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    Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro 97 2021

    97 sq. in. 16x19 (8 mains in throat) 305gr 32cm balance 20-20-20mm constant beam 58RA (unstrung) around 298 SW (unstrung) Discuss and post more info if you've got it. Source
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    Asics spring 2021 apparel TWE

    @TWE Staff When will TWE bring the new Asics apparel for sale?
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    List of players that use the H22?

    Go. If you know specs please add them.
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    TWE Lxn big banger ACE?

    Why Don't you carry this? Thanks.
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    Luxilon Big Banger Ace in Europe?

    Does anybody know if I can find this anywhere in Europe? Thx
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    Question for TWE re Prince Premier Control

    Are you expecting any of these in 17g?
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    Going from 97sq in 18x20 to 98sq in 16x20, tension?

    Hello, assuming I use 22/21 kg (48.5/46.5 lbs) on the 18x20 what tension should I use for the 16x20 to have equal stringbed stiffness or DT? Thanks for your input.
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    Wilson Ultra Tour vs Diadem Elevate vs Angell K7 Lime

    Hello, first a little background.. 45yo, playing tennis for approximately 1 year, don't know my ntrp rating but coaches say I have excellent technique for such a short time playing, 1HBH, all court game, have had tennis elbow approx. 6 months ago, have tried Bab PS98 16x19 (no feel), PA tour...
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    Micronite, PPC and Velocity

    Could you compare and contrast these? Particularly interested in comfort, power and spin. I've tried only velocity natural 16 and 17. I like very much the muted response and spin but I would like a little more feel and comfort. Any ideas?
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    Tecnifibre multifeel

    Why is it so expensive in Europe?
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    Strings becoming stiffer after (some) play?

    I've noticed this with the poly strings I have used but what about multis and synthetic gut? I strung my Ultra Tour with some Gosen AK Pro CX 16G at 23kg and for the first three hours of play it was very nice, but after the 3hr mark the sweet spot started to get smaller and smaller and the...
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    Please put these multis in order according to power

    NXT16, NXT Power 17, NRG2 16 and 17, X1 biphase 16 and 17, HDX Tour 16 and 17, velocity 16 and 17, Tier1 Triumph 1.30 and 1.25. What would the least powerful plenty comfortable multi be?
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    Wilson Ultra Tour hybrid stringing and frame shape

    Need your help here.... I have been experimenting with several string setups in my UT (18x20) and in order to determine tension for mains and crosses I have consulted tension adviser ( It recommends slightly higher tension in the crosses e.g...