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    Can you get into the HOF without winning a slam?

    I was just curious because you are going to have this backlog of players from this generation who won't win any but have won a decent amount of titles. So a guy like David Ferrer who has 27 titles I guess won't get in? But a guy like Rafter who has 11 titles and 2 slams gets in. I mean no...
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    Derrick cole( a pitcher) just singed a 9 year 324 million dollar deal.

    This is why tennis doesn't attract the best athletes. Holy crap. I mean well who makes this kind of guaranteed money in tennis? Crazy.
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    Cuban athletes defecting

    I can't get into the mind of the cuban gov. But why do you think they keep playing these International competitions when every time they do at least one of their guys defects. Last year in Canada like 5 of their soccer players defected. Another one just defected in this tournament in the USA. I...
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    Its kinda of freaking amazing how many wta tournaments are in China.

    I mean is it that popular there? There is a literal flood of WTA tournaments there the next two months.
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    Is the mens game today like the womens game was in the late 70s to 1990?

    As far as dominating personalities and slam winners. Its almost the same things. You had Evert, Martina then Steffi. They crossed over but those big three gobbled up almost all the slam finals for more than a decade.
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    Remember when people said Rafas style of play would lead to a short career.

    I remember. It has been the line for years but it was all meaningless. The guy might have the longest career of them all. No one knows what they are talking about. He's 33 and will probably win two slams this year and had two other slams that he did well in. Won cincy. He's got everyone fooled.
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    Is there going to be a whole mens generation or maybe two that don't have anyone in the Hall of Fame

    Seriously. At this rate in 15 years only women will be getting into the Hall. I am not kidding. You got Fed, Stan, Novak, Rafa all guys in there 30s. Andy of Course. But these guys are all from the same generation well Fed is technically even older. So who from the younger guys will make the...
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    I don't watch finals anymore if the big 3 are not playing each other.

    I know its kinda pessimistic. And there have been some upsets but literally if one of the big 3 is playing some dude who just got to the finals cause one of the other big three didn't show its almost a foregone conclusion. And not only that it won't even be a good match. Its sad.
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    How the heck did Venus get direct entry into the Canadian open.

    She is ranked 49th in the world. Riske is ranked 37th and she had to go through qualifiers. That just is not fair.
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    Do you get first round points it you get a Bye?

    Maybe its a silly question but do you get the points even if you don't play a first round match?
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    Appearance fees.

    How common are these? Do they happen in every wta and atp event? Is this something negotiated by the tournaments and the individual players? I would be curious who has inside information on this practice.
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    Anyone else notice Mexico has a decent amount of atp and wta events but they don't have any tennis players?

    So is there another country like this that has multiple stops on tour but don't produce barely any pros? I can't think of any. Just interesting I think.
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    Would love to see the top guys play Newport.

    Not that it will ever happen but it would be really cool to see how their games match up on old fashion grass.
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    The us open surface is so slowwwwwww.

    I figured I would get this started early. I have no idea what the surface is going to be but what the hell.
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    Hey if you like old school grass court tennis watch Hall of fame open.

    It aint my cup of tea but for you purist out there you will probably love it.
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    Hey if you like old school grass watch hall of fame open.

    Seriously if this is what people want. Not what I consider super entertaining but it is what all grass use to be.
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    Athletes at the top of their sport at 38.

    Yes Roger lost today. And I was kinda rooting for Novak but I have ultimate respect for roger. So I was thinking about athletes in history who still were at the top of their sport at 38 years old. I know you guys are the best at this so Tom Brady came to mind with me. I know there have been a...
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    The ATP is a joke.

    How can anyone be entertained by this nonsense slam after slam. Its like watching The German National Football Team play Gibraltar over and over again. And thinking its great stuff.
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    Baseball in London

    Never thought I would see the day. Very fun and cool
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    Why does the US mens soccer team suck so bad?

    Seriously. I know there are other sports bla bla bla. But this freaking organization after not making the World Cup in horrible fashion just lost 3-0 at home to Venezuela who are not exactly soccer powers. We just lost to Jamaica. This is embarrassing. What is wrong with this country and mens...
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    Remember when Rafa was injured in the spring (again)?

    We don't get fooled again. Same story every year. He can't move drops out of tournaments, its all over then the clay season begins and he has no pain anywhere.
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    What about Miami allows John to play so well?

    Do you think there is something about the conditions or just a coincidence?
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    Paris Olympics to include- Breakdancing, Surfing, Skateboarding, and Climbing.

    Ok the olympics have officially jumped the shark.
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    How do tennis players pay their taxes?

    Like this seems like an extremely complicated issue. So when you earn money in various countries do you pay the taxes there? Or pay taxes when you get back to your home countries? Like how the heck does this work.
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    Mike trout and pro tennis

    Mike trout is about to sign a 430 million dollar guaranteed contract. This is why the best athletes aint playing tennis.
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    Why does Rafa even bother with hardcourt

    Seriously. Look ok play the hardcourt slams I get it. Sort of. But you are not doing yourself or the fans any favors by walking off the court 6 times a year or withdrawing. The fans want to see player play. He obviously can't for an extended stretch anymore. Just stay at home let the other...
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    Rafas 2019 schedule

    Aussie open- Lost in finals Mexico- Lost to freak IW- Withdrawl Miami- Withdrawl Monte Carlo- Win Barcelona- Win Rome-Win Madrid-Win Dustbowl open- EXO- Win Mudbowl open in south of Turkey- Win French open after 8 5 setters- win Stuggart- Withdrawl Wimby- Plays two matches withdrawl Canada-...
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    Russian Tennis

    I am always curious how Russia which has a very good tradition of tennis and has developed many really good players since the 80s has never really had an ATG on the womens or mens side. Why do you guys think this is. They have a lot of good to very good women and men. But none would be...
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    What happened to Swedish tennis?

    They had three all time greats back to back, now I don't think a swede male was even in the draw at the Aussie open. And just a couple of women. I don't think there is any country with the success that Sweden had that has dropped off the cliff that much in this sport.