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  1. SumYungGai

    I want to try an experiment

    I've always played with heavy 18x20 racquets my whole life. I love the precision and consistency on the string bed and I generate a lot of spin so that is never a concern. I hit a heavy ball, but I wonder: If I try taking something like an Ezone 98 and lead it up to a nice heavy weight will it...
  2. SumYungGai

    They really didn't show any of Monfils/Shapovalov during the whole Osaka match...

    Then they cut immediately to Kyrgios/Rublev. C'mon ESPN. They had a tiebreak first set and all I got to see was the score pop-up in the bottom of the screen... They haven't even mentioned the match. The Osaka/Guaff match was fun to watch and I said I wasn't going to complain again, but my god...
  3. SumYungGai

    Monfils sliding under the radar, coming for that booty

    Dark horse Monfils is quietly making his way through the tourney. Back to back straight set wins. Coming for Shapo next!
  4. SumYungGai

    How does the newer Vcore 95 compare to the Vcore 95D?

    I just got to hit with the 95D for the first time earlier today and it felt great, very maneuverable and solid. Haven't been able to touch the red Vcore 95 yet. Would anybody that's played with both be able to give a good comparison?
  5. SumYungGai

    Tennis Channel's coverage of Rogers cup (and more) has been awful lately

    Who else finds their coverage lackluster. Besides the usual Annacone drone and annoying commentators I mean since this thread isn't about them. I'd like to watch some men's matches on the basic Tennis Channel without having to buy another tier of coverage... Kachanov/Wawrinka...
  6. SumYungGai

    Tecnifibre grip size compared to other companies

    This seems somewhat hard to find elsewhere, so I thought anyone with experience here might be able to help me out. How do Tecnifibre grip sizes run compared to other companies? I'm currently playing with a speed pro with a 1/4 grip, but in college used to play with the tecnifibre tfight 320 in a...
  7. SumYungGai

    Is this USO draw really weak or is it just me?

    I mean seriously. Looking through the draw right now and not many players stand out as possible contenders.
  8. SumYungGai

    Solinco Hyper-G, similar to Dunlop's Black Widow?

    So I've been playing with Black Widow 16 for quite some time now and I absolutely love the string. It's very soft for a poly and grips the ball extremely well. My only issue with it is that it doesn't last very long since it cuts into itself (heptagonal shaped). And well, it only comes in black...
  9. SumYungGai

    Anyone think Tsonga can take the USO?

    He's been playing strong as of late. I think he's a dark horse and seriously overlooked.