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    [Drop shot] Aim landing position or net clearance?

    If not both. Net clearance is of course safer since hitting the net is instant kill. I just saw some recommendation of making the ball drop when crossing the net. Is crossing the net at 3/4 of the trajectory a good indicator (though it becomes aiming landing position)?
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    [Drop volley] Aim landing position or net clearance?

    [oh, I mean DROP SHOT. can't edit title or delete post.] Deleted. Please don't reply. See another post.
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    [Service jump] your body is at the apex at contact? or rising?

    Certainly should not be falling. My videos show that I consistently time it quite well to have me at apex, which is not a good thing as the ball does not receive my momentum. But does a rising body at contact cause difficulty in timing?
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    Split-steps too late

    I know I should be in the air when the opponent hits the ball. My problem is I'm so afraid of jumping too early so that the jump becomes useless, that in the end I jump too late. I saw from videos that I left the ground slightly after the contact. What I was thinking was that "don't jump yet...
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    Higher ref tension on crosses to compensate for friction?

    I just switched from 16x19 to 18x20. Each cross faces 1/8 more string-to-string friction, and the friction at each should be a bit higher than that in 16x19 because of denser pattern thus smaller weaving angle. I also recently got a Tourna String Meter. The readings are only for ref for sure...
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    How would you describe Solinco Confidential?

    Bought a second-handed racquet with Confidential that has been strung for 4 months, though the string does not seem heavily used. Hit once for one hour with an opponent who returned very weak balls, so I can't really test how Confidential is like. I have no plan to switch to this string. Just...
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    Good serves videos from top view

    Any? I found Stosur's which does not start from the toss.
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    Stringmeter: do stiffer strings give higher readings?

    Other things being equal.
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    Rules: crossing the net

    ITF rule 24. PLAYER LOSES POINT Case 4: Does a player lose the point if an imaginary line in the extension of the net is crossed before or after hitting the ball? Do you think this case is looking at A or B? A: an imaginary line, including the net B: an imaginary line in the extension of the...
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    Notches on mains vs crosses, which is worse?

    I started to wonder if fullbed notches least, as one string harder than the other wears the other.
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    What makes the crosses good in slices while not particularly good in topspin?

    --Same racquets A and B: Yonex DR98, swingweight not much different; --same mains same tension: Pro's Pro Blackout 1.24mm 50lb; --different crosses different gauges same tension: A Pro's Pro Plus Power 1.18mm 48lb, B an unknown poly ABOUT 1.25 to 1.3mm (felt by fingers), round, leaves...
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    Extra parts needed for Klippermate stringing badminton racquets?

    I know they sell a half weight. I'm still checking how to tension as low as 22 lbs with the tennis weight, since the weight'll be very close to the joint and in the way the string goes. Probably need to start tensioning by the rod being at far right. But do frame plates and flying clamps for...
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    What does the pop characteristic mean?

    There is the spectrum of crisp vs muted -- I hope I understand them correctly -- the feel that you know which strings are hitting the ball vs that you seem to be hitting the ball with a solid board. Pop is probably not in this spectrum, as people use the word pop AND also crisp or muted. Is it...
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    If you re-string only the crosses, how do you handle the old knots?

    My string pattern has one cross end tie to a main, the other to a cross. What I think: cut crosses, push the knot on the main away from the grommet from the tail outside grommet. Close cut, leave the knot as is. Will the knot rattle?
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    I haven't ever played a V-shape net

    They're always U-shape, but the centre is already in proper height. Must the wire tension be very high for a V shape? that would ruin the posts over time? I suspect court managers do loose wires on purpose.
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    If the net is higher in the middle, how will the game change?

    Hitting cross-court has many advantages over DTL. If the net is higher in the middle still by 6 inches, let's ignore how, the advantages balance a bit. Will you hit more DTL?
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    I always play worse after one set, but I don't feel tired

    We usually play in a two-hour session in which a bit more than two sets can be done. I played against a weaker partner a few times. The 1st sets I could win 6-0 or 6-1, then in the 2nd sets I lost 3-6 or went into tie-break. This happened many times. There's another regular partner who is...
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    [Drop weight] How long do you wait till clamping for non-strechy strings?

    One needs to wait forever for strechy strings to rest, so let's limit to non-strechy ones.
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    [knot] Which string being on top at tie-off holes -- does it matter?

    The knot is tied from above as shown. Should the red string be under the green at the tie-off hole (yellow arrow)? I used to do the opposite -- red above green, without overlapping, then tie the same knot. The knot didn't look neat, though I was sure the Parell knot was tied corretly...
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    [Forehand groundstroke] When to push legs?

    The moment forward swing starts is time=0. The moment of ball contact is 10, in arbitrary units. In which range do you push your legs? The scale can go beyond 10, say 3-11. In which moment does the leg push most hard? It should be a point, say 9.
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    Videos of frequent < 8-hr string breakers?

    I'd like to see how their strokes are. Would help if providing which strings, gauges and tensions.
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    [Klippermate] Flipping the towers so as to clamp closer to the frame

    Side A is wider than B, obviously for better support. The slant edge doesn't help much. Clamps stop at 1.5cm from the frame. Does anyone tried flipping the towers to B-A instead of the standard A-B? Did you break the towers? I won't tension higher than 52lb.
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    Can you tell your opponent's string material by their hits?

    If you can, which material is easiest to recognize?
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    [Groundstrokes] Drills for learning to lower the hitting point

    [red] When I aim to hit at the middle of the racquet, the ball often flies wide to the sides. Depth is ok. [green] When I aim a bit inward, I don't think that is the sweet spot, but the result is accurate landing. Strange feedback to the hand but it's not a suicide shot so better not to...
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    [footwork] I can only crossover from behind. Anything I'll be missing?

    Returning to the middle from going wide, I do crossover steps but my outer foot (right foot when on the deuce court) can only crossover behind, instead of in front of, the other foot. If I crossover in front, my torso turns to the side and I'm just running ahead without facing the net. Do...
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    Video on recording racquet (head) speed with tight vs loose wrist?

    Would like to see speed gun recording racquet head speed, or at least racquet speed (handle speed), with a tight vs loose wrist of groundstrokes by the same person. Not ball speed. Is there any?
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    Whenever I lead 5-x I always lose several games in a row.

    Nervous, wanting to finish fast. People say one should play each point as a fresh point ignoring the score, but we have no referee and I need to regularly spell the score from my inner voice: 5-3-1-3, that is, 5-3 15-30. Skipping it will quickly make me unable to remember even whether the next...
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    Do you physically feel the loss of snapback?

    I know the string is dead when my shots sprays everywhere even when I hit the same as one week ago. I can only judge by results, but results may also come from my inconsistent form. One thing being certain is that, when it happens, future plays won't become better, then I know this consistent...
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    3D printed grommets

    Grommets are just a piece of plastics that don't take stress so the choice of material matters little. If there are 3D printed (cheap) grommets we will be happier to replace them more often.