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    What is the best serving 18x20 racquet?

    93P smokes hard flat serves
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    Youtubers now getting racket endorsement deals and sponsorships

    I like the TwoMinuteTennis guy’s videos. No frills just breaking down the game bit by bit to make it edible for the rec player like myself.
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    Prince Phantom Pro 100p vs Prince Phantom 100p

    I totally agree. I picked up a couple 93P racquets on a whim because I used to play with Prince as a kid/teenager. What a solid/sweet frame especially at net (it doesn't twist in my hands when someone hits a screamer). I feel that Prince (and Dunlop) are putting out some great racquets under...
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    Grommets for Liquidmetal Radical MP

    Hello! Anyone know where I can get grommets for the Liquidmetal Radical MP or if there is another grommet set that is interchangable?
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    Best String/Set Up for Wilson Six One 95 18X20

    In my LM radical I do Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.23 in the mains at 49lbs and Tnt2 17 gauge in the crosses at 54 lbs. tons of feel, spin and control
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    Why don't I gel with shaped strings?

    I play a heavy topspin game and This is my experience as well. Tried it and didn’t like it. Went back to the round stuff.
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    Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17L VS Weiss Cannon Cable 17

    I’ve tried a few strings (including Alu) but keep coming back to SPPP 1.23 mains (I hybrid with TNT2 or Sensation crosses). I’ve also tried shaped strings but as another poster mentioned it threw my swing weight off and therefore I was mid-timing my shots. SPPP produces plenty of spin on an...
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    What's your favorite Poly and Syn Gut hybrid?

    Signum Pro Poly Plasma mains and TNT2 crosses
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    Poly needed to go with wilson sensation crosses in hybrid.

    I’ve done the signum pro poly plasma (mains) @49 lbs and sensation (crosses +4-5lbs over mains) hybrid for years in a liquidmetal radical mp. I’ve recently started rotating in some TNT2 in the crosses to add in a bit of power. Both are 17 ga that I use. I’ve tried a few different polys but...
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    Strings for Heavy Spin Baseliner, was on RPM Rough but tension loss

    I'm not sure there is a solution. I start spraying hits at about 6 hours with poly but since I string my rackets it just commit to restringing an average 1.5 rackets per week.
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    Low-powered racquet + dead strings = WOW!

    Throw some TNT2 in the crosses at 4 lbs greater than the Hyper G Mains. Should give you more power while maintaining spin.
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    Shoe wear pattern

    It’s very common, at least for me. 3 months playing 4x / week is good durability. Some shoes I wear out faster than that.
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    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    Hello Grapple Snake, Can you recommend a good hybrid cross string for a Liquidmetal Radical MP using Alu Power 16L Lime Mains (18x20) ?
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    Alu Lime Hybrid Recommendation - Liquidmetal Radical MP

    Edited to mention that I string my own racquets.
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    Alu Lime Hybrid Recommendation - Liquidmetal Radical MP

    Hello! I recently discovered Alu Power Lime 16L and love it in my Liquidmetal Radical MP. I tried a full bed at 49# and it played excellent from the baseline, but I feel it lacks power volleying at the net. I'm approx 4.0 level. In my most recent experience, I paired Alu Power Lime 16L @...
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    Head racquet at Costco? Good for beginner?

    Don't do the Ti6 or Wilson 4 BLX unless you want your arm to jar and fall off. The Head Racquet one from Costco is perfectly fine. I know a couple folks that play with it and they are pretty good players. Might need to add some weight at some point but you can always do that later after you...
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    Strings for 12yo String Breaker

    I think it's the racquet choice/string pattern more than anything. Open patterned racquets will break strings much more than tighter patterns (16x19 vs 18x20). I used to have a 16x19 patterned racquet and would break a string every time I played. I now have a Head Liqudmetal Radical MP...
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    Open String Pattern Inquiry

    Not a fan of super open string patterns. If you have a full swing it will become unwieldy. Will a proper stroke, you should be able to get plenty of topspin on an 18x20. I get great spin on my LM Rad MP.
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    Favorite Spin Effect racket?

    Wrong thread, please disregard my message. Sorry....
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    Favorite Spin Effect racket?

    I used to play with the Prince Triple Threat Scream OS which has a 110sq in head and open 16x19 pattern. It's great for a beginner but I hit hard and the thing became unwieldy. I picked up a pair of LM Rad MPs on this site this spring and play with those now. I can put the ball about...
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    HEAD Graphene Radical Pro, MP, S and Rev

    Thanks for the reviews on these. I think I'll stick with my trusty LM Rad MPs.
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    Power Replacement for Head MicroGEL Radical MP?

    Not to get off topic, but the paint job on that racquet is awesome.
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    Power Replacement for Head MicroGEL Radical MP?

    I agree with this post. I had Wilson Sensation Multifilament strings in my LM Rad MP and the thing felt like a wet noodle with no power. I put some SPPP in the mains at 49 and Wilson Sensation in the crosses at 53. After about an hour break in time I was getting some massive topspin and...
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    What are the Best Value Poly Reels

    Do you have a link to the pink string? I can't find it on TW
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    Hybrid Setup fo LM Rad MP

    I'm looking for a hybrid setup for my two LM Radical MPs. I currently have a reel of Wilson Sensation 17g strings that I am thinking of using for the for the crosses. It is currently a full bed but the balls fly too deep and control and "POP" are just not there. I am a baseliner that...
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    Head MG Radical MP or Youtek Radical MP?

    I'm a big fan of the Liquidmetal Rads
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    Head Liquidmetal Radical - thoughts?

    It offers great control
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    Head Liquidmetal Radical - thoughts?

    I've never tried any of the others, but the LM Rad MP is a great racquet. They used to sell it on TW for $59.99 but it looks like they sold out.
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    Dampener advice

    What Tim says