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    Medvedev is the ONLY player with a winning record over Novak when the Serb is #1

    Impressive achievement from Medvedev: Eighty-two players have faced Djokovic more than once when he’s ranked No. 1, and Medvedev is the ONLY ONE with a WINNING H2H record. Medvedev leads Djokovic: 4-2 when Djokovic has been #1. So Medvedev has been beating a Peak/Prime Novak which almost no...
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    Medvedev wins the Match but Novak wins the Hearts

    HISTORY made in UsOpen 2021. Novak for the first time cheered by the WHOLE crowd. From now on he HAS won the HEARTS of all Tennis Public. They LOVE him MORE than EVER. Watch him ECLIPSE Fed and Nadal in POPULARITY as well. Watershed Moment for Novak. He is now the HUMBLE Champion -ala...
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    Harris to expose Zverev's false dawn

    Lloyd Harris - Put some respect to the name. Thrashed Shapo in STRAIGHT SETS. Beat Opelka in 4 sets: Sets 2, 3 and 4 - were the HIGHEST TENNIS level in the UsOpen 2021. Harris hit 62 Winners, 36 aces and only 16 Unforced Errors! No one - not even Novak - could produce such a performance...
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    Carlos Alcaraz just handed Medvedev a Final in the UsOpen

    Great victory for the 18 yr old Kid. Lot of heart to defeat World #3. However, this basically ENSURES Daniil Medvedev gets to the Final of the UsOpen! Only Titspas could have potentially stopped Medvedev. No one else in the bottom half has much of chance. Golden opportunity for the...
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    Djokovic's Complete Dominance of Next Gen: 27 wins 8 losses!

    Djokovic's record vs all the Big Next gen stars: Alexander Zverev Career record against Djokovic: 3-6 Record vs. Djokovic since 2019: 1-4 Stefanos Tsitsipas Career record against Djokovic: 2-6 Record vs. Djokovic since 2019: 1-6 Matteo Berrettini Career record against Djokovic: 0-3 Record...
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    Rafael Nadal had "Pain for Months,” Admits Coach Carlos Moya Nadal recently revealed he has 'Muller-Weiss syndrome,' a foot condition caused by an improperly developed bone, starting as a teenager in 2005. Though he has used special footwear and played through...
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    "If we operate on Nadal, he may never be able to run again" warns specialist Gilbert Versier, former chief of the orthopaedic surgery department at Vincennes military hospital, explained the symptoms of Muller-Weiss syndrome. Nadal's problems with his feet "It usually affect people who have flat...
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    Wilander: Djokovic can continue playing for 10 more years, says the Serb is "smarter" than ever before The physical shape of Novak Djokovic still seems to be at its best and despite the 34 years of age, many think that Nole can continue on the circuit for several more...
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    Djokovic Trailed Federer by 15 slams and Nadal by 8 slams in 2010

    At the end of 2010 - Novak trailed Fed by 15 slams and Nadal by 8 slams! Federer: 16 Nadal: 9 Djokovic:1 10.5 years later: Federer: 20 Nadal: 20 Djokovic:20 In 10.5 years (from 2010-2021) , Novak won 19 slams and counting! This is unbelievable. Has there been any other player who has...
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    Novak has BROKEN the Next Gen

    First Medvedev in AO 2021 F Then Tsitsipas in F.O 2021 F Shapo in Wimb 2021 SF Berrettinni in Wimb 2021 F These were the biggest hopes, but they all have lost badly to Novak in slams. Sad to see Shapo crying when he left the court. This one will hurt him for a very long time. Matteo also...
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    Medvedev/Hurkacz were NOT given an Option to play the same day

    The decision to play NEXT Day was Forced on them. Please see this video in Russian - those who know the language can translate: This confirms the EVIL plan of the Organizers. It ended up spectacularly backfiring. Medvedev was REMOVED but HH actually upset Federer. Egg on the face of...
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    Who is more likely to...

    Win a set vs Novak in the final?
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    Wimbledon Organizers Plan Worked

    Medvedev is SCREWED precisely as they wanted and planned. The RAIN delay is forecasted to be at least 90 mins to 2 hours. The court 2 will probably NOT have any more play today. So the #2 seed plays for 2 consecutive days, assuming he wins. Or he could lose as well in 5 sets. Advantage...
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    2021 Wimbledon R4: Novak Djokovic [1] vs C Garin[17]

    Monday 4th round match. Who wins?
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    Toni Nadal: "Rafa Nadal was favorite in Grand Slam race, but it has changed. Wimbledon Withdrawal Surprised him"

    Insightful Interview from Toni Nadal: __________________ "The truth is that before Roland Garros I saw Rafael (winning the most Grand Slams)...
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    Can Djokovic emulate Fed's 2017 Wimbledon run

    Federer won Wimbledon 2017 WITHOUT losing a set. That is one of the hardest things to do on grass court. Only Borg did it before Federer. Can Novak do that this year? It's the ONLY thing missing from his resume i.e winning a slam without dropping a set. That would also make Novak the 3rd...
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    Ivanisevic: Djokovic gave Nadal a "tennis lesson", claims he's never seen Nadal so "powerless" at RG __________________________________________________ Goran Ivanisevic believes Novak Djokovic played "perfect" tennis and thoroughly outgunned...
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    Bold Prediction: Fed and Nadal will finish at 20 slams

    Watching this RG I feel Fedal are DONE winning slams Fed: Couldn't even play 4 matches at RG. He won't win Wimbledon 2021. And next year at 41 - he won't get to the 2nd week of any slam. Nadal: Losing RG to Novak was the last bastion. Titspas almost beat Novak. Next year Ttspas will be...
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    Was RG 2021 Final Result Good for Tennis?

    Big 3 are amazing and Novak is the GOAT. But perhaps a new champion would have rejuvenated the sport. Given us something new to talk about. I would have said the same thing if Nadal had WON. I think too much of a good thing with the Big 3 That being said, some would want the Big 3...
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    NEVER pick against a Big 3 in a Slam Final: Tsitsipas is NOT going to Win

    We hype up the Big 3 opposition in Slams. But EVERY SINGLE time we are proven to be WRONG. Big 3 ALWAYS prevail. Below are some examples: Thiem in AO 2020 Final : Should have WON. But CRUMBLED with the pressure vs Novak. Medvedev AO 2021 Final: Oddsmaker favorite. Even betting favorite. Did...
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    Will Djokovic win CYGS

    Will Novak win all 4 slams in 2021? This might the most monumental year in tennis history since Rod Laver's time.
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    Nadal's serve cost him his 21st GS title

    As mentioned before Nadal's serving has been awful in 2021 clay season: Career high double faults per set: this F.O 2021 and much of the clay swing. 8 double faults vs Novak - a record for Nadal in any ATP match. Lower Avg mph on 1st serve. Lower % won on 1st serve. (59% 1st serve pts won...
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    Nadal's serve cost him a chance at 21 GS titles

    As mentioned before Nadal's serving has been awful in 2021 clay season: Career high double faults per set: this F.O 2021 and much of the clay swing. 8 Double Faults in the final. Highest EVER in a ATP match. Lower Avg mph on 1st serve. Lower % won on 1st serve. Lack of variety on serve. Tennis...
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    Those that missed Novak's reaction and Fall in the RG 2021 QF

    Novak looks dialed in. He really wants this. Never seen him as intense before in a QF match.
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    Novak has a much better chance vs Nadal tomorrow than most people think

    Here's why Novak has a good shot vs Nadal at the RG 2021 SF. The match will be very close at the least, and may result in an upset as well. Zero Pressure: Nadal won RG 2020 in straights. Everyone expects him to win. Novak had way more pressure during RG 2020 - now he can just swing for the...
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    Your likely RG 2021 Final

    IMO - we will likely see Djokovic vs Titspas. Let's see which Final wins the most votes.
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    Which losing Quarter Finalist played better?

    Who was more impressive among Diego and Matteo? I will go with Matteo - clutch serving, lot of forehand winners. BIG game. Diego also played well. But his serve was garbage, so was the net play and he totally collapsed in set 4.
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    Federer: "Clay is not slow. It is mostly faster than hardcourts these days, people don't understand"

    Presser after Cillic Match: Federer says verbatim: "People still think clay is slow - it is NOT slow. It is mostly faster than hardcourts these days unless you go to Cincy and Shanghai potentially or a couple of Indoor events. People don't understand this." So much for the TTW theory of...
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    Great Opportunity for Tsitsipas in F.O 2021

    Most of the next/current gen have had the misfortune of having to go through ALL of the big 3 to win their maiden slam. Even if they manage to beat one (or 2) of the big 3- they cannot beat the other. Most recently it's been Thiem who's managed to beat Novak but succumb to Nadal at F.O twice...