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  1. BVSlam

    First-timer you want to see win this US Open the most

    Let's forget about the big 3 for a minute and consider all the remaining lost- and next gens left in the tournament. Who would you most like to win the title if it's not Rafa? (which is fine if he wins it, before someone feels insulted) I would personally enjoy a Berrettini-Dimitrov final. Vote...
  2. BVSlam

    Big 3 Bagels

    I love looking up useless stats when I'm loafing around, so I was interested in seeing how many bagels the big 3 scored in all the seasons since they started being truly relevant top players (I would say Fed in 2003, Rafa in 2005 en Djoko in 2007). Federer: 2003 - 6 2004 - 12 2005 - 6 2006 - 19...
  3. BVSlam

    Your favourite tennis season so far

    There could be any reason why a certain season is your favourite. Your favourite player dominating, there being tons of different winners, many close matches, certain performances, upsets, name it. I myself started watching tennis since about the final of Roland Garros in...
  4. BVSlam

    Rushing forward on 2nd serve return

    So I was watching the Fed-Bautista highlights just now and loooool what was up with those random ultra-aggressive rushes to the service line on the 2nd serve backhand return by Federer? I mean, it caught Bautista off guard at times but it looked weird and ultra risky. Hadn't really seen that yet...
  5. BVSlam

    The Video Game Topic

    I'm sure there are plenty on this forum who combine a love for sports such as tennis with a hobby a such as video games, so this topic is about the latter! What game have you been playing recently or have you finished? Also interesting to know: what is your favourite game? I'm personally...