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    Dayana Yastremska Cleared!

    She released a statement on her Instagram that’s she has been officially cleared of any wrongdoing. I always believed her and trusted in her integrity for the sport. I’m glad she’ll be back on the courts soon...
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    Going to Newks

    Anyone else been to the John Newcomb Tennis Ranch in Texas before? I’m going this weekend, looking forward to (hopefully) quality instruction.
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    Who are your favorite new WTA players?

    With the resurgence of the tennis season, in the WTA there have been a lot of new names and new rankings being introduced. These players have been lower ranked but are making strides and gaining popularity. Some of the players I’ve been following recently. Jessica Pegula, Danka Kovinic and...
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    Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4

    Hey TW fam, do you happen to know if the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4’s are still being made? They seem to be out of stock and hard to find. Should I start buying the few that are available on the internet? TIA
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    Really good YouTube channel for recent previously aired WTA matches.

    Not my channel and I have no affiliation with, just wanted to share with fellow WTA fans. Really good full match replays with no commercials and EXTREMELY high quality.
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    2021 Yonex VCore 95

    I know there are 2018 VCore 95 and 2021 VCore threads in existence. However I wanted to start a new a separate thread exclusively for this exceptional racquet. Please feel free to share your experiences, string setups and general knowledge with the new VCore 95. My experience demoing the VCore...
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    Training tool to hit a heavier ball

    I posted this in a Facebook group, but thought maybe it could benefit some of the people here as well. If you want to develop a heavier ball, try this. I practice this with my ball machine and with hitting partners. It will cost you less than $20 and will help you hit heavier and deeper into...
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    Yonex strings (mini documentary)

    Very quick video about how Yonex strings are made. The quality control with Yonex continues to amaze.
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    Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2021

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    My least favorite WTA player.

    Putintseva is passionate and fiery, but in a bad way. One thing is certain, wherever she goes the drama will follow. :oops:
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    How much have you spent on tennis so far in 2021?

    We’re only two months in and I’ve already spent close to a $1000 in tennis gear, shoes, apparel, tennis balls, clinics and lessons.
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    Will Iga Świątek be as successful as Agnieszka Radwańska?

    Not comparing their playing styles, just the potential of Iga and greatness of Aga. Obviously one is retired and was is up and coming. But I thought would be an interesting comparison.
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    I’m not too ashamed to admit...

    that after almost two years of stringing, I don’t know how to weave crosses. Don’t get me wrong I know the concept, I’ve just never put any effort into trying learn this skill efficiently. I weave my crosses by going up and down (over and under obviously) but not in the traditional sense where...
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    Think About It with Victoria Azarenka podcast

    Vika has a podcast on the WTA YouTube channel. Worth a look if you're a fan.
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    Tennis is all about the legs!

    Just drawing from my own match experience from earlier tonight. I noticed that when I got tired I stand up on my shots, my footwork suffers, and there are a host of other things that can go wrong. I don’t think height is the only factor, but I’m 6”4” so for me getting down and staying down...
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    Yonex Poly Tour Rev

    I know there’s a formal/official TW thread going, this is more of an informally thread. Has anyone else tried it? I strung it up (16L) in my EZT at 55lbs and it played really well. Initially, I was hitting a little long and spraying. However once I got used to it, I got dialed in and began...
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    Anyone playing the lottery?

    As of 1/21/21, almost 1 Billion dollars! One can buy a lot of strings with that kind of money.
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    Naomi Osaka signs with Tag Heurer

    She is probably on track to be the highest grossing female tennis player of 2021. She has endorsements from a lot of big companies.
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    Most Underrated/Unappreciated WTA Players?

    There are the obvious WTA players that are superstars and get a lot of coverage. This is not about rankings, just their tennis overall. Who do you all think are some of the underdogs of women's tennis? Hsieh Su-Wei and Ons Jabeur are just two that come to mind.
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    WTA fans only (please)

    It would help if you actually like the WTA and follow some of the players. The question is, if you had an opportunity to get an autographed tennis ball from Genie Bouchard, Belinda Bencic, Sloane Stephens, Aryna Sabalenka, Ajla Tomljanović or Monica Puig who would you choose? Top Court offers...
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    What is Santa getting you for Christmas 2020?

    For those of us who still believe in Santa, what will he be bringing you for Christmas this year? He's (and by he, I mean I will be buying this for myself) getting me a Wise 2086 Tensioner!
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    The Mandalorian

    Any else watching this show? It's really getting into the Star Wars universe.
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    UTR Pro Tennis Series (Tennis Australia)

    Anyone else tune in for these matches on YouTube? There is a LOT of good tennis being played there. I've started watching so much I've actually developed a few of my favorite players. It's a nice way to take in some tennis with the both of the tours in the off season.
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    WTA/ATP ace leaders are for 2020?

    Without using Google any guesses as to who the ace leaders were for both tours?
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    Two WTA titles in one day?

    Just wanted to acknowledge Aryna Sabalenka’s accomplishment in Ostrava today! Well done “Warrior Princess “ Also to ask the question has a player won a singles title and doubles title in the same day?
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    Iga Świątek’s next Racquet Poll

    I know there’s a thread about her next racquet going, but here you can choose what you company you think she’ll actually sign with. With her winning Roland Garros, it’s just a matter of time does will start to open for this future WTA star.
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    Are you string unicorn chaser?

    Are you a string-a-holic? Constantly chasing or searching for that perfect string that does everything you want? I talked to a fellow stringer tonight and I told him it took me about 10-15 different types of strings to finally figure out what I like. And even with finding the setup I like, I’m...
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    Yonex Brandography

    Very interesting video about the history of Yonex.
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    Will anyone here admit...

    that they choose their strings or string color based on the brand or color of their racquet? :p