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  1. MikeMechanic

    Wilson: same racquets, different recommended string tensions.

    I own 2 Wilson Ultra 100 (v3). Identical I pressume. However I noticed they have 2 different recommended string tensions. One has the recommended range 50-60 lb, the other 47-57 lb. See attached pictures. What is this? Never came across something like this.
  2. MikeMechanic

    New Yonex similar to old Ezone Ai

    Which current Yonex line comes closest to the old Yonex Ezone Ai models? The current Ezone line or are the Vcore's more similar?
  3. MikeMechanic

    Turning low pace balls into high pace balls requires so much skills

    Do we agree that turning low pace balls into high pace balls is much more difficult than hitting back balls which already have a high pace? In fact, turning 'easy' low pace balls (landing in the service box for example) into high pace balls requires really a lot of tennis skills. Anyone has an...
  4. MikeMechanic

    "Your kid is good, he needs a control frame"

    Some story from long time ago. As a kid in the early nineties I played tennis and reached a good level. Not top of the country but good enough to compete against good kids from other clubs in the area. One day I needed a new racket. Rucanor (a B-brand) had a line of 3: a grey one with a purple...
  5. MikeMechanic

    Yonex Vcore SV 98 predecessor

    What is the predecessor of the Yonex Vcore SV 98?
  6. MikeMechanic

    Good inner soles (to replace worn out ones)

    I need good inner soles as they wear out more quickly compared to the outer sole of my tennis shoes. The problem is most soles on the market are overkill, they offer you stability and a lot more but in the end they make your shoe shrink. So I got some basic soles by Rucanor (a b-brand) but imo...
  7. MikeMechanic

    Service tip: make your back hollow

    I was struggling with my serve. Hadn't a clue what the reason was until I found out I was shrinking forward with my upperboddy. So now I do the opposite: when serving I make arch my back hollow. Works really well for my 1st serve.
  8. MikeMechanic

    Are current Radicals truly 98 sq in

    Are recent Radicals truly 98 sq in? Head used to say Radicals were 98 sq in but in reality they were just 95 sq in, as confirmed by many members on this board. The Radical LiquidMetal MP was marketed as 98 sq in for example but it is obviously a 95 sq in racquet, but what is the Graphene XT...
  9. MikeMechanic

    Why do high ranked players still need to play qualies???

    Gilles Simon is currently ranked 31 on the ATP Tour. IMO that is very high, at grand slams he would be seeded. However at Rotterdam (ATP 500) he needs to play qualies to get in the main draw. Isn't it a bit ridiculous a player ranked that high needs to play qualies? In fact every player ranked...
  10. MikeMechanic

    Drop your racket before swinging

    Recently I discovered a great tennis technique. When hitting a forehand you should, after you moved your racket backwards and just before hitting the ball drop your racket (while still holding it of course) so it will fall to the ground. This way it will make it easier for you to swing from low...
  11. MikeMechanic

    Why do polys work so good for Pure Drives and Aeros

    Why do polyester strings work so good for Pure Drives, Aeros and comparable sticks? What makes it such a successful combination?
  12. MikeMechanic

    How to tame a rocket launcher?

    What type of string (mono, multi), how thin (mm) and what tension should I give to a string-job to tame a rocket launcher like a Pure Drive , Pro No1 (295 gram) or any other power stick? I really want more control. On the other hand, how to beef up a lifeless frame like the M Comp 95 (295 gram)?
  13. MikeMechanic

    Does a dedicated hardcourt sole profile exist?

    Does there exist a sole profile optimized / dedicated to hardcourt? I know there are shoes which have a dedicated carpet profile, which is a full flat sole, how would they do on hardcourt?
  14. MikeMechanic

    Looking for measurements of the Radical LiquidMetal

    I am looking for unstrung measurements (no overgrip as well of course) of the Head Radical LiquidMetal MP. I had the opportunity to do it myself as I had 3 of them, but I didn't do it unfortunately. I did only 3 measurements of a single Radical. Using 3 diff scales measuring the same Radical...
  15. MikeMechanic

    Despite the (low) weight way too difficult?

    This season I am playing with this racket, see specs below. My motivation to pick it up is because it is spec-wise close to my beloved Head Radical Liquidmetal MP and it is a great looking high quality frame, in fact it is the best looking frame I have ever seen. Despite its low weight I find...
  16. MikeMechanic

    How to wash / clean caps

    On my new Nike Roger Federer caps there are, after some intensive hours of tennis for the last 2 weeks, areas of sweet remains. Looks dirty, looks ugly. How do I wash or clean these caps? Can I put them in the washing machine?
  17. MikeMechanic

    Oversized drilled string holes, engineering flaw?

    I spotted recent Dunlop sticks (Precision 98, Force 98, NT R4.0) have oversized drilled string holes giving the strings more space for movement (on ball impact). This is on the inside of the racket, on the outside the holes are of normal size. As far as I can tell the Völkl V-SENSE 10 295 has a...
  18. MikeMechanic

    I want Rybarikova's forehand

    Been watching couple of matches by Rybarikova this Wimbledon and was really impressed by her forehand. As a medium / low ranked amateur I would love to have that forehand. Trying to copy forehands used on the ATP tour is just out of reach, however as a male I might be able to come close to this...
  19. MikeMechanic

    When and what were the first 95 sq in racquets?

    What were the first 95 sq in racquets and when were they released? Must be in the 80s somewhere.
  20. MikeMechanic

    Nike shoes have an inner heel freeing the Achilles tendon?

    Visited a store to fit a pair of Nike shoes last week. I noticed after putting on the shoes my heel was higher of the ground than my front feet. In other words: they have an inner heel so your feet makes a small angle compared to the ground so the Achilles tendon has to stretch a (slightly)...
  21. MikeMechanic

    I am Speedy Gonzalez ... but not when there is a ball near me

    I think I am rather fast. I would be a good contester at 100 m and 200 m field track sprint. On the very short distance I am pretty fast as well. When one plays a ball which lands short I can almost always hit it back. When I stand in one corner and have to return a ball in the other corner I...
  22. MikeMechanic

    What happened to 10 and 11 inch shorts

    What happened to 10 and 11 inch shorts? Nike and Asics used to have them and I remember even Wilson had some. For this season I can not find any of them.
  23. MikeMechanic

    How many times wrap a (replacement) grip around the bottom

    When wrapping up a replacement grip, how many times do you wrap it around the bottom of the grip-pallet? 1 X? 1 1/2 X? 2 X?
  24. MikeMechanic

    12 bag with white interior

    I am looking for a 4 + 4 + 4 = 12 bag with a white interior which keeps shape. Most bags have a black interior making it more difficult to find something incase a compartiment is full of goods.
  25. MikeMechanic

    Tips for small steps to place yourself properly in front of the ball

    Hi, I'm a medium / low-ranked club player and my footwork shows a mixed level. The footwork on my single handed back-hand is good (enough), somehow a single handed back-hand as well as the footwork goes naturel. The footwork for moving sidewards is good, must be because of the lessons I received...
  26. MikeMechanic

    Synthetic gut at highest tension same characteristics as a poly?

    I wonder if a synth gut strung at the highest tension will have equal playing characteristics as a poly? I argue that you remove all the life out of a synth gut when strung at the highest tension so it will have equal characteristics as a poly. Am I right?
  27. MikeMechanic

    My factory grip has this (unwanted) W shape

    It is hard to see on the picture but my factory grip is a but curvy, like I accentuated by the red lines. I definitely notice this when holding the grip and overgrip seem to accumulate this feeling. How to get rid of this? Can I just unwrap the factory grip and wrap it again?
  28. MikeMechanic

    By what amount do strings shift the balance

    By what amount do strings shift the balance of a stick? Say I have a racket with an unstrung balance of 325 mm, then what will the balance be with strings in it? Other way around: I have a stick with a strung balance of 330 mm (Dunlop Biomimetic 300), then what will be the balance without strings?
  29. MikeMechanic

    Mesh measurements for some string patterns

    I grabbed myself this one and decided to measure the widths of the meshes of some string patterns. I measured the length of the 8 mains in the center, that is the aggregated length of the diameter of 8 mains and the width of 7 meshes. I measured at the bottom of the string-bed and at the...
  30. MikeMechanic

    Anniversary of 10 years of wasted lessons

    When I was young I played a lot of tennis. I wasn't the biggest talent of the country but skilled enough to beat plenty of other kids when playing for points, I had over 2 hours of lessons per week which I benefited from (I think). Unfortunately at the age of 13 I decided to quit. In the 2nd...