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  1. Imperator

    So, which version of Djokovic will show up at AO 2022 ?

    A mentally destroyed Novak à la post-RG 2013 Djokovic because of having failed to win the Olympics + the CYGS or a full of pride and hunger Djokovic ready to destroy everyone around him to take the trophy ? :unsure:
  2. Imperator

    FAA to expose Meddy false dawn.

    You heard it first here fellas. FAA’s looking unbeatable in this tournament and he'll send Daniil to monte carlo in 4. Here is why- He’s met Daniil once at Toronto in 2018 and won the first set. He’s never reached a slam SF before He’s been in a terrific form lately beating Prime Federer at...
  3. Imperator

    The 20 slams curse

    - Federer has 2 match points in his own garden and ends up losing Wimbledon 19 final - Nadal loses at RG in the SF for the first time - Djokovic loses to Zverev Is this a curse ? :unsure:
  4. Imperator

    Djokovic fans : If you had to choose between...

    Djokovic winning the Golden Slam but no additional Major title for the rest of his career or 23 slams but no gold medal and no CYGS ? :unsure:
  5. Imperator

    If another Big 3 level (or even better) player rises in 10 years or more…

    He might never get the recognition he deserves, sadly. Even if he’s better than them, he might not be recognized as such. Even if he’s better than Nadal on clay and wins 15 RG titles, better than Djokovic at AO and wins 10+ titles, better than Federer and wins 10 WC titles, people will always...
  6. Imperator

    How would a third Kyrgiovic match go ?

    Thoughts ?
  7. Imperator

    Nadal’s next slam win

    Bets are on. What’s the next slam he’s gonna win ? :unsure:
  8. Imperator

    Project Triple Twenty

  9. Imperator

    Is beating Berrettini the key to success ?

    First Nadal at USO, now Djokovic at RG. Is it what you have to do to win a slam, or at least reach a final ? :unsure:
  10. Imperator

    I’m calling this right now! Nadal will lose in RD 2, guaranteed

    He will be far too tired to play well enough and I think Richard is going to expose Nadal. I definitely have a serious feeling there is going to be an upset on the cards today, daytime conditions plus he is no slouch taking Hewitt to 5 sets at the US. I hope for Nadal fans he wins but , I...
  11. Imperator

    How many RG titles do you predict for Thiem after today ?

    How did today’s match change your perception ? Do you still see him win one day ? More than once ?
  12. Imperator

    Ivanisevic : "It might seem crazy to say that, but I'd like Djokovic and Nadal to be on the same half of the draw"

    "Nadal is the favorite and there's only one player who can beat him in my opinion : Novak. And it might seem crazy to say that, but I'd like them to be on the same half of the draw. Novak would perform better, I think, against him in the semis. And Rafa would perform better against Novak in a...
  13. Imperator

    Nadal said it : no excuses

    The clay GOAT himself said it : no excuses. So Rublev is the new King of Clay, no? :unsure:
  14. Imperator

    Will Nadal ever be pushed to 5 sets in an RG final ?

    Even Djoko and Fed have been pushed to 5 sets in AO/Wimb finals more than once but it didn’t happen to Nadal in any of his 13 finals. Can someone pull it off ?
  15. Imperator

    Nadal being "vulnerable" going into RG

    Jesus, they never learn.
  16. Imperator

    The monomajor title curse

    Will it get broken ? :unsure:
  17. Imperator

    We’re back in lockdown in France

    What does that mean in regards to Bercy ?
  18. Imperator

    Who would have most RG titles without Nadal on the way : Federer or Djokovic ?

    Nadal stopped Federer 6 times and Djokovic 7 times at RG. Without the god of clay on the way, Federer and Djokovic surely would have both won multiple RG titles. But the interesting question is : without Nadal, who would have the edge ? Federer or Djokovic ? I think it would be Djokovic. -...
  19. Imperator

    Something Djokovic achieved but the other two didn’t

    Beating the other two members of the Big 3 in every slam, which is very impressive. Nadal didn’t do it with any of them, Federer only did it with Djokovic.
  20. Imperator

    Nadal right now is unbeatable

    I can't figure out exactly how he's playing the best tennis of his career at his current age of 34. Like a fine wine, this man is only getting better with age. He's looking good to win the tournament without dropping a set!! This is a level even above 2008 and 2010. Just can't see anyone beating...
  21. Imperator

    Congratulations Thiem on 2nd Slam

    With nadal spent, medvedev out, djokovic hating claydom so much, the Thiem Open as notable people have called it seems to have happened as predicted. Auf geht's Dominic. Well done winning the tournament designed for you to propel you to 5 Majors next year.
  22. Imperator

    Congratulations Nadal on 20th Slam

    With thiem spent, medvedev out, djokovic hating claydal so much, the Nadal Open as notable people have called it seems to have happened as predicted. Vamos Rafa. Well done winning the tournament designed for you to propel you to 23 Majors next year.
  23. Imperator

    Jean-René Lisnard about Djokovic "With only a few exceptions, no player likes him. Djokovic can stand you up at training session four days in a row. He can leave right in the middle of a training session...
  24. Imperator

    First Fegal confrontation at USO

    Federer and Nagal are about to face each other for the first time at USO. Are you hyped ?
  25. Imperator

    Make your list of favorites for USO

    - Novak "I Need Your Love" Djokovic - Rafael "Iron Knee" Nadal - Roger "Where Did I Leave My Keys" Federer - Stefanos "Philosophy Degree" Tsitsipas - Daniil "Two First Serves" Medvedev - Dominic "Kitzbühel" Thiem - the rest Still have the feeling Djokovkc won't take it but the odds are against...
  26. Imperator

    Anderson thinks he can beat the Big 3 in Grand Slams

    "Without a doubt I am good enough to play tennis and beat anybody, and it's about putting together seven consecutive matches and that's not easy to do. That's why such a select few people have been able to win Grand Slams, there's a lot of stuff to deal from an emotional standpoint. I...
  27. Imperator

    Federer fans : what would have delighted you the most ?

    Federer winning 2019 RG by beating Nadal and Thiem or him winning Wimbledon by beating Nadal and Djokovic after this epic battle we've witnessed ? From what I've read, I asssume most Federer fans would lean more towards the second option but wouldn't a DCGS be more important for his legacy ...
  28. Imperator

    If Djokovic could only win one specific GS 5 more times...

    Which one would you choose ? For me, it’d be easily RG. I know it’s probably not possible, it’s just a fantasy but it’s fun to think about it. AO would cement his AO GOAT status, Wimbledon would allow him to become the new grass GOAT and same thing for USO. But I think 5 more RG titles would be...