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    StringMeter Reading

    the right most corner of the graph was the reference tension.. and the big numbers on the right also was the average tension reading on every string. i just want to know if the string meter reading on every string was accurate enough to my reference tension. so far mains (poly) have always...
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    StringMeter Reading

    The numbers below the graph means string number whether its the mains or cross. The left side of the graph means left side of racket to the right side of the racket. Then for the red one the cross strings, from top to bottom respectively. The blue are the mains and the red are the crosses...
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    StringMeter Reading

    Hello TW. Everytime i string my sticks and others, i made a database on my stringmeter readings. i am open to comments and suggestions on how to use stringmeter and to improve my stringing for i am new to stringing and made my technique through the veteran stringers here mainly youlite, drakulie...
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    Stringing Machine in the Philipiines

    try klippermate if you like their stringing machine. i bought one and they shipped it on time. btw they have great customer service. im a filipino also but im in riyadh, im also looking for machine but failed to find there. Maybe your luck is better than mine i know there's many vendors there...
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