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  1. Harry_Wild

    11 year old Emma Raducanu playing match!

    11 year old Raducanu playing a match!
  2. Harry_Wild

    Lead tape on one side of hoop - what is the result when hitting?

    Lead tape my strung racquet and lead tape both side of the hoop at both 9 and 3 o’clock along with 12 o’clock but one on one side of the hoop. What will this racquet hit like? How will the tennis ball behave when it bounces on opponents court e.g. side spin?
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    Elon Musk to create a Borg?

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    Looking for love in all the wrong places!

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    South Korea’s new improved F-22 Raptor all season air supremacy jet fighter plane.

    Just as the U.S. Air Force has discontinued the F-22 from daily operations in 2025. S. Korea introduces the KF-21 Borame “Falcon” fighter. Will begin operations in 2030 or sooner. It will be a 6th generation fighter plane. China has already clone the F-22 into their specs and is currently...
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    Eating small carrot pieces for a couple of weeks!

    I began eating the small carrot pieces sold in 5" X 5" grocery store packages and my eyesight has really improved. I eat one package a week. Just boil about a 20 pieces at a time and boil for around 12 minutes. Going on three weeks and counting. Vision is brighter and more clarity!
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    How do you add an additional racquet online for demoing after initial purchase?

    I wish to add an additional racquet to my demo shipment but am lost as how to do that online. Originally called in to order my demo but was told I could do that online too! Does anyone know how to add an additional racquet my order? I do not even know how to access the order that I placed...
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    Which high level ATP Tour Player(s) actually uses the Prince Ripstick?

    I am think of buying a Prince Ripstick since I enjoyed years ago hitting with a friends Prince Black O3! Like all of you here in this subform, I want to have confidence in a racquet that I can simply overpower my way through the likes of a Novak Djokovic, Andrey Rublev or even a Mateo...
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    Got my shots for Tetanus, Schindler's and Covid-19!

    The Schindler's is a two dose wait two months like the Pfizer Covid-19. Tetanus is one shot good for 10 years with built-in whooping cough. Still have to wait till August to get the second Schindler’s shot! Pfizer is lobbying for a third shot for me in September/October. Glad I got the...
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    Novak gave away his tennis racquet after winning the 2021 Wimbledon Singles title!

    To be a fan and cheer Novak on is rewarded! :giggle:
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    Tips on winning a matches from the legends - consolidated!

    Top Tips Thoroughly prepare for the task at hand Build resilience, there will be ups and downs in all we do Be disciplined in the way you approach things Set goals - it will help you know what you're aiming for and when you've achieved it Acknowledge when you successfully achieve your goals. It...
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    Djokovic inspiration tidbits!

    1. "Failure is not an option!" 2. Grew up with wolves in the mountains, get wolves energy!
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    Metallica - Enter Sandman, Moscow 1991 Live Concert!

    Somebody just put this video out in remastered form using 2021 technology! o_O Update: It the same 2018 remastered! Somebody just playing around with with this hoax!
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    Streaming music quality is fabulous!

    I been freeload on free music services all this time not aware that the free music service providers only stream lowest music quality. I took Amazon’s Prime Days offer of 4 month free and $7.99 offer a month. I am getting 24 bit/44 kHz density music. It is so deep and clear, crisp. You can...
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    Windows 11 = Windows plus Android Apps together, total open system!

    This the greatest presentation ever! o_O :eek: :giggle:(y):laughing:
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    Will Coco Vandeweghe win another Wimbledon title in 2021?

    Coco has been out due to injuries! She won Wimbledon title in 2018. Was ranked as high as #9 in WTA. She is 6’ 1” and 29 years old. Vandeweghe was hype to be the a superstar of American tennis. Currently ranked 208th but is in the main draw of 2021 Wimbledon. How far will she get in 2021...
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    Maria Sharapova in Showtime - Billions!

    Billions, one of my all time favorite TV shows to binge watch has Maria Sharapova in this come on video clip promo for it next episode back in 2019? Season 6 should air in late 2021 along with 5 episodes of Season 5.
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    Best scene from Billions!

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    New luxury rich car!