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    Djokovic will have his sampras hewitt 2001 tomorrow

    In all fairness, Djokovic lost his match 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 and at least earned a couple chances throughout to work his way back into it even if they went unconverted. In contrast, Pete's competitive window ended with the first set; Hewitt smelled blood after that and played accordingly.
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    Tell me about Michael Chang!

    Dunno what can be said that hasn't already! Insane wheels, not a ton of height/reach, bulldog mentality, and a rather effective serve for someone of his height. Underrated ground game as well; it's very easy to buy into the bog-standard evaluation of Chang as a pusher, but for every softball...
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    Peak Medvedev vs Peak Hewitt

    Opelka's options outside the serve are very limited; the height that makes him so dominant in his service games hurts him immensely when it comes to maneuverability and movement. While he certainly has the firepower to give anyone a rough time when he can get set up to attack, he has issues...
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    Hewitt vs Edberg

    This is actually a very interesting matchup to think about, but IMO the specific scenario laid out in the OP (assuming peak for peak) where Hewitt has poly strings whereas Edberg is stuck with his vintage PS85 setup does Edberg zero favors. Those dipping, spinny passes are kryptonite for pure...
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    Peak Medvedev vs Peak Hewitt

    Oof, that match. That was a straight up demolition after the first set, with most of the Sampras net forays turning into target practice for a frighteningly accurate Hewitt.
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    2021 US Open R1: Stefanos Tsitsipas [3] vs Andy Murray [114]

    Must be frustrating for him. His strokes and timing are fine and the tactics are theoretically sound but his movement/endurance just aren't up for taking advantage of his current game plan.
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    Wimby’21 R16: (4) Alexander Zverev (GER) vs (16) Felix Auger Aliassime (CAN)

    For comparison, Mahut hit 21 double faults in his 2010 loss to Isner. You know, the one that ended 70-68 in the fifth instead of 6-4 :/
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    Who is an overall better tennis player Roddick or Wawrinka?

    I love Roddick, but it's hard not to say Wawrinka. IMO he had a lot more natural talent for tennis than Roddick (even taking his psyche and inconsistency into account), although I'll also say that between the pair Andy made far, far better use of what he had. Even a defensive stalwart like...
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    Worst calls in any slam ever?

    There was also this overrule that set Roddick off against Hewitt back in 2001. No idea what Diaz was doing there, say what you will about Roddick's reaction but that call was ****ing horrendous.
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Think I'm gonna have to relegate the Black Force/Gutex Ultra hybrid set-up I had in my Pure Controls to a fall/winter indoor setup when I'm only hitting occasionally; turns out I break the Gutex waaaaaaaay too quickly to use it as a regular thing. I never used to break multis before (been a...
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    Would Kevin Anderson Have Won?

    Probably not, but zoning big servers always have at least a puncher's chance. Also, it's hard not to discount the added scrutiny that either Thiem or Zverev would have faced against Anderson as the overwhelming favorite; comparatively less pressure made Thiem tight as a drum until the third set...
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    US Open 2020 final - Dominic Thiem[2] vs Alexander Zverev [5]

    This is true. For better or for worse, that outcome of this match was in doubt until the very end; the same cannot be said for say, the 2003 AO final that had Agassi beating Schuettler black and blue in straight sets.
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    US Open 2020 final - Dominic Thiem[2] vs Alexander Zverev [5]

    Wow. Zverev's totally gone away.
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    US Open 2020 final - Dominic Thiem[2] vs Alexander Zverev [5]

    Zverev not dealing with the Theim slice nearly as well as he was in the first two sets.
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    You guys ever feel sad watching older matches?

    I definitely feel a bit of nostalgia when I hop on Youtube and remember that there was a time where Roddick was A: an active player and B: hitting his forehand like this.
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    For anyone that hasn't read John Feinstein's Hard Courts, Feinstein elaborates on the JMac default; while McEnroe was indeed defaulted on a third strike under the new rules because of audible profanity, Feinstein reported that according to the umpire, what Mac had said to him ("Just go **** your...
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    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Sampras, Wimbledon fourth round, 2001

    For those of you that haven't seen it, he's not exaggerating in the slightest. Point is below at the 10:54 mark and it's right up there with Roddick's miss in the 09 tiebreak, if not marginally worse considering Sampras was substantially better in the forecourt.
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    Tiafoe: What's all the fuss about?

    It was close to the end - someone asked him about his opinion on the Tiafoe match, and his first response was to say something along the lines of 'well, I'm gonna restrain myself'. Less than a minute later, he called the effort pitiful, one of the worst matches he'd seen in a long time, stuff...
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    Tiafoe: What's all the fuss about?

    Mac 'restraining' himself and Evert egging him on was probably the highlight of the match, it got really ugly as it went on.
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    How did you get over your biggest disappointments/most painful player losses as a tennis fan?

    Roddick's loss at Wimby 2009 hurt for a little bit though I managed to put things in perspective pretty quickly; even though a Wimbledon crown would have been an amazing feather in his cap, if the biggest disappointment in his career was not being able to win a second major title on a tour where...
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    Explain this

    Safin for all his mental foibles had natural charisma that Djokovic doesn't possess, along with the more important fact that breaking 2000 racquets is still preferable to inadvertently injuring even one person. As for Nalbandian and Mac, Nalby was being vilified at the time just as Djokovic is...
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    WTF 2016 "Does it concern you that one day that could cost you dearly"

    Djo True, but the lost MP's were a two way street; both Federer and Djokovic contributed to them. Djokovic only has himself to blame for the DQ.
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    Federer hitting the ball boy.

    *posts a video that can't be played back on Talk Tennis* You had one job.
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    WTF 2016 "Does it concern you that one day that could cost you dearly"

    Very well might have been 20-18 if Djokovic hadn't forgotten about all the empty stands he could have hit the ball into...
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    Slow-mo video of Djokovic hitting the line judge

    Any kind of impact to the throat when you're not expecting it (even if it doesn't leave lasting damage) will usually have the average person reacting like that line judge did. It's a very unpleasant place to be struck even at lower speeds. EDIT: What am I saying, even if you're expecting the...
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    Let's pray for the line judge to make a full recovery

    Yep. Even impacts that are normally quite mild can really do a number on someone if they happen to land on soft tissue; no matter how gently something is struck, all bets are off if it happens to hit the throat (or eyes, or nose).
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    Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

    The thing that honestly boggles me about all this is that Djokovic had an entire stadium of empty stands that he could have sent the ball into in his little fit of pique and on a whim he decided to aim in the direction of one of the few spots that had people. Brilliant.
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    What djokovic said to ump. Wow!

    And now I see the light :laughing:
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    What djokovic said to ump. Wow!

    I'll let you decide for yourself, it keeps the sense of mystery.
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    What djokovic said to ump. Wow!

    Imagine she did have to go to the hospital: "I'll stay with her until the ambulance comes but it's not like she died!"