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    i cant believe he could become the greatest player of all time tomorrow

    hes come a long way from here lol Novak Djokovic and Todd Martin practice serving drills -- Indian Wells Pt. 21 - YouTube
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    djoko murray practice

    sooo based on 3 minutes of tennis does anyone agree djoko is gonna fall early? Novak Djokovic Practice with Andy Murray | Court Level View - YouTube
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    "insane tennis" or mental midgets?

    INSANE TIEBREAK DRAMA Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Ugo Humbert in Toronto! - YouTube what do you think? they only play well when theyre behind lol.. no wonder djokovic is owning these young players lol
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    all have 20... soooo whos would you want?

    rafa: AO - 1 FO - 13 W - 2 USO - 4 roger: AO - 6 FO - 1 W - 8 USO - 5 djoko: AO - 9 FO - 2 W - 6 USO - 3 until djoko breaks the record lol, they all have 20... sooo the question is who's would you choose??? me personally id choose rogers but only becuz i value W and USO above others (im...
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    mcenroe on raducanu match

    John McEnroe slammed for comments over Emma Raducanu withdrawal | John McEnroe | The Guardian is this just an article making something out of nothing? i didnt see the match only the article, and i dont see where he said anything that could be deemed as offensive?? all he said was she couldnt...
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    who is federer rooting for?

    he hates djoko and has a bromance with rafa.. that said his record is still safe if djoko wins...o_O
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    tennis quiz - who said this quote... jimmy connors or benoit paire?

    "I arrive, I take some money and I go to the next tournament: I do my job," he said. "If you win an ATP 250, you only pocket $30,000. Me, with bye (in the first round), I took 10,000 each time losing straight. Why tear yourself away like crazy to earn barely more?"
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    who is most likable: kyrgios, djokovic, or zverev?

    these seem to be the 3 least liked players from fans yes? so whos the most likable? with kyrgios i think his most likable quality is he doesnt like djokovic lol... probably the most likable thing about djokovic is hes a professional and takes tennis seriously and zverev, the most likable thing...
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    another federer thread - wimbledon or olympics

    i think its clear these are his two main goals this year. which do you think he'd rather have? which do you think he has a better chance at? olympics is best of 3 sets until the finals, yes? so maybe that might be easier on him now that he'll be 40 this year... hopefully japan will pick a...
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    lendl borg 1994 - nice rare video

    and borg seems to be hitting pretty decent here this was the year after his second retirement from the regular tour.. borg was 38y.o. here and stilll very fast
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    climate control protection bag

    if i have a regular bag and cut out some pieces from a car windshield sunshade and put them in there that should be as efficient as a real climate control bag wouldnt you think? or am i missing something? thx;)
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    rafa is both federer and djokovics greatest rival

    federer tweeted it today and djokovic said it after the match... i understand their opinions considering djokovic played rafa 56 times so far (more than any other male rivalry) (chris evert pointed that out lol) and rafa and federer have been longtime rivals for years with rafa being a thorn in...
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    Becker on djokovic lol

    everyone knows but still funny lol
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    us open covid conditions - no crowd

    so do you think having no spectators might help who? the "next gen players"? maybe theyll feel less pressure and less overwhelmed with no people on court... djokovic? he wont get any boos this year but he seems pretty decent at using crowd energy so maybe it might be easier to beat djokovic...
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    somebody twitter trolling jimmy connors on his 109 titles

    i thought this was amusing how someone had the boldness to tag jimmy connors and connors retweeted and responded... lol
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    should this be kyrgios' new coach?

    i think they might get along and relate to each other plus rios might actually be able to motivate him to get fit!
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    any professional psychologists in the forum?

    We all saw her latest meltdown yesterday when she got outplayed and I think its obvious she has some personality disorders.. (Rafa has OCD so I'm not picking on her, everyone has "flaws"). My guess she has narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders. they might be exactly what's driven...
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    choose your favorite : zverev or kyrgios

    it seems like theres more hate for zverev than kyrgios these days which i find surprising. feelings about kyrgios seem more polarized: you either love him or hate him.. for zverev here it seems most people hate him (or are they just the loudest)? kyrgios is more interesting to watch because hes...
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    kyrgios challenge not sure if this has been posted before but has anyone seen these tweets of some kid challenging...
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    Agassi's head racquet - custom mold? one of Agassi's racquets is for sale here. I heard people say he used an original head trysis 260 with various paintjobs and string patterns but I think this proves his racquet was custom? it says...
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    is the "slower" wimbledon grass blown out of proportion?

    people talk about how player x won because the grass is slower or player y wouldn't have won back in the day on faster grass (I think ppl say it was changed in 2002..). my question is did they change the speed in the grass warm-up tournaments as well? because the players winning there do well...
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    fuel to the sharapova wildcard fire

    i understand why they give sharapova wildcards, because she's a big draw & name but I'm surprised by this one for Rome. apparently they gave one to shrapova and denied one to italian native schiavone, not to mention it's her last year on tour.. kinda surprising/sad they would do something like...
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    better volleyer - federer or nadal?

    i think mcenroe at one point said rafa was/or is the best volleyer in the top 100. even tho roger is more known for volleying i must admit after watching these two i dont really remember rafa missing a volley ever. even though he doesn't come in nearly as much as roger, alot of rafas volleys...
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    why is djokovic playing alcapulco

    does anyone know the story? hes been playing dubai every year since 2007? was he scheduled to play this year? do you think he might be ducking federer because hes feeling vulnerable & doesn't want to play him on a fast court?
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    steffi graf video

    does anyone know when this was taken/how old she is here? was it recent or? her footwork & strokes look amazing..
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    physics of racquet head size...

    impossible but hypothetically assuming one can hit in the exact middle of the sweetspot everytime, is there any advantage to using a larger or oversize head? it seems to me a smaller head would be better as it gets more racquet speed. the smaller racquet can also be strung looser to get the...
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    are you surprised djokovic didn't..

    are you surprised djokovic didn't mention or congratulate rogers win and/or rafa for their comebacks & their epic match on twitter? i kinda remember roger congratulating djokovic on the FO and murray on becoming no. 1, and rafa congratulating murray as well (not sure if rafa tweeted about...
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    for those comparing mcenroe & kyrgios

    i thought these interviews of each of them were interesting to compare...both the same age, after a loss, after a match winning streak to show that ppl who defend kyrgios behavior because of his age or that hes no worse than mcenroe are wrong... and that mac misbehaved only because he wanted to...
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    sony sensor compatibility question

    hi tw (or anyone that knows..) 1) do the yonex sensor butt caps you sell work on older yonex racquets not on the compatibility list and give accurate results using the sensor? 2) same question with the wilson sensor butt caps? (i.e. is it possible to use the sony sensor with an older wilson...
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    Why is kyrgios playing IPTL?

    if he hates tennis like he says he does why is he traveling to asia during the holidays to play exhibitions? $$? my theory is he does like it but says & behaves how he does to take pressure off himself somehow or because he's young and thinks it's "cool" to say that? agassi also said he didn't...