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    Only 1,000 spectators per day at RG

    Down from 5,000 (which was already down from 12,500, down from 20,000) as things are steadily getting worse again in France. No spectator at all still possible when the event starts next week, of course--we'll see.
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    Longest streaks of wins excluding losses

    (Humbly dedicaded to Lew--bamos!) 1. Connors: 1274 2. Federer: 1242 3. Lendl: 1068 4. Nadal: 992 5. Vilas: 951 Connors on a pretty phenomenal streak, although he hasn't added to it in quite a while. Da Fed giving him a run for his money, though. In weak era news, no Djokovic in the top 5...
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    The domino effect that we're possibly looking at

    With the recent uptick that we're seeing in Europe, here is what could conceivabky happen in the next couple of months: 1) Madrid: the first domino to fall, obviously. With the resurgence of The Thing in Spain, it's doubtful that it will take place at the moment. It still could, I guess, but...
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    Kyrgios officially out from the US Open

    Those who want to know the reason why are free to look for it (shouldn't be too hard to find). Wonder whether this is catching and others may also decide not to come? :unsure: Edit: apologies if this isn't really news, didn't see it anywhere on the forum before posting.
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    Is Federer the only one who can stop Bautista-Agut in Melbourne?

    It's time we started asking the real serious questions here, so discuss. Vamos! :cool:
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    Lendl does it again

    Norman, Lendl... two of a rare breed of coaches able to turn serial losers into serial winners... and doing it again with different players. Kudos to them. Provided he keeps Lendl in his corner and he doesn't get injured, Zverev to make serious inroads at slams starting from 2019. He won't fade...
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    16 seeds in slams is dead

    Well then, looks like the 32 seeds are here to stay, after all. ITF backpedaled on its decision to go back to 16 seeds, so we're stuck with the current system. Apparently, they discussed it between tournament officials and listened to players' input, and decided it wasn't worth it. Federer...
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    Djokovic is actually closer to Nadal than Nadal is to Federer

    (For the record, I still think the Big 3 will end up in the current order, ie Federer > Nadal > Djokovic, but things are not as straightforward as they look, and certinaly not as clear cut as 20 > 17 > 16, imho. Sure, some younger people bought into the Sampras narrative that "slams are...
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    Rafa blew it like a champ

    Most bouncy grass at Wimbledon for ages thanks to no rain since forever, not a single big server in his half of the draw because, ahem, reasons, an exhausted pigeon in the final, the player whom he was mortally afraid of who lost on Wednesday, and he still managed to lose despite having a...
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    Federer trolling the Wimbledon organizers

    That will teach them to put him on court 1. Good move, Fed! Now you're basically assured CC until forever, even if it's just to play a scrub while Nadal and Djokovic fight it out on court 18... :p
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    How many slam semis Zverev will end up playing?

    For a couple of years now, Alexander has been touted as the next best thing, and yet his results at slams are... not as satisfactory as could be hoped for someone with his ranking, let us say. So, how many slam semis (and more) will he end up playing in his career? Time to hone your prediction...
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    ATG grand slam losses to players ranked outside the top 10

    To help my good friend Lew with his stats threads, here's another interesting one listing all the slam losses suffered by ATG's from the Open Era to players ranked outside the top 10 after they have won their first slam. Connors: 14 (out of 48 slams played) Borg: 2 (out of 23 slams played)...
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    Lopez takes a record from Fed

    Most consecutive grand slam tournaments played (66). Deliciano peaking at 36. Can't wait to see what he'll be able to achieve at 45. :cool:
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    Oh noes! Tomic lost in the qualies...

    Now who to support people? :( Still, he had a super-tough opponent in Bemelmans (ranked 104 atm), and he acquitted himself beautifully, fighting like a lion and just losing on a couple of points at the very end of a nail-biting, totally rivetting match (ie 6-3, 6-1, 6-2 in 72 minutes). Anyway...
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    Is Nadal done winning slams, or has he got one left? (ie the Lendl, Agassi, Sampras conundrum)

    Interestingly enough, the last ATG's to dominate the game before the current crop of players were all 'gifted' a slam (with a draw that totally disintegrated before they had to play it) at the tail end of their respective careers. * Lendl got AO '90, his very last slam win, with Cherkasov in...
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    Federer confirmed for Hopman Cup 2019

    Not a surprise, but still probably cause for many tears from those who were hoping for a surprise retirement in 2018. Stay strong, people, he'll retire some day. Just not soon. :D As a side note, Zverev has been confirmed, too.
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    Thiem will end up winning RG

    It seems inevitable, as he's the best on the surface amongst players his age or younger. Maybe he won't win many of them, but barring an injury (or doing a Coria), he should lift the trophy at least once. Now, the big question: will he need Nadal to retire or be out of sorts for that (like...
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    Isner is a lock for Roand Garros

    I mean, when he played Nadal at RG, a much lesser Isner was the better player, but lost because he didn't have enough gas in the tank. Now, Nadal's current level is still unknown, and Isner is at his best ever, winning all 100% of his M1000 titles in the last few weeks. :eek: If that's not the...
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    Nadal or Sampras--who will end his career as the best claycourter?

    Although this doesn't get mentioned nearly often enough, Nadal and Sampras are currently tied in one vital stat as far as clay achievements on the big stage are concerned: they're both undefeated in French Open finals. :eek: However, should Nadal lose one RG final before the end of his career...
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    Davis Cup is (soon to be) dead, long live Davis Cup?

    Davis Cup set to be revamped into World Cup-style tournament It is hoped the new event would be played in one location over seven days at the end of each season. The Davis Cup is set to be transformed into an 18-nation World Cup-style tournament under new proposals put forward by the...
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    The GOAT run (2017-???)

    Whether one believes there can be a GOAT (and surface GOATs) or not, some runs that stand out, and others, even more so. Federer's absolute domination from 2004-2007 will of course be remembered for a long time, but it was achieved by a player at the peak of his game and physical prowess, and it...
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    "Why should he stop?" -- Santoro

    Santoro after being asked "Why does he keep playing?" about Federer. "When you say that he plays tennis, the most important word is "plays". The pleasure he takes in playing is obvious, and everything about his game revolves around that. He's loved all around the world, he's treated like a...
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    "This guy is very bad, he will never be #1"--Gaudio about Federer

    In his defense, that was in 2000, but still funny: "This guy is very bad, he will never be world no. 1. He doesn't know how to play backhand, how can he be world no. 1?" Gaudio had mentioned to Benito Perez Barbadillo, Rafael Nadal's current agent who was working for ATP at the time. "I was...
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    "The new Federer would be jerking the old Federer around the court"

    Yet another gem from Cash, the guy never ceases to amaze. :D...
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    Jack still GOAT at 24, Roger a worthwhile second, though

    Don't mess with Jack, Roger, he's got your number (and with four hours to spare, too). :D
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    Mirka getting worried, now that Roger is at 20...

    Is he going to try and Court Margaret? :eek: Roger just denied he is chasing her saying that he's got "no chance", which makes it even more suspicious, imho. :D
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    Got an inkling Fed will give the old CYGS one last try this year

    This is 100% dependant on his fitness, of course, but I wouldn't be surprised if he played Madrid + RG, especially if Nadal doesn't seem totally dominant at the start of the clay season. 2018 is definitely the end of an era, like 1969 was, so I think he'll give it one last try so as to have no...
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    The injury is actually good news for Nadal!

    I'm not the one saying it, this comes from one of the favourite media outlets of our VB residents, so it's as serious as can be. Vamos! Slams #17, 18, and 19 already confirmed this...
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    This has really got a USO 2014 feel about it

    Not about Cilic winning it all, necessarily, but about seeds and favourites falling off the wayside left and right. Federer and Nadal are still firm favourites to make the final at this stage, of course, but so were Fed and Djokovic at USO 2014, and we all know how that turned out. Let's see...
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    They just talked about speed index on French Eurosport

    The smaller courts are are also the fastest this year, with the main courts being medium. There you go: Rod Laver Arena: 38.4 (medium; this is slower than last year, which I found at 42) Margaret Court Arena: 35.4 Hisense Arena: 37.2 All of these are medium, then. However: Court 3: 42.6 Court...