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  1. treblings

    Dunlop Natural Tour Serie

    Hallo, Weiß man ob Dunlop plant, die Natural Tour Rackets auslaufen zulassen, oder gibt es Pläne für ein Update 2021? Danke, lg
  2. treblings

    Anyone here going to Miami for the ITF Senior World Champs this November?

    the rather long thread title says it all. i´ll probably be there, coming over from europe. at this moment not a lot of info is available as to where in Miami the championships will be held, courts, accomodation, etc. so any info would be very welcome. This is the anouncement from the ITF (and...
  3. treblings

    S-M-F method

    I´ve been spending some time at the Vienna tournament this week and heard a name that i didn´t know before, namely the s-m-f method of stringing, obviously developed by Frank Messerer. According to the info that i got from the stringers there, Dominic Thiem uses this method of stringing...
  4. treblings

    For Julian, again

    This is another thread for Julian, because i couldn´t reach you through mails or private conversation. Last time it was a blizzard, this time i fear you have an even better reason for not answering Maybe you...
  5. treblings

    Anfrage wegen Lieferung

    Hallo Leute, ich hab am 24.2. eine mail geschrieben an Bezüglich einer Lieferung an mich mit der Rechnungsnummer 1001520. es hat leider ein Teil gefehlt. eine tennisshort von Joma. Habt ihr meine mail bekommen? Ich hab auch versucht anzurufen, bekam...
  6. treblings

    strings...different weight

    is there a considerable difference in weight between strings of different gauge, type or brand? i´m trying to get the weight down in a frame i own, and wonder if buying a lighter string could help in that endeavor. thanks, treblings
  7. treblings

    Head Pro Tour 630 s.e.1

    Hi folks, i´ve acquired a Head Pro Tour 630,s.e.1, and while i´m very happy about it, i need advice:) this beauty came with a weight of 14,4 oz. that is without caps or a leather grip. it plays wonderful, but i need to get the weight down to 12,7 or so. so far, i´ve discovered 18g of lead under...
  8. treblings

    Pacific X Tour Pro 97

    weiß man, wanns den neuen Pacific Schläger X Tour Pro 97 auf TW Europe gibt?
  9. treblings

    For Julian

    today is a bad day for mails....again:( is it the blizzard? i´m totally clueless as to why it´s sometimes impossible to send e-mails to you. maybe someone here has tips or instructions?:) anyway, hope the snow situation isn´t causing you too much trouble. thanks for the links and research...
  10. treblings

    K-Swiss Ascendor slt leather/ladies

    i have a question for TW, regarding the k-swiss ascendor slt leather shoe for ladies. since this model seems to be discontinued, is there a direct successor. a shoe, that k-swiss has cut exactly the same. my wife used the ascendor for years, and it is easily the most comfortable shoe she has...
  11. treblings

    Patricio Travel agency- experiences?

    hey guys, i´m planning to play a few itf senior tournaments next year, and i´ve come across a couple that are organised by a german travel agency, patricio it sounds like a good idea to use them. my question to everybody, do you have any experience with them? i´ve had mixed experiences with...
  12. treblings

    Paul McNamee - documentary

    really interesting documentary about Paul McNamee from about 1980 he is part of my favourite doubles team of McNamee/McNamara.
  13. treblings

    The Great Dane Torben Ulrich

    one of the true characters of tennis. still going strong at 85 a semifinalist in Wimbledon, mens doubles in 59. he started playing internationally in the late 40´s and still represented his country as late as 1978 in Daviscup. he played the clarinet in various jazz bands practiced zen at a...
  14. treblings

    Specs of doubles players racquets

    question for the specialists here:) are doubles players really using different specs than singles players? more headlight, gut instead of poly, and so on? have things changed in the last few years. i´d like to hear your opinions, thanks:)
  15. treblings

    question about ball toss for kick serve

    here´s the situation and i´m asking for everybody´s opinion. i have an 18 year old female with a very good serve for an amateur. she plays league matches, local tournaments, trains twice a week. we measured her flat first serve at about 100mph and she has a very efficient slice serve. she´s...
  16. treblings

    Racket cover for a single racquet

    manufacturers seem not to produce them anymore,or less and less i´ve heard that it has to do with cutting costs. am i the only one who misses them? if i am, i guess i won´t get any posts in this thread:)
  17. treblings

    Tennis in 2033

    what will it be like? - courts even slower? - player´s height even more important? - return of serve n´volley? - aces at 200mph ? - material innovations or restrictions? let´s all look into our personal crystal ball and come up with scenarios:) there´s a somewhat serious background to...
  18. treblings

    question about racquet customization - static weight, sw, balance

    if two racquets have the same weight and balance point, their swing weight should be identical? true or false:)
  19. treblings

    Kinesio taping - what do you need to know before you can start applying them?

    i had some very positive experiences over the last year with kinesio tapes. now i´m wondering what is needed if i want to apply them myself. do i need to take courses to acquire the necessary knowledge. how to apply them, where to apply them. is there a wrong way that can hurt more than...
  20. treblings

    string suggestions for prestige mid from 87

    anyobdy out there who plays with a similar racquet? very flexible mid size frame. i´m using sonic pro at 25kg at the moment but would like to try out different strings over the winter your input is very welcome
  21. treblings

    Racket companies that use pallet systems

    hope the title is self-explanatory:) i´d like to make a list of all racket brands that use exchangeable grip pallets, and i´d like it to include vintage brands Here´s the list: - Head - Fischer - Völkl - Boris Becker - Donnay - Pro Kennex - Vantage/Angell can anyone add to it? Edit:i´ll add...
  22. treblings

    changing grip size on a wilson pro staff 6.1. 100 - help needed

    a woman who trains with me bought a pair of those rackets a few months ago and likes them a lot. only, she always liked one grip better than the other. both rackets came in grip size 2. so i checked the width of the grip and sure it enough it differs. i took away the basic grip on the one...
  23. treblings

    ITF Senior Worlds in March 2013

    in Turkey. anybody here planning to attend?
  24. treblings

    Austrian tennis legend Franz Saiko dead at 81

    one of the best austrian players in the 50´s and 60´s , long-term daviscupper beating players like Bobby Wilson or Mike Sangster. died of a stroke two days ago. maybe some of you have heard about him or even have some stories to share
  25. treblings

    durability of gut/poly hybrid

    a friend of mine is playing with wilson natural gut in the mains and head sonic pro in the crosses. sorry, don´t know about the tension. after about 2-3 hours the gut seems to disintegrate, like the poly bites into it. has anybody had similar experiences, is the stringer doing something wrong...
  26. treblings

    Luxilon Adrenaline 1,30 - life span

    what´s your experience? how long does it last before it goes dead? i don´t break polys, have to cut them out, and usually i keep them too long. would really appreciate your opinion and advice:)
  27. treblings

    how to copy videos on dvd - help needed

    is there a way to burn videos from internet sources like you-tube and others on dvd or store them on my computer? i hope some of you will find this question easy to answer and help me out:) i guess i spend too much time on the courts and not enough on the internet to know the answer myself...
  28. treblings

    Stringing a capped racquet, how difficult is it?

    i´ve recently acquired a couple of head prestige pro 600 with caps and sent them to the stringer. they came back with the strings partly visible over the caps. is it that difficult to keep them under the caps, are there any secrets in stringing them? is it hurting the playablility of the...
  29. treblings

    Question about Stan Wawrinkas Head racquet

    i have the chance to buy one of Wawrinkas head racquets. if i can believe the seller:) the racquet is painted a youtek prestige mp, grip size 3(4 3/8 ); extended with 18/20 according to the seller, Wawrinka used the 18/20 in training. asking all experts for help. what are the chances that it is...
  30. treblings

    problem with the two-handed bh

    Here´s my problem and i´m asking all of you for your opinion: I teach a 10yr old girl and she´s doing fine, developing a two-handed backhand. stroke looks good, only problem is, she leaves a gap between her two hands when she plays the bh. i´ve tried to bring her to hold the racket with both...