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    Poll. Is Djokovic faking MTOs and is that cheating

    Of course it's gamesmanship. He's read the Nadal playbook and is even more proficient than Nadal as far as applying it is concerned (Nadal has actually been having less and less 'questionable injuries' as time goes on, while Djokovic is having more and more).
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    PCB on Nole injury today...

    The guy is just doing what Nadal has been doing his whole career. The main difference being that Nadal has been doing it less and less as time goes by, while Djokovic has been doing more and more (probably because he can't deal with the fact that anyone could dare challenge his #1 status, and is...
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    Djokovic is NOT a beneficiary of the New Ranking System

    Point-wise, Djokovic is the biggest beneficiary of the point-freeze system. But sure, tell yourself the opposite if this helps you sleep at night.
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    Roland Garros: conditions "favor" Djokovic, says Toni Nadal

    Ask him what he thought of blue clay, then let's talk again of that 'clay is clay' business. ;)
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    Rafa won’t face a top 70 player until the semis

    The Nadal fans were the only ones who did, tbh. The only tough quarter in this draw was the third one, with Thiem, Schwartzman, and other possible threats such as Wawrinka, Ruud, or FAA. The three other quarters were just jokes from the start.
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    Rafa won’t face a top 70 player until the semis

    Why? Because he gets those draws consistently? We've known that for ages, though--it's not as if he started yesterday.
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    Rafa won’t face a top 70 player until the semis

    And his draw was the tougher one compared with Djokovic's, too. The cake competition is heating up between these two. Strong era really living up to its name. Again. You sure never saw such brutal draws in the weak era of 2004-2007.
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    Fed fans, time to decide, 20 or 18

    I'll go for the most likely scenario as far as current tennis ability is concerned, so Thiem 2
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    I wonder if federer/nadal fans would be gracious or absent/resentful once novak actually does break the record

    That's okay if you don't believe it. Won't change a thing, though. I just hope for your sake that the reality of things won't make you "suffer", as it's not important at all anyway. It's what you think that counts, who cares about the rest?
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    Tsitsipas: A pattern of gamesmanship and bad behavior

    "Tsitsipas, a pattern of gamesmanship and bad behavior" This is pretty rich coming from a Djokovic fan, tbh. Only on TTW... :-D
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    I wonder if federer/nadal fans would be gracious or absent/resentful once novak actually does break the record

    Seriously, who cares? Assuming this happens, it won't change a thing about how the three of them are perceived by the world at large, anyway. Whatever their final tally, it will be Federer > Nadal > Dojokovic for the current crop of players, that's all there is to it. Most people don't know what...
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    Dominic Thiem: ‘I promise I will do everything to make sure Roger Federer remains number one,’

    Amazing how they take everything, and I mean absolutely *everything*, that is not totally sucking up to their fav as a mortal insult that must met with excommunication, dismemberment, and other assorted fun stuff. :laughing: These people must really live a fun life... :oops:
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    When did the French Open change its name?

    It got its name as soon as the stadium was built, in 1927. full name being "Internationaux de France de Roland Garrod", ie "Roland Garros French Open".
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    "Be18eve"? Funny how most Djokovic's fans, just like their idol, can only seem to live in the shadow of a greater tennis player... :sneaky: Or, as they say in Rome, "Game Federer!" :laughing:
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    Nadal doesn't like the balls and complains

    Yeah, because that ended pretty well in New York, too... More tears, death threats, and post about conspiracies incoming in Paris? :unsure:
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    The French Open is going to be crazy this year......

    There's actually still a chance the whole thing gets cancelled with the new restrictions because of covid. Not saying it will be, but they apparently lobbied hard to avoid getting down to 1,000 spectators yesterday (to no avail). They got an exempt for the officials/players/journalists, though...
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    The Live Draw Ceremony:

    Potential road to the title for Thiem: Cilic Opelka Ruud Wawrinka/Auger-Aliassime Schwartzman Nadal Djokovic Gotta be a fixed draw for him to have it so easy, no? :unsure:
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    The Live Draw Ceremony:

    Wawrinka is with Thiem, of course. Just like Schwartzman. And Nadal. Among others (Auger-Aliassime, Murray, Coric, etc.).
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    The Live Draw Ceremony:

    Not a problem, as he can't face both (they'll be playing each other first). So all this "oh noes, woe is me, he's got everyone in his half" when he can only face one is really LOL!
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    The Live Draw Ceremony:

    Don't be afraid, guys--Thiem's got basically everyone in his quarter of the draw, your favs can rest easy.
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    The Live Draw Ceremony:

    Easy peasy draw for Djokovic. Can he DQ himself again? :unsure:
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    Djokovic is basically guaranteed to end 2020 as #1

    Thanks for this. I never said Djokovic fared better than Nadal, btw (he was a huge beneficiary as well, ie even more so than Djokovic, as you just demonstrated). But an "up-and-coming" (so to speak) player like Thiem is royally screwed compared to them. They are basically guaranteed to keep the...
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    I know it is practically next to impossible, but if Dominic wins next three slams

    No, it wouldn't be a CYGS, no way when you don't play all four. Also, in this scenario, Djokovic's protected ranking would probably help him stay #1, which would be just LOL-worthy. :-D
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    Weeks @ #1 vs you know what ...

    Actually, I don't give a damn about this new 'record' that they recently created because we're in an age where millenials need more records to keep them interested. But it's quite interesting, though. It just shows how transient records are. To get them, you need to be there at just the right...
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    Weeks @ #1 vs you know what ...

    Looks to me like you just dug a hole for yourself, here... ;) Because Djokovic never won neither Hamburg nor Madrid indoor, although he played them. So, in essence, he's also 9/11 if you count the M1000's that were active during his career, lol. (Not that I care either way, as this whole M1000...
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    Djokovic is basically guaranteed to end 2020 as #1

    Seems like you do not understand the way rankings work. How Murray fared in 2015 didn't help him at all in reaching the #1 spot at the end of 2016. The only thing that did is that he outperformed eveyone, point-wise, in 2016. Simple. 2015 doesn't enter into the equation, nor do 2014 or 2017 (and...
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    Djokovic is basically guaranteed to end 2020 as #1

    At the moment, it is totally fair. I was just talking about an hypothetical scenario in which Thiem could win RG and Djokovic could do badly there, and he could still end up the year as #1 (besides, seems like it isn't decided yet whether they'll keep the 2019 points to determine the 2020 end...
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    Djokovic is basically guaranteed to end 2020 as #1

    Wow. You mean they haven't resumed rankings yet (or that they just did) since freezing them mid-April? :eek:
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    Djokovic is basically guaranteed to end 2020 as #1

    Dunno--did Murray end up #1 in 2016 mainly because of the points he scored in 2015? My memory is a bit hazy on that score. Could you please help me remember? :unsure:
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    Djokovic is basically guaranteed to end 2020 as #1

    Yeah, because of the ATP protecting his points from 2019, he's basically a lock to end 2020 as #1, even if he loses in the first round at RG and Thiem wins the whole thing. Thiem would then be #2 at best--maybe even #3--with win-win-final that he wasn't far from winning at the only three slams...