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    Women's Doubles Semi's

    Saw the score was 6-6, then walkover (for Gauff and McNally). What happened?
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    Screaming banned?

    I thought that the WTA was going to ban the screaming a few years ago--as soon as Sharipova retired. I still hear a lot of the WTA players with yells and screams when they hit the ball, some that last well into their opponents swing. Azarenka comes to mind first, but I've heard others that do...
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    Any good shoes under $75 any more?

    Are there any good shoes for under $75 any more. Do I have to wait on a sale. I'm used to wearing Nike Free running shoes, and would like something lightweight, but made for tennis.. Thanks
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    Synthetic Durability?

    Can anyone compare the durability of Babolat Synthetic and/or Head Syn PPS with that of Wilson Synthetic Power? Or, even Yonex Dynawire? That would sure help. Thanks.
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    Babolat PA bumperguard

    Babolat Pure Aero bumperguards have too shallow of grooves. The tie-off string at the top is level with the top of the bumperguard, so if a player scrapes the racket too hard on the ground, the abrasion can cause the string to break where it rubs the ground. Do any of the later Babolat...
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    Solinco Short Sets

    I started to string a racket this evening with my last set of Hyper G 17. While uncoiling it, I felt like it wasn't long enough. So, I measured it and, low and behold, it was 32.5' long. Not enough to string a Pure Strike 18x20. Had to tell the customer that I had Tour Bite, but no more...
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    Going through a bunch of grommets and sure brings back memories of old rackets and what I was stringing 25 years ago. Slazenger Pro Braideds, K Blade Tour 93, Prince TT Rips, TT Graphites, lots of Wilson Hammers, etc. Things went smaller for a while, then bigger. Now, most everything is...
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    What city/state do you string in?

    Trying to get an idea of where different stringers are that are on these boards. It may help someone at some time. I'm in the Richmond, Virginia metro area--New Kent, Virginia
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    Jen ro 2-piece racket

    This was the toughest rare racket to track down new for me...
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    grommets for Bab Pure Aero VS compatible with Aero Storm

    Can't find grommets for Babolat Aero Storm (16 x 20, 6 strings in the throat). Has anyone tried the grommets for a Pure Aero VS in the Aero Storm?
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    Plastic pieces on Gamma X-2

    I have a Gamma X-2 stringer that's missing the plastic load spreaders and the wing nuts that hold the racket down when mounting it. I'd give it away if someone wants to pay for shipping, or pick it up. I'm in the Richmond, Virginia metro area.
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    Wise maintenance question

    How difficult is it to change the start rocker switch on a Wise? I just got it back from Wise for repair on a different issue and the starting switch is not working properly. Didn't think it was going to start at all today, but it finally did.
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    Pure Strike grommet question

    I'm stringing a Pure Strike. It's white with orange markings. It has a 16x19 pattern, skip 8th on top and bottom. Mains tie off at the top. The grommets themselves are all black. I have some grommets labeled Pure Strike 16x19, 8 holes in the throat piece, grommets are black and orange...
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    VCore vs EZone

    What's the main difference in these, like the EZone 100 and the VCore 100? Does the VCore series have a more open pattern?
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    Was just looking through some multi's and noticed NXT is now about $21, X-1 BiPhase $20, and XCel also at $20. Are people really buying these strings at these prices? Did Covid cause the spike in prices or what?
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    Today, I strung a TF TFight 3 series and I was really surprised at the attention to detail TF has put into this frame. I didn't seen any burrs on any holes, and the grommets/bumperguard was sturdy looking and looked as if it would wear well. The channels in the bumperguard were deep enough to...
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    Yonex Super 850 Tour vs Rexis

    Has anyone tried these 2 strings? What's the difference? The Rexis appears to not have any wraps, so I worry about its durability. How does it hold up compared to the 850 Tour. Also, is it as soft? Any other differences you can specify will be greatly appreciated.
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    Odd day today stringing

    Strung 10 rackets today. 7 Yonex, 2 Head, 1 Wilson---not a single Babolat. Thats rare since I normally string about 75% Babolats.
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    McEnroe and Navratilova's protest of "Margaret Court" stadium

    These 2 got the mike and tried to convince whoever was listening that the stadium should be renamed for Yvonne Goolagong. The are upset at Margaret Court's remarks about gays. Well, to me, Margaret Court stadium was named as such due to her tennis feats on the court. Maybe McEnroe shouldn't...
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    Head Velocity MLT

    Haven't seen much on these boards lately about Head Velocity MLT. Is it just "old news", or has it been replaced by better strings? I strung some up in the mains for a guy the other day, and it felt pretty good going in. He had Volkl Cyclone Tour in the crosses. Not sure how long that will...
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    Yellow Pure Aero---fake?

    Just strung a yellow Babolat Pure Aero. On the side of the racket, it said "woofer system", but there were no raised grommets. Also, there was not a short side and long side as with other Pure Aero's I've strung. Did Babolat quit using the left and right side
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    Gamma X-2 racket hold down clamps

    Where can I find the plastic hold down clamps and the wing nut that tightens to hold a racket? I've looked on Gamma's website and didn't see them. Thanks
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    Replacement for Wilson Red Alert

    I have a couple of players I string for that use Red Alert. They don't like poly. They are 4.5 players, and like the feel of synthetic gut. But this one is the only one that last very long. Any suggestion of a synthetic gut that last as long as Red Alert. (I've tried Ashaway Synthetic Gut...
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    Nadal is the best serve returner ever

    I've been watching tennis now for 5 decades. I've seen Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi and many other. Of all that I've seen, I think Nadal is the best returner ever. I never really appreciated how well he returned until this Wimbledon. Very few ball get by him, and, he generally puts it back...
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    Match fixing

    Have you seen the article in Tennis Now. A large, high-dollar study was done about match fixing. It is now believed that 15% of all professional matches are fixed. The ITF signed a sponsorship with several online betting companies, and the number of questionable matches has increased 200...
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    Most like Head FiberGel Power

    Since Head quit making their FiberGel Power, what is the most similar string to it? Genesis ThunderBlast and Alpha Prodigy seemed close. Anything else?
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    Alpha Ghost--any praise, any regrets

    Have any of you bought and alpha ghost? it looks like a wonderful machine. just wondered if any of you had any likes or dislikes about it--say the brake, the clamps, the mounting system or the tensioner. Thanks
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    String Color of the Year

    Seems that GREEN is the color this year, after a strong showing of red last year. So what have you seen that looks like the color of this year, or the color of the future. Natural doesn't count--sorry.
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    Still in Black Select

    I string for a person who really liked Still in Black Select. I think they went out of business. Do any of you know of a string that plays similarly? Thanks
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    Good textured poly...

    What's a good textured poly that costs $10 or less. Thanks