serve, brutal forehand. Not sure if more RG finals is an argument pro-Federer, as we are discussing peak level. Argument pro-Thiem: much better backhand (it can deal more precisely with Nadal's topspin and it is more powerful), also a brutal...
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    POLL: Nadal on clay vs. Djokovic on hard

    I wrote an inexact wording in the poll question. The question is "Who is better on his favorite surface?" Let us solve the debate with a poll, to know whether there is a general consensus on this issue. Arguments pro-Nadal. 1. There is only 1 Grand Slam held on clay, yet Nadal has more Grand...
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    Wimbledon cancelled?

    Do y'all think the Coronavirus will seriously affect WB? There are about 35 confirmed cases in the UK, and they're shutting down many large public events.
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    Federer will be seeded #5 and will likely face either Nadal or Djokovic in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon 2020

    Even assuming Federer wins Halle 2020, he will be seeded #5 at Wimbledon 2020. It will mean Federer will likely face either Nadal or Djokovic in the QF, depending on which side of the draw he falls. The implications are clear. Djokovic could lose 1640 ATP points if he loses to Federer in the QF...
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    What is your favorite current tennis rivalry outside Fedal, Fedovic and Nadovic?

    The title says it all. What is your favorite current tennis rivalry, excluding Fedal (Federer vs. Nadal), Fedovic (Federer vs. Djokovic) and Nadovic (Nadal vs. Djokovic)? By "current" I mean any recent rivalry that has been developed since 2017 onwards. My favorite recent rivalry would be...
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    Will Novak Djokovic EVER lose an Australian Open final?

    Some players retire without losing any final at a particular Grand Slam event. Björn Borg and Pete(r) Sampras are the examples par excellence. Bjorn Borg is 6-6 in Roland-Garros finals, being undefeated in RG finals. And Sampras never lost a single Wimbledon final and retired with a perfect 7-7...
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    Was Nadal the greatest in the greatest decade?

    The 2010-2019 decade cannot be considered the greatest of all time due to the fact that from 2018 onwards Federer is too old and declined and loses to weaker players in Slams like Millman, Anderson, Tsitsipas and company. The 2006-2015 decade is the greatest ever, as it encapsulates most peak...
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    Federer's AO 2018 draw was weaker than Bautista's Quatar Open 2019

    Federer's AO 2018 draw: Bedene Struff Old Gasquet Fucsovics Old Berdych Injured Chung who withdrawed after first set Tired Cilic Bautista Agut's Quatar Open 2019 draw: Berrettini García López Wawrinka Prime Djokovic Old Berdych Beating Djokovic and Wawrinka > defeating Cilic and mugs...
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    The smoke leakes into the indoor courts of the Australian Open

    Some have suggested that, due to the poor air quality in Melbourne and the great quantity of smoke in the air, it would be better to play the matches of the AO indoor. Such a contingency plan will not succeed. Jay Clarke, British no. 5 tennis player, has disputed the qualifying phase and...
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    Different tiers of ATGs.

    Not every all-time great (ATG) tennis player has the same resume or historical weight. Let us classify the different tiers of ATGs. Tier 1 (15+ Majors): Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Rosewall, Laver. Tier 2 (10+ Majors): Sampras, Borg, Gonzales, Tilden, Budge. Tier 3 (7+ Majors): Agassi, Lendl...
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    Nadal-Djokovic H2H in Slams is more one-sised on clay than hard.

    Nadal 2-3 against Djokovic on hard court matches in Slams, meaning he has won 40% of his Slam matches against Djokovic on hard. Djokovic 1-6 against Nadal on clay matches in Slams, meaning he has won only 14% of his clay matches in Slams against Nadal. Nadal even leads the H2H over Djokovic...
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    Nadal wins the first ever Davis Cup MVP

    Nadal becomes the first and only player to achieve the Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy of the Davis Cup. He received the MVP trophy after a perfect 100% of victories (8/8) in the 2019 Davis Cup edition. VAMOS!
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    Thank you Roger (letter from a Nadal fan)

    Thank you for convincingly defeating Novak Djokovic and indirectly helping Nadal to reach his 5th Year End #1. Today, for the first time in my whole life, I supported you. What a weird feeling. It was less intense than what I had expected, probably because of how easily you beat Novak. These...
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    The rules of the ATP finals are completely unfair

    If Djokovic wins 2 matches in his group he can classify. If Nadal wins 2 matches in his group, he can fail to classify. That is not fair at all, it creates a double standard by which 2 players, despite having made the same merits, do not receive the same benefit.
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    If Zverev defeats Medvedev, Nadal is out of the ATP finals

    Tsitsipas is 2-0 in the ATP finals, with a perfect 4-0 in sets. Even if he loses to Nadal tomorrow, he would still be 4-2 in sets and would classify to the semifinals. If Zverev defeats Medvedev tomorrow in 2, he would be 4-2 in sets and would classify to the semifinals, as Nadal can only be...
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    Zverev will win the 2019 ATP finals

    There is no doubt that Alexander Zverev will win the 2019 ATP finals, just like he did last year defeating Federer and Djokovic in the process.
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    Will some tennis player ever win 30 Grand Slams?

    For the sake of fun, let us discuss an untestable, therefore irrelevant, topic. This won't be a serious tennis discussion, just a fun talk. We are in 2019, in what many regard as the greatest tennis era ever. The Big 3 era, which encompasses the domination period of 2003-2019. The Big 3 have...
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    Nadal - ANOTHER RECORD - Only player to win a Masters 1000 at least 5 times on two different surfaces

    Two months ago, Nadal became the first and only male player in the history of tennis to win a Masters 1000 at least 5 times on two different surfaces. Nadal has won 11 Montecarlo titles, 8 Rome titles and 5 Canadian Open. Amazing versatility on 2 surfaces from Nadal! Djokovic only needs 1...
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    US Open 2019 4 R: Nadal (2) vs Cilic

    The Spanish gladiator will face his assassin at the Australian Open 2018. Nadal fans still have not forgotten how "The Punisher" Cilic executed Nadal with deep forehands that match. Yeah, Nadal got injured around the 5th set, but Cilic won fairly and even before the injury the match was close as...
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    DATA prove that Wimbledon 2017 is the slowest Wimbledon ever

    The surface speed metric controls, for each tournament, the mix of servers and returners (yes, returners affect ace rate, too) to boil down each event to one number, representing how the tournament's ace rate compares to tour average. Wimbledon's surface speed metrics: Year Men Women...
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    Where is the DATA proving that Wimbledon 2019 is slower this year than other years post-2000?

    Of course, Wimbledon post-2000 is slower than in the 1990s, as in 2001 Wimbledon converted all the courts to a 100-percent perennial rye grass, replacing the traditional mix of 70-percent rye and 30-percent creeping red fescue. I think people are implying that Wimbledon this year is...
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    The early losses of Thiem, Zverev and Tsitsipas do not support the Wimbledon seeding formula.

    It has been suggested that because three top 10 (Thiem, Zverev and Tsitsipas) lost in the 1R of Wimbledon, and Kevin Anderson (seeded #4) won his first round match, it supports the necessity of the Wimbledon seeding formula. Incorrect argument. Anderson: Anderdon lost in the 1R of Wimbledon...
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    The toughest draw of all time: Nadal at Wimbledon 2019

    Nadal already had little chances to win Wimbledon before the draw (last year he was close to win), but with this draw he has literally no chance. Nor would Federer or Djokovic win with this draw. No one can. This is the toughest draw of all time. Here is Nadal's draw: 1R: Sugita 2R: Kyrgios...
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    Feliciano won Queens both in singles and doubles. Has it happened before?

    I am not a tennis historian, and so I ask TTW for enlightment. Feliciano just won Queens in singles and doubles (with Murray). Has it happened before? How many players have won the same year the same title in singles and doubles?
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    How many Australian Open titles will Djokovic win?

    Complex question. Complex answer. Since 2011, the Djokovic has won all the AO titles when he was in good form, excluding his 2014 loss to Wawrinka. In 2017 and 2018 he was subpar.