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    Toni Nadal on Rod Laver and THAT match

    Toni puts the loss down to the "enormous weight" on Novak's shoulders. Machine translation but intelligble. Returning to the end, we could argue that the break initial Medvedev made him Djokovicit made a dent in the Serbian player, who quickly saw that the tactic he had planned with long...
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    Ryan Harrison and Ben Rothenberg

    Spat: I know how many fans Rothenberg has on here LOL.
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    Zoolander Zverev

    This is pretty savage:
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    The Blame Game continues.....

    Thiem's Manager: It's all Djoko's fault (the whole thread is even worse) Can;t say I'm wildly impressed to be honest. Thiem is surely old enough to have used a bit of common sense as well! And he hasn't exactly followed advised protocols himself - he was supposed to self-isolate after knowing...
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    Conditions at the Australian Open

    Can't link to the article (paywall) but Stuart Fraser in the Times scathing about the decision to play qualies yesterday. Cavalier incompetence led to a shameful day for tennis Said that many leisure facilities, including tennis courts had been closed due to the conditions. Yesterday the...
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    Federer to teach at Rafa Nadal Academy

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    How Times Change: Federer/Murray

    This is Federer being very complimentary and welcoming Murray back to top-flight tennis: But things were not always so cosy: A lesson to us all - we can all...
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    Lave Cup Afters

    Surely the most unlikely Doubles pairing of all time...…. Sounds like Fabio played as well as he did against Sock...... And a happy Sasha: And the latest in chat show hosts:
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    "When you lose take it like a man"

    Doesn't seem like the Fed pep talk has had much effect...
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    A Three Way Tie in the Slam Race

    This is from Jon Wertheim earlier: • I bet we’ve gotten this 10 times since the U.S. Open. “Can’t the Big Three agree on a number—say, 21—and end this race in a three-way tie.” It would unite and not divide fans, salving wounds likely to be born by two of the three camps. It would be a fitting...
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    My Day in Hell at the Laver Cup!!

    So at the Laver Cup I am sat between two very "keen" Roger fans. Woman on my left is very loud but after a while we get chatting and she seems OK. Man on my right (who looks in early twenties) does not actually seem to be enjoying this much - he is stressed at every point. He boos when the...
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    The real Andy Murray is back!

    Good to see the real Andy Murray back again. Hasn't lost the old fire!
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    Ever wanted to handle players' laundry

    It's one of the volunteer roles at the Laver Cup. Could someone give me the sound ethical reason why some of these should not be paid roles? Beyond "people are willing to do it for free"? FFS I was so proud of my correct use of the apostrophe in the title I...
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    Djokovic is "surprised" at Wimbledon seeding

    Djokovic is "surprised" at Nadal being No 3 seed. Last year Djoko was ranked no 21 but was seeded No 12 at Wimbledon. How did he think that happened? Did he conclude that some...
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    Dimitrov ends partnership with Vallverdu

    This: Imagine Vallverdu will be quite in demand? Anyone you'd like to see him team up with?
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    What are Roger and Rafa saying?

    Chatting about the weather? The draw? Novak?
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    It's all Roger's fault

    According to tennis journalist Courtney Nguyen the problems in the ATP are all Roger's fault: Which is odd because a while ago we were being told that Novak was the new power in the game. And also when Federer does express a preference we're told that he shouldn't be trying to run the game...
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    Novak: a "computer generated prototype of what a tennis player should be"

    I found this on a comments page ( written after the AO 19 Final) and thought it was very interesting, possibly because I agreed with it already but couldn't express it as well as this: I think the problem with Novak, or rather the reason he doesn't get the love-in his peers get, is that he's...
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    ATP trying to restrict use of GIFs

    Apparently the ATP is trying to restrict use of GIFs in social media. Is there a more counterproductive way to promote interest in the sport than this?
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    54% of players concerns about "mental or emotional wellbeing" after retirement

    This: In a report published last year the Professional Players Federation, the umbrella body of players’ unions, said that 54 per cent of past players surveyed had, at some time since retiring, had concerns about their mental and emotional wellbeing. Only 50 per cent said they felt “in control...
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    Murray:Interview in the Times

    Behind the paywall so I'm typing the important bits from the printed edition: "The pain at times has been really hard to deal's not just been while I am competing. Walking around and doing day-to-day things has been difficult" Of his six week training block in Philadelphia "it helped...
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    Djoko, Stan , Karen and Dominic with camels

    Words fail me: Captions anyone?
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    20 year old Federer v 37 year old Federer

    Who's the winner?
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    A somewhat different Novak Djokovic Thread

    Not a GOAT thread - a new interview with Djoko. The thought of him explaining all this to Federer at the Laver Cup has had me laughing for the last ten minutes..... “You have this thing called telepathy, right?” he says, “Or this thing called telekinesis, or instinct, intuition. I feel like...
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    Rafa Nadal to play Laver Cup

    This So Roger confident of retaining his ranking? LOL Sounds like it might be a retirement party.....
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    Tennis players live longer

    Good news for those of you who actually play the game.
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    Andy Murray on Medical Timeouts

    Andy Murray on MTOs: To sum up he has two suggestions (in case the link doesn't work for anyone): 1) If player has an MTO opponent is allowed to call out his own coach for the duration. 2) Player calling the MTO has to forfeit his next service game so the restart is always on the opponent's...
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    What is an Obsessed Fan?

    This one arose out of a conversation with @Hydrocella What constitutes the "Obsessed Fan?" Leaving aside obvious stalkers etc. Do you consider yourself to be one? If not, then what would you have to do to take it that level? I have a theory that no-one considers themselves obsessed, they...
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    Marat Safin: the Philosopher

    Marat Safin in an amazing interview (in Russian but Google Chrome did an OK job on the translate): I don't want to build relationships with anyone. I do not want to share my personal life. I don't want to share my things. Share some things. I do not want to hear any things from people. I do not...
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    New video series: Epic Grand Slam matches

    One of my favourite video makers is doing a series on epic Grand Slam matches and is asking for votes on the next one (details on the description). I've voted for Djoko/Stan AO 2013. So if you want to see your favourite match given the epic treatment vote! This one is excellent