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  1. BVSlam

    Why has Del Potro done so poorly at AO?

    Timing. It hasn't been that much worse than RG/Wimby in terms of win percentage (68% vs 71% and 70%). He was stopped two times in the QF by an insanely good Federer in 2009 and 2012. In 2010 he was already struggling with the wrist, still reached the 4R but he was done after that. Literally just...
  2. BVSlam

    Big 3 Grand Slam Titles by Difficulty

    What a surprise. Our otherwise so objective and critical favourite lady from the 19th century now all of a sudden takes random numbers on "difficulty" for granted. Absolutely shocking! Does your factfulness have any limits?
  3. BVSlam

    Book the 2022 slam final winners......

    AO: Nadal RG: Federer W: Murray BO: Berrettini
  4. BVSlam

    Entry list is out, Rafael Nadal confirms his participation

    @vive le beau jeu ! be buzzin'.
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    Favorite all Big 4 Grand Slam SF

    USO 2008: Two nice matches with both featuring one player being clearly better than the other despite a decent effort from the opponent. RG 2011: One GOAT match, the other a solid one but ultimately a NID three-setter. USO 2011: Basically RG 2011, but both matches having an extra set and being...
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    Why Andy Murray failed to become an ATG

    He failed to become an ATG by just becoming outright MGOAT instead.
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    all have 20... soooo whos would you want?

    Guess they all have something. Rafa has a record that will stand the test of time, Rog has 5+ at three different ones and the most Wimbledons, and Nole has multiple titles at every slam. Very hard to say. At this point, it's a veeeery slight edge to Djoko's slam division for me I suppose. Most...
  8. BVSlam

    Can Nadal do it?

    Nadal is the ultimate can-man Many a fan with or without a tan Would kiss the shoes on which he ran Retirement day they will rue But before that, Barcelona 2022 Watch out, he's coming for you And maybe then Federer sings the song of a swan When in 2022 another Basel title is won
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    Why has Del Potro never beaten Nadal on clay

    Söderling beat Nadal on clay exactly once and got thrashed every other time. And Nadal was not playing particularly well in that match, hitting a lot of short balls. Sure, compared to 2015 it was okay, but I'm sure a well-playing Delpo would have had a chance in that match as well. Also, it's...
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    Berretini vs Djokovic….

    Another Berrettini Open! This truly is an era of Berrettini homogenization! What's next, Basel?
  11. BVSlam

    Oscar Otte weighs in on the GOAT debate

    You know what? We all had it wrong this entire time. Always discussing Fedalovic and joking about "Mury GOAT", while he has always been the true GOAT right under our noses all along. I hereby declare my loyalty to the true GOAT: Sir Andrew Barron Murray OBE.
  12. BVSlam

    If Djokovic wins W, is the race to 7th year ending no.1 complete?

    Djokovic right before the US Open: "You know, I'm not super motivated, I think if you hold three grand slam titles then maybe you should be number 1 but not on the ATP Tour obviously, motivation is maybe to just win another grand slam and stay number 2 I guess." "I'd definitely rather...
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    How is the Wimbledon grass playing this year?

    The answer is always "green clay".
  14. BVSlam

    Which version of Djokovic at AO is best?

    2011 > (2016 > 2019 > 2008 > (2013 > 2012)) > 2015 > 2020 > 2021 Parentheses to show which years I think could be swapped around. 2016, 2019 and 2008 are all close, so are 2012 and 2013 (plenty of tough opponents in both, so losing some more sets here and there doesn't mean much per se). I...
  15. BVSlam

    Should Holger Rune be suspended or fined?

    Sounds like something from a video game. "You've found a holger rune! Attack power up." Anyway, glad he got fined for that. Very entitled behaviour to still swear with that in 2021. What a manly man. And I really doubt he was talking to himself in this case, not like it makes it much better if...
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    What was truly key point of birth of Djoko2011?

    Well, at some point @Djokovic2011 decided to hit that register button and the rest is history.
  17. BVSlam

    We must accept the reality...

    What he's trying to say is; buy a Gilette shaver and shave off those worries, like he will shave off his unforced errors at Wimbledon.
  18. BVSlam

    RG 2021 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [5]

    You're right. He's not winning slams in a weak era. He's losing!
  19. BVSlam

    We are living in a Post-Fedal world

    Yes, now we are living in a Djokovic-only world. That sure is exciting.
  20. BVSlam

    RG 2021 SF: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    To quote one of Rafa's truest fans (aside from vive); Nadal is EPIC.
  21. BVSlam

    Fedfan confession time

    Me too. I'm all for #14. Although Meddy winning his first slam on clay would be hilarious as well. Or Berrettini, so it actually becomes the true Berrettini Open. But other than that, Rafa's 14th please.
  22. BVSlam

    Dear Mods/Admin - Policies have to change to defeat these trolls

    REKX on a first date being asked: "What is your favourite food?" "As a Federer and Nadal fan, I vividly remember eating salty popcorn during the amazing final of Wimbledon 2008, so I would have to say it's salty popcorn."
  23. BVSlam

    Congratulations to Novak fans

    Amanzing clay win for Djoko! Up there with Fed's Istanbul 2015 title and Nadal's Sao Paulo 2013. Fed went on to reach two slam finals and his self-proclaimed AND ttw-proclaimed peak level afterwards and Nadal won two slam titles and brutalised the NA hardcourt season, so I see a season sweep...
  24. BVSlam

    Will Team Djokovic ever learn

    Exactly this. People get interviewed, people say stuff. I doubt Nadal would give a damn about what Goran said in an interview. Especially since he doesn't need to prove he can beat Djoko at RG, he's done that seven times, in both semis and finals, including a fresh bagel 8.5 months ago.
  25. BVSlam

    2021 Roland Garros dream draw

    1R: Federer W/O 2R: Federer W/O 3R: Federer W/O 4R: Federer W/O QF: Federer W/O SF: Federer W/O F: Federer - Berrettini