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    Tennis in Santa Barbara

    I am going to be in beautiful Santa Barbara this weekend with a High School volleyball tournament. Anyone know of a good place to pick up a game...Don't know the schedule, but I know we play 2 matches a day - so I will have some free time Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning...
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    Yet Another Wise? Tension vs Crank Machine

    I got the Wise Tension Head 3 weeks ago, and have been putting it thru the test. I was using an Ektelon (and it was calibrated accuratly). At first I used the same tension reference. I have sense dropped it around 10%, and it feels much closer to the Ektelon. I have some very loyal...
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    Tennis Mag - 40 best moments

    I thought that was the best article in Tennis Magazine in years. I loved looking at the old pictures and re-living the tennis history. Going to read it again. Maybe we can start a discussion on what didn't make the list...
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    Las Vegas Tennis

    Going to spend a week in Las Vegas, and was hoping to get in a little tennis during the day. Can anyone reccomend a good place to find a game. Thanks in advance...
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    Just got my Wise

    After much debate and reading for the past year, I decided to try the Wise device. I ordered it Sunday night, and had it on Tuesday. I have strung 3 rackets that night and 1 on Wednesday. Very impressed so far. Gotta tell you, love the foot pedal. Makes the job seem faster. Thanks to...