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  1. dimkin

    M4.5 Player looking for tennis partners in Key Biscayne (or around)

    Moving down there for the winter/spring. Tennis Addict looking to hit/play. HIT ME UP!
  2. dimkin

    any 4.0-5.0 tennis players in Key Biscayne?

    Using the fact that kids are learning via zoom to escape NYC covid winter. Looking for fellow addicts to play with on regular basis. Hit me up!!
  3. dimkin

    New Canaan, CT - Looking for 4.5 Tennis partners

    Escaping to CT this summer, but now need to find tennis games ... Hit me up!!!
  4. dimkin

    AlphaGut is terrible!!!

    I was lured in by the great review ... so I gave it a shot as a gross with Klip Legend ... (56 / 53 lbs) Initially - looked nice and smooth, I was excited ... After an hour of hitting - the smoothness was gone, the contact points - where it touched the gut, it turned white and was starting to...
  5. dimkin

    closing up the stance on the forehand

    I hit a 3/4 eastern straight arm forehand (bent arm gives me golfer's elbow pain) My new coach is really pushing me to hit most of my forehands from a closed stance (but on the follow through to step around the pivot leg) Says the pros are: - More linear shot allowing for proper weight...
  6. dimkin

    Anyone wanna hit in Indian Wells (Palm Springs) this Sunday?

    4.5-ish player looking to play ... And on a slightly separate topic - when are the practice sessions start - any on Sunday?
  7. dimkin

    Maximagq on the East Coast

    Matt makes an appearance in NYC. Schooling me for all I got ... If only I could return his serve I think I could have made it closer. @nytennisaddict you were missed!!! Footage coming. (Matty is a solid 5.0 ... me ... <4.5-ish> ... although Maxima made me look old, slow and inconsistent)...
  8. dimkin

    ALU P Rough Mains / Revlove cross in the DR98

    I've switched to Max Power 9 months ago and have been using exclusively that, but had 2 sets of strings left from before: Orange Revolve and ALU Power Rough ... ran out of Max Power, decided to use those 2 up. So I put them in ... and what a dream combo - easy power, control, EXCELLENT spin...
  9. dimkin

    Tennis in Austin anyone?

    4.0-4.5 looking to hit/play over the presidents day weekend.
  10. dimkin

    In West Palm Beach for next 4 days

    4.0-4.5 player looking to play. Anyone?
  11. dimkin

    Need comfortable and durable shoes

    - Nike Vapors last me 3 weeks (they break on top and the sole wears out) - but I love the comfort - Yonex Eclipsions - the top stayed brand new, the sole wore out in 3 weeks as well - Acics Gel 3s felt too wide for my feet ... - Barricades last me 4 months!!! I don't mind the comfort, but I long...
  12. dimkin

    Tips on how to make contact in front?

    (especially on the SA FH) Updating: This is what it looks like currently - working on making it better ... yes ... footwork could be better - at this point trying to fix the contact point, as well as follow-through
  13. dimkin

    "Abbreviated take-back" on the forehand ...

    So as it is evident from my previous posts - I keep tinkering with my forehand, and this video of Cilic Inspired me to try to take an "abbreviated" approach - so on the take back, to do nothing but do the unit turn and "point the flashlight" at the ball ... nothing else ... resulting in the...
  14. dimkin

    Facing Roddick with a frying pan Thoughts? Maybe facing Roger playing lefty? I played badminton growing up ... I wonder what it'd be like to face Roger on a badminton court and how many hours it'd take for him to get used to the game a whip my *** ... (assuming he...
  15. dimkin

    Trying to shape the ball more

    And keep it on the strings longer ... I still feel that some tweaks are in order ... Just a hitting practice. Vid 1 against a slightly weaker opponent. Vid 2 agst a pretty big hitter...
  16. dimkin

    Matchplay video ... loss to a pusher ...

    Was in control of 80% of the points ... but lost badly ... (I am the good looking guy guy with a headband) Looking for help returning serve ... and also point building? Clearly I am unloading at the wrong time ...
  17. dimkin

    slow progress of moving to platform stance Improving but slowly - ad-court serving is almost tolerable ... I've started to serve in matches 1st serves (and 2nd serves when I am ahead) from platform. Results are okay-ish, but progress is slow ... advice welcome Struggling...
  18. dimkin

    Anyone tried ALU Mains / Revolve crosses?

    Trying to figure out if it's worth trying.
  19. dimkin

    Wilson Revolve - could that be it or am I simply on a honeymoon with it

    I've been trying a LOT of strings (thanks to @Mareqnyc and @DustinW) to find that perfect string ... I finally tried Wilson Revolve 17 and it feels awesome! I loved YPTP when fresh, and Revolve is just like it, but even more control!!! It's predictable, it pockets, it's good on low balls, high...
  20. dimkin

    Any LA hitting pros to recommend?

    Got 5 more days in LA, and aside from nice hitting session with @FedererExpress (and hopefully another one tomorrow) Was looking for a nice hitting session with a (hitting pro?). A nice public court right next to where I am staying . . . :( Anyone pros/former players to recommend?
  21. dimkin

    Some matchplay video . . .

    Matchplay still a slow going process . . . But slowly improving ... (I am in the dark shirt) Still over hit the fh. Bh slice weirdly I dont miss in practice, but miss a lot in matches. Need to commit more coming in . . ...
  22. dimkin

    2hbh - spreading the arms a little

    (meant to say (hands/fists)) - inspired by watching Murray's bh after I've tried it - I felt like I couldn't miss ... just so much more control ... trunk rotation and off arm - all power and rhs ... left wrist ... adjustments and control ... when my wrists were too close - often it would spray...
  23. dimkin

    1.5 year flirt with eastern ... over

    switching to s.w. or (stronger eastern) more spin ... better on high balls ... more control on flat shots ... just need the confidence to drive through the ball the way these guys do it ... (amazingly when I do it stays in)
  24. dimkin

    Playing against low DL approach to bh

    Especially on faster courts. My bh pass is usually solid, but last 2 guys I played, approached with fh slice down the line with some sidespin. the ball stayed very low and i struggled. What should the default strategy be against that play?
  25. dimkin

    Tennis in Santa Monica week of x-mas

    Strong 4.0 looking to hit/play!!! Who is up for it!!!???
  26. dimkin

    entry level stick for a 12 yo boy

    So at 5 foot 2, feels to me he grew out of his 26" APD and can pass it on to his 10 yo sis. What should I get him? (my old sticks might still be too much for him both in heft and handle size) He is an entry-lev player.
  27. dimkin

    Outclassed at 4.0 (set video)

    (I am in the gray shirt) ... my read on the opponent ... 4.5+ fh, 4.5+ serve ... 4.0 bh ... great movement ... I felt I was hardly in the points - sometimes you just run into someone better ... tough ... made my share of errors and missed easy shots, but that's part of being a 4.0 :(...
  28. dimkin

    Work in progress: FH (video incl)

    Ever since switching to Eastern Grip, the FH has been work in progress ... I am finding it's improving, but still looking for technical advise - from the video it looks like I am still not taking it in front enough, can't go over it consistently (bending knees yes yes I need more of that)...
  29. dimkin

    Serve: Snapping ok, but can't get legs involved . . . The saga continues ... I seem to be getting the hang of the snapping motion and seem to be able to get some ok flat serves in ... but getting the lower body involved is eluding me ... just can't get that leg push => hip snap =>...