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    Yet another proof that the NextGen is hot garbage

    None of the NextGeners have a netgame that is as good as Djokovic of all people. Meanwhile, during 2008-2016, Djokovic was bang average when it comes to netgame. It is not surprising that they got mauled by Nole. They are already unable to beat Nole from the baseline in a BO5. They could adopt...
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    The Tsitsipas-Murray match suggests that...

    An inform 2008-2010 Murray would have smacked down Tsitsipas in straight. It says a lot about post-2016 tennis quality.
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    What would have happened if tennis establishment banned the two-handed backhand in the early 1970s

    Let's say they decided to ban two-handed backhand in 1970 or 1971. The precedent here is Jack Kramer's various attempts to ban serve-and-volley to hinder Pancho Gonzales. Note that one-handed backhand still overwhelmingly dominated tennis at that time, and there were zero top players with a...
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    2021 Berretini vs 2016 Raonic

    Just ask Yeah, Raonic defeated Knee-derer in 2016, but that Knee-derer would have destroyed any version of BRTN.
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    All major Lost Gen members miss at least one key technical quality

    Raonic: lacks backhand and movement. Granted that, his poor movement is in-built due to his physical traits - which cannot be changed fundamentally. Actually Milos overachieved. Nishikori: serve. Dimitrov: serve (especially second) and topspin backhand. That's why they become lost Gens -...
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    Shapovalov should attack the net more

    This is one of my takeaways from the semifinal. Compared to smacking groundstrokes, using them to setup for net attacks or serve-and-volley would have saved him a lot of unforced errors. Unlike his error-prone groundstrokes, his netgame are actually very solid and reliable, and at the same...
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    Federer should play 2014-2015 tennis again

    Or Fedberg tennis, at least against anyone not named Djokovic. His groundstrokes are currently subpar - so he should try more netplay. He really has nothing to lose now. Note that in the 3rd set against FAA he clearly did better in his serving games after switching to Fedberg tennis. Potential...
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    WI: Del Potro with Raonic serve

    You know, Delpo's is at best solid, but not particularly great for someone of his height. But, how would Delpo fare if he has a Raonic-sque serve?
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    If Djokovic fails to defend his Wimbledon crown

    He will most likely lose to Nadal in the SF.... Well... Medvedev may become world No.1 without winning either RG or Wimbledon.
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    Do you notice that...

    The vast majority of notable serve-and-volleyers were from Western countries. Meanwhile, most notable players (bar Ivanisevic or Zivojinovic) from Communist/former Communist countries played from the baseline. I can't recall any Russian serve-and-volleyers, at all. Perhap there were reasons for...
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    I am not sure that...

    ...Federer can still reach a Slam QF again.
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    Stefanos pulled excellent "serve and coast" tennis yesterday

    I mean, in the last 3 sets, especially the 4th and 5th ones. Somewhat similar to Stich vs Edberg 1991 Wimbledon SF.
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    How to add topspin on flat serve

    I believe that my flat serves can have good pace but they tend to be too flat. So, how do you guys do to add topspin on flat serves (but not changing the swing path completely into a topspin serve one)?
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    Having some problems with aiming my serves

    Lately, I frequently ended up hitting wide flat slice serves when trying to hit a down the T flat serve on Deuce court. Same thing happened when serve on AD court as well. I kinda struggle to aim my serves. I am looking for some advice here.