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    Racquet Museum

    Sorry if this is old news, but I thought this could be of interest for some people following this forum:
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    The coffee thread

    So coffee has been mentioned in a few threads recently. I realize that coffee is by all tokens not a health risk in any way. Heres my story: For a number of years I drank coffee very rarely, like once a week, if it was offered or something like that. Then I became a father, and it just felt so...
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    POSG, Forten Sweet, Gosen OG micro

    Yesterday I recieved 3 sets of each of the above in both 16 and 17 gauges, POSG in gold, the others in natural. My goal is to make a choice of what is my favourite syn gut. Sadly, I am not playing so much this winter, so I do not know how quickly the results will materialize.
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    Syn gut durability

    For years Gose OG micro JC was my string. When they discontinued I carried on with regular OG micro. But now I am considering a swich. My main concern is that the OG gets "mushy" after 2 or three outings. Could I get better durability (playingwise) with for instance Prince Original syn Gut...
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    Favourite 90'

    I am on a quest to find the one of my approx. 90' rackets I really, really like the best. I have: Vac 90 Pro, Prestige, PSO, PSC, Yonex RD ti 70, MW100, HM100, Redondo, ROK, K90, BLX6.1, Head Graphite Pro, DunlopMAX200G and Volkl tour 10. Results so far: MW100 has great pocketing. HM less so...
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    Max power tension

    Ok, so from the low low tenison thread it seems established that part of the allure of low tensions is that you actually loose power when you go low enough, and then gain (at least relative) spin. So should we say good bye to the old higher tension = less power? Actually every string seems to...
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    Racket head acceleration through impact

    I find it rather revealing that some people have to make up that others propose that you hit the ball backwards, to have something to critisize and be right about. But it made me think about racket head acceleration. During the debate someone put forward (I can't find it now) that the foreward...
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    So have been playing with 25-26 kg OG Micro in my K90 allways. Finally I tried 22kg, of course inspired by the reports on what tension Federer uses... And it really opened up the racket. Bigger sweetspot, more spin and power at hand. More variety, a more juicey feel. Not unlike the feel you get...
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    Different grip shape on K and BLX

    This summer I bought a BLX 6.1 and changed to it from my K90, because I liked the slightly lighter sw, and did not mind the more dampened feel. The other day I took out my K to put a new overgrip on it, because I wanted to give it a try, perhaps the higher sw and more raw feel was an advantage...
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    Control in 6.1

    Was lucky to get a PS 6.1 Classic for free. Is it possible to turn this into a control racket? For me it has too much power, and too little feel compared to my K90. Guess I am talking about strings here...
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    List of career achievements by Roger Federer through 2010 These records were attained in the Open Era of tennis. Overall Grand Slams: Time Span, Selected Grand Slam Records. Players Matched. Wimbledon 2003 — Australian Open 2010, 16 titles. Stands alone. US Open 2008 — Australian...
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    The "new" slice

    I am sorry if this has already been discussed. But have others noticed the "new" slice that sseems to be more and more popular on both the ATP and WTA? With more sidespin, more wrist movement, the racket going more downward, instead of staying horisontal? I have noticed it for some time, but...
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    Squeezing at contact

    I was lucky enough to have a 1½ hour training session with Michael Mortensen, danish Eurosport commentator and former ATP pro, ranked in the 30´s in doubles. It was a birthday present. It was a great experience. The one advice (from all the other great) that stood out, was to hold the racket...
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    Hm hm...

    I am a barefoot runner. When its cold, I run in cross country running shoes (no heel, flexible, lightweight). Has anyone here tried to play tennis in this kind of shoes, or (dare I say it?) barefoot?
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    Gosen JC out?

    Sorry if this is old news/question, but is Gosen OG Sheep Micro Super 16L String White the same as the JC (Jim Courier) 16? Or is the JC no more available?
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    Polylon - less power

    I have been venturing into polyester strings. I like Gosen, been playing a lot with OG micro super JC, sorry to see the 17g go. Now my question: What would be a cheap (remember the Gosen polylon is only 2.99 a set) less powerfull alternative to the polylon 17? It seems to me that the polylon...
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    Amateur, ****

    I have read with interest the threads about one piece stringing methods. I have always strung 1-piece, often going from botton to top, thinking that it does not matter so much, since I string pretty low. Sometimes i have been using the ATW pattern, and noticed that the tension seems more even...
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    Prestige 600 Grommet

    I asked TW: Povl Carstensen wrote: > Hello TW! > I would like to order a grommet set for my Head Prestige Classic 600, > but it is not on your list of Head Grommets. Do you have it, and is it > possible to buy one? If not, could you tell me wich prestige grommet is > closest in weight...
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    Pro One, Redondo, T 335?

    In the past years I have stubbornly been playing with 85-90' rackets (PS original, MW 90). But after buying a Agassi limited Radical on a whim, and finding quite fun to play with, I think its time to step up to a 95/98 racket. Can anyone compare the Donnay Pro One, Pro Kennex Redondo midplus and...
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    Hello TW! It seems that in the Pro Kennex Redondo description you have the midplus specs postet twice. Povl, Denmark
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    Gut in PS 85

    OK, so I am going to put some of the Babolat 16 gauge gut string I have, in my PS 85. Normally I use Gosen JC 16 at 24 kgs, and think that the powerlevel is about right. It is the first time I do this. Do I need to prestretch, or can I just let it settle in? What tension would you suggest? About...
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    What instead of JC 17?

    The Gosen JC 17 is my string of choice, but now it is no longer available. So I am looking for an alternative 17 gauge string for my Dunlop HM 100. I like the JC 17 because it is crisp, has good control and feel, and is reasonably priced. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Povl C., Denmark