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  1. Breakpointerer

    ATP agrees to M1000 expansion

    Halle masters pls, with retroactive awarding of M1K titles -Signed, a tennis fan
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    Medvedev has posted the highest dominance ratio in a USO title run in the ATP era

    Lew has taught us enough, we can figure it out by ourselves now
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    Since 2017 on hardcourts...

    Hardly a fair representation of things lol
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    Medvedev has posted the highest dominance ratio in a USO title run in the ATP era

    Did not expect to see Nadal having 3 runs up there, atta goat Daniil did have a soft draw, but he took care of business in strong fashion so well played to the lad.
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    I miss skypad

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    Best Djokovic versus Federer hard court match?

    Apart from that, Canada 07,10 are good, WTF 2012 was cool. AO11 was a straight setter but a high quality match regardless. IW 2014 and Shanghai 2014 are both ones I'm fond of.
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    In the final analysis, Federer actually came closer to the CYGS (TWICE)

    Novak was clearly closer, there's no doubt about that. Could Federer have won the CYGS in 06/07 if he had beaten Rafa in those French Open finals? We'll never know. I do think if Federer was going to do it, 2006 would have been the year rather than 2007 because of how much more comfortably he...
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    Where will Novak win #21?

    Belgrade 2 Serious answer: Don't know who is going to beat him at Wimbledon so he has a great chance there( will be the easiest of the slams to win for him due to Next gen being inept on grass) and of course at AO he'll be the favourite.
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    2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

    Djokovic doesn't care about first sets anymore
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    2021 Cincinnati Masters SF : Daniil Medvedev vs Andrey Rublev

    "Man you better shut your phuck up. OK? Hey camera you want to look at me and talk? You have some problems and you get in my way, and then you hit me and you don't say sorry and you think you're a good kid. Look at me. Heh look at me. You don't look at me. It started it. It started it. Yeah the...
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    Rafa Nadal calls it season!

    Well that post didn't say that there was nothing interesting happening, just that there wasn't anybody he wanted to root for.
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    Which nex gen player is most likely to dominate?

    That avatar always gets me:laughing:
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    Rafa Nadal calls it season!

    Rafa needs to focus on winning that golf championship which will do far more for his legacy than a measly USO:p Kidding aside get well soon Rafa, the tour isn't the same without you
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    Prepaire: No amount of titles or records can be comPaired to Benoits Paire

    First QFíst at The Real Slam. Was not prePaired for this.
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    Is this forum pro Novak/Federer/Nadal? Who is most disliked?

    It depends on who is dominating. A lot of their fans will be poasting but there will also be a lot of dislike to counter that. But all 3 are trolled quite a bit. Also, Zverev would like to put himself up here
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    Stefanos Tsitsipas will win USO this year

    Even with OP's history I did not expect ""FAA to win AO21"
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    TRS: 2021 Cincinnati Masters 1000-general discussion

    Perfect time to pull this out again
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    Djokovic, the Pharaoh of Tennis

    Indeed, and as a consequence he was more loved by the masses. However, Djoser's ability to construct taller pyramids in spite of this is a strong argument in his favour.
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    Djokovic, the Pharaoh of Tennis

    lol, subscribed. Ramesses had more endorsements and a bigger bank account while Djoser's pyramids had a higher ELO rating. Essentially a tie, imo
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    Muzziah Manor – followers of the Mettled Master of Magnanimity

    Praise be to the bionic master. Long may the legend continue. 'MON
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    Is Johanna Konta's Forehand ATP Style or WTA Style?

    This is going up on my bedroom wall
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    Question for Big 3 fans, who are you going to champion after the Big 3 retire?

    At the moment none of the current players really interest me enough for me to root for them. Will probably still watch and keep an eye on what's happening but tennis will definitely take a backseat for me. Maybe eventually I'll find some interest in one of them. But I'm definitely not going to...
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    Which player would Djokovic LEAST want to face in USO final?

    Rafa and Stan shouldn't really be considered at this point, they both might not even play. Nostradamus has spoken folks, no need to watch the tournament now
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    Federer News

    Well this blows. Clearly he wasn't going to play for the rest of this year, but I didn't expect a third surgery. 2022 definitely seems like the end but he was competitive until 38 and even reached the Wimbledon QF this year. Can't ask for more than that.
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    Nadal about Djokovic throwing the racket to the stands in Tokyo

    Well yeah, not really much else you can say about it.
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    Top 3 worst Big 3 winning GS Final performances..

    All of them would be from the most recent ones. Federer's would be the 2017-2018 wins(with AO18 undoubtedly the worst), although Wimbledon is hard to gauge because of Cilic Nadal's would be the two USO's and RG19. For Djoker 2020 AO, 2021 FO and 2019/2021 Wimbledon make the cut.