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    Serena Williams

    I feel like Serena, currently, with her serve, is the equivalent of one of the Big 4 being given a serve like Isner or Karlovic. Does that seem accurate? It's crazy. Also, with her, there's always that nagging sense of underachievement. I don't say that as criticism per se, but rather as an...
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    "Professional" Nicknames

    A few recent threads/comments I've read inspired me to nickname the players based on their style (or something they're known for). Feel free to add others. Here's a few I thought of. Some are obvious. Some aren't even new. Some...well...all in fun. All in fun. Novak Djokovic - the Surgeon...
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    Who would win? 2009 U.S. Open Delpo v 2014 Australian Stanimal

    Who ya got? Stan snapped Djokovic's 25-match win streak in Oz and went on to beat Nadal in the final. Delpo crushed Nadal in straight sets and sealed the deal by snapping Federer's 41-match win streak in Flushing Meadows. Would they need to change balls every games? Not asking who has had...
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    Djokovic = Anaconda?

    Great article courtesy of Louisa Thomas from Grantland. I especially loved this particular excerpt. "He was smothering. There was a sense in which the...
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    The Edberg Effect (Federer v Big Hitters)

    Since he came aboard, Federer has become more aggressive and seems more committed to staying aggressive in any given match. In the past, he would often be more offensive minded in spurts but would too easily revert back to baseline exchanges. This was the obvious tactic he needed to maximize his...
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    A Deeper Look @ Djokovic (Successes & Failures?)

    I'd like to take a closer look at Djokovic's career, matchups, etc., to explore the idea that we've got it wrong on this guy. First, Djokovic is great on every surface, across the entire schedule. He is better than the non-Big 4 field everywhere, with no exceptions. So, this is a simple...
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    Court Conditions - What would YOU change?

    We frequently hear, especially this time of year, all the same complaints about court conditions being too slow, lamenting the lack of variety, but is that true? It seems to me that what the complainers what is everything to be sped up. As it is, it seems that we have some variety. Indian...
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    Court Conditions?

    Much, as always, is made of court conditions. Who it favors and all the usual stuff. And, most certainly, the conditions can often favor one player over another, and that is my point. This idea that slower conditions favor (insert name) and fast conditions favor (insert name) as a general...
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    Vilas or Borg (Clay Achievements)

    The Muster v Federer thread made me think of this... Borg Overall: 36 Finals, 30 Titles Majors: 7 Finals, 6 Titles W/L: 251-41 Vilas Overall: 76 Finals, 49 Titles Majors: 5 Finals, 2 Titles W/L: 660-113 So, what say you? Which guy achieved more on clay? Vilas or Borg?
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    Tougher than beating Nadal @ Roland Garros?

    Disclaimer: This thread is intended in fun. Did Ryan Harrison accomplish something tougher than beating Nadal at Roland Garros? He beat Ivo Karlovic 7-0 in a TB. I believe the announcers said that had not happened since 2004 (v Nicolas Kiefer in Indianapolis). The 7-0 loss to Harrison was...
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    Make Your Own Schedule

    Thought this might be fun, and a thread that could possibly avoid devolving into the norm. Pretend you are a top 10 player and slam contender on the ATP Tour. What events would you choose to play? At a minimum, let's say you have to play a full ranking points schedule, which consists of...
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    ESPN Tech It Out Racquet Reviews

    Anyone checked these out? You should. They're terrible. Gotta be the absolute worst reviews you can find on the worldwide web. The most recent review about the new Wilson Burn sticks spoke of how soft they were. Feels like butter when you hit the ball.:)
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    Is Agassi the greatest baseline player ever?

    Before you rush to answer, consider that, from what we are told, he played in an era where any surface that wasn't clay played like a hockey rink. Meaning he made two Wimbledon finals, winning one, and two U.S. Opens in six finals, I believe. All this, from the baseline, on surfaces...
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    American Sports

    Another post started me down a tangent thought process on American sports. Does anyone find it curious that America, as a melting pot of immigrants from all over the world, invents it's own sports to love while having little interest in the ones that capture the rest of the world's attention...
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    Worst Play Call in NFL History

    All the talk of Seattle's recent one being the worst made me think - what are some other memorable ones?
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    Raonic Movement

    Tomas Berdych 6'5 Marin Cilic 6'6 Ernest's Gulbis 6'3 Lukas Rosol 6'5 Jerzy Janowicz 6'8 Kevin Anderson 6'8 Milos Raonic 6'5 John Isner 6'10 Ivo Karlovic 6'11 Why does Raonic, at "only" 6'5, seem to move more comparable to the Giants like Isner instead of being more like Berdych or...
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    Delpo's Forehand vs Wawrinka's Backhand

    Two of the most awe-inspiring shots in the game...which do you prefer? Not really interested in debating which is better, more devastating/effective. For me, there is just something cooler about seeing a guy rip a one-handed backhand the way Stan does. It reminds me of the Lebron highlight...
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    Berdych 2.0?

    Just had to share a few thoughts on his performance thus far in Oz, particularly in the match v Nadal. It was as impressive a performance as I have seen from him and here is why. First and foremost, he did not seem like the same guy mentally. He came into that match with confidence and a...
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    Women's Aussie Open

    Is this the most intriguing Women's slam in recent memory? It certainly is in my estimation. Serena vs Muguruza - a chance for Serena to get revenge Cibulkova vs Azarenka - last year's runner-up against a resurgent Azarenka who won the two prior to that Keys vs Brengle - two young...
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    College Hoops 2015

    Now that football season is winding down, are there any college hoops fans? Obviously, Kentucky has the best team. Is there any objective person who doesn't believe they'll win the title? It should be interesting to see if they can run the table and do what everyone has said can't be done.
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    Natural Gut Question - Playing in the Rain

    Serious question here. In virtually every thread about using natural gut, the inevitable rain issue pops up. My question is simply this: Do you play in the rain and, if so, how often? I don't have access to clay courts where I live and playing in the rain on the hard court is not...
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    Djokovic transitioning to more offensive?

    Is it just me or does Djokovic seem to be trying to play more aggressively and offensively in 2014? I can't site any stats, which is why I pose the question. But, it seems to me he is. His serve seems bigger, it seems like he is coming forward more, it seems like he gets broken less...
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    Herbert Racquet

    What racquet was Herbert using against Paire in Paris? Hope I spelled the name right. And maybe it is obvious, but I could never figure it out. Was it a Prince?
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    Mt Rushmore of the Open Era

    Roger Federer Rafael Nadal Pete Sampras Bjorn Borg What say you? Is there anything to debate or is this one a no-brainer? What does a guy like Djokovic have to get to to take a spot?
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    Stringing Frames over 100 Sq. In.

    Hey all...I was just curious about stringing frames over 100 sq. in. I am looking at getting my wife a new racquet and on my preliminary list, a few of the possibilities are over 100 square inches. The biggest would be the Radical OS at 107 square inches and an 18x19 pattern. What I want to...
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    Gut/Poly Hybrid Questions

    A few questions regarding gut/poly hybrids: Gut mains/Poly crosses Poly mains/Gut crosses 1. For both combinations, is it better to use a round/smooth poly or a shaped poly? Does it vary depending on the hybrid - is it better to use a smooth poly as a cross, but a shaped poly if its in...
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    Ordering Babolat and Prince Strings?

    I recently tried to order a set of Babolat XCel and Prince Natural Gut (along with several other items). When I went to check out, I was told that I couldn't get those two items due to international restrictions (or something like that). Was this a mistake or is there some reason I cannot...
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    TW Staff - Tecnifibre TFight 315 Ltd

    Hey guys/girls, I have a question about the recommended tension on the Tecnifibre TFight 315 Ltd. The suggested tension range on the racquet itself is 50-56 lbs. Your site, obviously has a suggested range of 55-65 lbs, with a note that basically says Tecnifibre is aware of this and has OK'd...
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    Radwanska's Chance

    This is it. On grass, maybe her best surface - all of the big guns are out. She should be the favorite. I won't go over the top and say this is her only chance, but she may never get a better one, IMO. Looking ahead, the field is only going to get tougher with a lot of young women on the...
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    Nadal's next tournament?

    Serious question. When do you think we'll see Rafa again? Will he be out for a while again, or will he return for the North American hard court season and the USO?