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    Rublev testing Head blackout

    Testing Prestige now while warming up for Cincy?
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    What's Going on with Tennis Content on YouTube?

    A tennis YouTube channel I subscribe to posted a video with a very similar title to one of these today. I think he may be lurking on here :unsure:
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    Citi Open 2021

    I was there last night as well! Definitely an electric atmosphere. Was also lucky to see Rafa practice up close earlier in the day which was unexpected. As far as food options, it’s much improved from 10 years ago when I first started attending. It’s a lot of local vendors which is cool. There...
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    Ultimate racquet of choice - tournament players and/or coaches

    Oh man, wish I had seen this before ordering some demos :)
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    Citi Open 2021

    It was bought by a different group and moved to be a clay court event in Poland. Citi Open is instead hosting a women’s exhibition with some American players (Brady, Pegula, Gauff (?))
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    Citi Open 2021

    Yeah, you are in a lively area. Lots of good restaurants and bars. The hotel had an awesome restaurant in it but I think it closed. One of the best Ethiopian places (Zenebech) is nearby.
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    Citi Open 2021

    (Deleted, double-post)
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    Citi Open 2021

    Which area are you staying? Tom Sietsema is the local food critic for the Washington Post and has great recommendations. Some staples near downtown are Rasika (Indian), Jaleo (Spanish), and Fiola (Italian). I went on Saturday with my kids and had a great time seeing all the practices including...
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    Citi Open 2021

    In past years, their Twitter account posts the practice schedules for the day. Another question. Are you allowed to leave the grounds and return later in the day? I think I was able to in previous years, but can't quite remember (getting old haha).
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    New Solinco Racquets

    Bump…any update on these?
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    New Tier One Sports Prototype Racquet

    Looks like @TierOneSportsOfficial is up to something...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    They have a Nite PJ version of the MP as well.
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    What do we think of the new Extreme Tour Nite edition?
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    Can you rally 100 balls from the BL?

    Recent IG post by WTA coach Marc Lucero:
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    Knees Over Toes Guy?

    Yeah pretty much agree with everything you say. The lack of any negative feedback or constructive criticism about it definitely has me skeptical. I don't have any major knee issues but was thinking I may integrate some of his stuff into some stretching routines.
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    Knees Over Toes Guy?

    Been seeing him a lot recently. Recommended to me by a friend who's had recent knee/foot issues. Anyone else try this out?
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    The Jollettieri Academy

    Ok, I'll bite. Two things I've been struggling with: How to get proper shape on slice serve. When I consciously attempt this, the ball will sometimes curve in the air but then straighten out after bouncing. How to hit a proper topspin 2HBH. I get a weird side spin (may due to poor footwork and...
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    Another review from a coach in my area. This is a few years old, but it's how I heard of Tier One in the first place.
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    Who's Using the Babolat Pure Strike? Why is this frame not loved? What's the catch?

    I do generally think it's less popular at the pro level. Some guys like FAA and Kokkinakis swtiched from the Pure Strike to the Aero
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    Mayami strings

    Oh yes, whole reel is definitely generous! Was thinking it was just a single set.
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    Mayami strings

    Huh? I would expect that as the bare minimum if it was their mistake. Unless you mean they let you keep the wrong gauge which is nice but I would expect most other companies would do the same if it was their mistake. Right, that was my take as well. I am sympathetic to them for trying to break...
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    Mayami strings

    Lol at the email they just sent out…
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    Reverse Slice Serve

    I played one guy who would serve right-handed and then switch the racquet to his left hand right after and play lefty for the rest of the point. Also, played a guy who would pull out the reverse serve often on the AD side as a righty and ace people, but his second serve was a 3.0 dink.
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    Battle of the Genders

    Just looked up the 4.0C and 4.5C ladies, not sure I'd want to play either of them in singles haha. Well on second thought, not sure I'd want to play @leech in singles either ;)
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    My Generalized Observations from the NTRP Nationals

    At a Tri-Level Sectionals match a few years ago, there was a 5.0 who would take a full step into the court and then cross his back foot past his front foot in a pin-point stance: It was a massive foot fault already due to the initial step forward. I was shocked his opponents or the line judge...
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    MEP vs ET Players - Original TT Epic

    Can we expect a TP vs Sansait match at some point in the future? TT Fight Night Line-up: TP vs Mark Sansait GSG vs OSG Jolly vs ???
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    AD side T slice serve.

    This guy has a good one at the end of this vid
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    AD side T slice serve.

    Looks like theres one around 4:30?
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    AD side T slice serve.

    Here you go Jolly ;):