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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Prototype 2021 Racquet

    It is a very easy racquet to use and I have heard from reliable sources that say that this is the racquet head is using to compete with that market of user-friendly racquets
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Prototype 2021 Racquet

    It is the same prototype
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Prototype 2021 Racquet

    When hitting with the mp, there are a couple of things that I noticed. First, the launch angle is very high so if you are a flat hitter, you will have trouble keeping the ball in unless u go up on tension. Definitely geared more toward the beginner/intermediate players who dont swing too hard or...
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    HEAD Extreme 360+ tour club?

    me too haha
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    Babolat RPM Soft

    Yes I completely agree that it is just a rebranded origin. feels like a syn gut to me.
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    Holger Rune blacked out racket?

    it's the new racquet that is coming out that alex bolt has been using.
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    Asics court ff 2 (L.E.)?

    le is just limited edition. no difference
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    Holger Rune blacked out racket?

    its definitely a head racquet from my sources
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    Are SuperFeet insoles worth the price?

    Here is the arch height of all the insoles in the link. There is also a way to measure your arch height by using a wet footprint. I personally use the dash insoles due to the low profile in a medium arch because thats what fits me the best...
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    court ff2 - ss ff2 - gr8 all court DILEMMA

    the thing is i use a runners knot for better lockdown but i still feel slippage. Also I just want a shoe that works right out of the box and the FF2 are like that for me. The only drawback is the thin shoelace so I just replaced that with a thicker one
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    Are SuperFeet insoles worth the price?

    Ive been wearing them for a year and they are still good. I play 2-3 times a week for 2 hours at a time and I am a 4.5 player. The top cover is a lot more durable than superfeet or other insoles.
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    court ff2 - ss ff2 - gr8 all court DILEMMA

    I get a lot of heel slip in my GR8 to the point that it is unplayable since it feels so unstable. The FF2 is my shoe of choice because it is so stable and locks you in. A sign of a great shoe is not having to think about your shoes at all when playing. I love the FF2 so much I bought 3 pair so...
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    Are SuperFeet insoles worth the price?

    Trust me it is so much better. Since it is semi custom, you can get the arch height that fit your feet. Also if the height doesnt fit well, you can easily return them for another one for free. They have great customer service as well. I liked them so much I bought like 4 of them so I dont have...
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    Are SuperFeet insoles worth the price?

    I wrote on here about a month ago but do yourselves a favor and buy the treadlabs insoles. telling you guys it worth it. 10 times better than superfeet. You can get the arch height that you want, the insole and the arch support are two pieces so if the cover wears out, you can just buy the cover...
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    Babolat RPM Soft

    Looks like new strings coming out soon from babolat
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    Toe Box Room: Court FF2 vs Gel Res 8

    ff2 is wider unless you get the wide version of gel res 8
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    Tread Labs Insoles

    Hey all. I wanted to start a thread for insoles and one of the best ones that I have tried is insoles from a company called Tread Labs. It is a semi-custom orthotic, meaning that there are 4 arch heights to choose from (low, medium, high, extra high). The pace insole is made of high grade...
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    Custom Insoles

    If you guys need to get semi-custom insoles. The best one that I highly highly recommend is treadlabs. The pace and dash insoles are the best things I have ever tried. It definitely helps not only for your performance but also comfort for all day work. I am a teacher and I have to stand all day...
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    gravity MP demo from TW

    If the gravity mp is pingy, it is definitely the string job. I dont like pingy racquets and I use a gravity mp
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    Head Gravity MP vs. Radical MP?

    gravity mp has better feel more like the old school head racquets but not as much pop as the radical mp. radical mp a slightly more stiffer and has a 16x19 pattern whereas the gravity mp is 16x20. I personally love and play with the gravity mp because it feels the most similar to the old school...
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    Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4 vs. Asics Gel Resolution 8 ?

    tour 4 is a lighter shoe but less cushioning than the gel resolution 8. In terms of fit for me, I felt that the gel res runs a little bit narrower and I had a little heel slippage with the gel resolution so I don't wear it when I play. The problem with the wave exceed tour 4 was that there was...
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    specs on the 98 strung with 1.25 poly tour rev. Measured on a babolat rdc machine 322.5g 318sw 62 flex 6pt HL
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    Head PT57A pallets

    yup i second this. I put a tk82s for my pro tour and the fit is perfect
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    G360+ Radical 2021

    All the ones I tested, all in the 62-63 range strung. Around 318g for the mp and 335g for the pro. SW for pro 329-330
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    G360+ Radical 2021

    Tested radical mp on rdc machine. 63 flex strung, 313g 317 SW
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    G360+ Radical 2021

    the new radical is a fantastic racquet. Hit it the mp today. Loads of feel and plenty of power. the flex is 62 strung so it plenty flexible as well. i think head has a hit on their hands. wish to hit with the pro version soon
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    G360+ Radical 2021

    Saw these on an instagram @apexracquetwerks. Awesome
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    G360+ Radical 2021

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    Wilson Pro Stock Line

    rdc is babolat so they are probably not going to use it
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    What is the best strings for Head Gravity?

    yonex poly tour pro 125