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    Favorite trait or practice of teaching pro?

    I'll be starting a new side job as a teaching pro for individual and group work (I've coached high schoolers and some adults before, am a classroom teacher, and am PTR certified, but it'll be my first "teaching pro" gig) I'm curious what traits or practices of a teaching pro in either private...
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    SW102: Initial Thoughts

    Currently hitting the SW102 for fun. I've previously hit the 2013 Blade 104 with added weight, and a variety of other rackets(six one 18x20, RF97, Blade 98 cv). I played D3 college a few years ago, and currently play some local leagues (and USTA when there isn't a pandemic.) I'm an attacking...
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    SW102 Review?

    Hi TW, Are you all going to put out a video about the SW102? Thanks!
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    6 weeks of the work!

    Just wanted to see if anyone else has tried this program-- I am in my second go through and enjoying it-- functional strength training, workouts are killers but the results definitely make it worthwhile. It's designed by a trainer popular with NBA players, but I feel like it's a good strength...
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    SW102 Grip Sizes?

    Hey there, just checking on what grip sizes the SW102 will have available?
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    CPR/First Aid/AED Training-- Get it if you can!

    A few weeks ago, I participated in a social doubles event at my club, and a player had a cardiac arrest during the warmup. We were going through the normal warm up progression(baseline shots, alternating turns at net) on half of a court, and then the guy I was hitting with (probably in his 60s...
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    Just went through PTR Certification Process (Performance)

    I just completed my PTR performance certification, and figured I'd start a thread for people that had questions on it. I'm a high school coach, and have coached juniors of all ages, in both team/clinic settings and at camps. I'm also a teacher, so that was a big advantage on the computerized...
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    New Blades/104SW?

    Hi TW, With the new blades coming up, will there be a new version of the SW autograph? Thanks
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    New Blades Prediction

    Seems Wilson's got the blade on clearance currently--anyone care to speculate on if they change much? The last update got a lot of mixed feedback and seems to be love-hate. My guess is a tad stiffer, they tone down the green a bit, and they might drop the SW, it doesn't seem to be selling that...
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    New Trick: hit Opponent with Lob

    At an open tournament this weekend I managed to put up a lob that the opponent ran under-- so he got hit with the ball... I'm curious how common this is?
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    New Blades Info?

    Any news on the next Blade release? It will be 2 years in November.
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    Fredericksburg/Stafford/NoVA Area?

    Just looking to see if anyone plays around this area much, I know UMW has quality facilities and affordable indoor courts.
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    SW 104 Grip size 4 1/2?

    I'm wondering if the SW104 will ever have a grip size 4 1/2 available?
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    Van Der Meer Academy Review

    I just finished a two week stint training at Van Der Meer, and I just wanted to share my experience. Since it was January, there was a different feel versus the summer. The island was less crowded as a whole, and some of the players were returning from vacation during my two weeks. Weather for...
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    Kudos to TW-- Order Mix-Up

    Just wanted to say thanks to Tennis Warehouse for helping resolve an order mishap-- I placed an order w/ the MRT matching service for racuqets on Tuesday and somehow on either Wednesday or Thursday there was a mixup and a Customer Service rep told the MRT that they had received a call to cancel...
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    Blade 18x20 Countervail

    I'm a long time Wilson user, and I've always had mixed opinions of the Blade 98 line... I thought 2013 was tinny and 2015 was much improved stability wise... however the new layup is very tempting. It's soft but stable-- there's not a ton of vibration, so it has a deadened feel that is easy on...
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    Tournament match-ups with Peers

    So there's a Mens open I'm playing this weekend, and my first round matchups in singles and doubles are both against people I regularly play with (It's at my home club, but still frustrating.) None of us are seeded, and there are 8 teams in the doubles draw, and 16 players in singles-- 5 of us...
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    Blade 98 18x20 Countervail vs 2014

    How does the feel compare? I felt the all black one was pretty tinny, but the black/green one was more solid... feedback on the newest model?
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    Stints at Academies: Pro/Con

    I'd like to discuss the idea of spending a few weeks at an academy, as a change in one's form of training. I believe this can be really helpful, but would like others' opinions (especially people that have done so.) Note I'm looking for COMPETITIVE academies, not the "weekend retreats" type...
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    Challenger Player Using RF97

    Today I saw one of the challenger guys(Jonathan Ho) using an RF97 with a bit of lead at 3 and 9... so it does get at least some users in the pro ranks outside of Fed himself. On the other hand about 2/3 of the stringing room was full of Blade 98 18x20s
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    Praying the UTR system catches on for Tournaments

    I'm a grad student that played d3 undergraduate, still trying to play competitively. My district (MidAtlantic) has very few tournaments for adults this time of year, even including unsanctioned events, the closest ones are often 3 hours away by car. Between 4.5 or Open events, I might be able to...
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    The "Fun" of Self Rating

    I'm getting ready to play my first USTA season after doing a few open tournaments and finishing a d3 college career, and yet even though I initially self rated and was given 5.0, and appealed it down to 4.5 a year or so ago, I seemingly have to do it again. I found this out yesterday when I...
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    Creating the Beast-- Customizing a Blade 104 to Serena Specs

    So, out of interest and attempting to have something on the level of the RF97 plowthrough wise for my playtest, I'm going to mod up one of my 2013 Blade 104s to the most specific "Serena" Spec I could find-- I think I'll try to get the sw closer to the 360/370 range, as that seems to be more...
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    Best Currently Available Serve and Volley Racquet?

    I'm curious to hear TT opinions on this, as the pros that employ serve-and-volley are using a variety of different setups (RF with his signature, Raonic with whatever is under his Blade pj, Brown with a Pure Drive) Contenders that come into my mind immediately are: PS85 RF97 Prestige Pro
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    Hitting/Pointers for Juniors: What to Charge

    I just got contacted by a former HS teacher, inquiring if I'd like to hit with her middle school aged son some and offer pointers, and asking me to name a rate. I've coached some quick start before for 4 year olds (plenty of stories there), and was making $18 hourly. Does that sound like a fair...
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    Wrist Injury, 2h backhand--> 1H?

    So, as the title says, my left(non dominant) wrist has been bugging me off and on since February-- some days it's really tough to hit a two handed backhand, others I have no issues. Spoke to a trainer about it during the spring season, basically he thought it was either tendinitis or I possibly...
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    Pure Aero Vs. and Weight?

    Curious to hear from folks that have played the Aero storm or the Pure Aero Vs... TW lists the strung weight at 11.1 oz, does it feel unstable? Is it usually a platform racquet that people add weight to?
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    Height-Weight/Size for tennis players?

    My friends and I were discussing this-- tennis players don't want to be tiny like distance runners, because they have to make a lot of quick movements, but don't want to be too big because they have longer matches and have to make quick adjustments. We see a lot of guys in the 170-190 range...
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    Strings Similar to Luxilon 4g Soft

    hi guys, I'm looking for strings that play similarly to Luxilon 4g soft, but are cheaper. I'd like to find a string with similar spin potential, stiffness, and tension maintenance. It seemed like Solinco Hyper-G was similar, do you all have any other recommendations?
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    Good Starter Stringing Machine

    I currently have 4 racquets at a different stringer (my primary one is out of town due to a death in the family), and I've decided that it's time to get a stringing machine and learn myself for both convenience and to save money. I'm wondering what are good "starter" level options that won't be...