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    Thinner string, better tension maintenance?

    Hi guys, I was wondering what the relationship is between string gauge and tension maintenance. I always thought, how thinner the string, the worse the tension maintenance. Am I right it is it the other way round? Some guys at my tennisclub are claiming thinner strings hold tension better...
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    Sweaty hands during stringing, tips and opinion

    Hi, I was wondering if it is bad for the strings when my hands get sweaty? Most of the time I string poly (Solinco TB and Signum Pro Poly MegaForce), I have it everytime I string a racket, with different string types. (I tried Wilson Sensation, Head Rip Control and Dunlop S gut aswell...
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    Wilson sensation + Solinco Tourbite hybrid help

    Hi guys, I want to try a hybrid setup with Wilson Sensation and Solinco Tourbite. I don't know which one to put as main and which one as cross. Could you guys help me out? Thanks, Max
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    Wilson BLX Surge & K Surge 100 Grommet

    Any chance there are getting some more in stock? I was looking to buy 3 of them several days ago when there were 8 in stock. Today making action to buy them finally, there is only 1 remaining.. thnx
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    Grommets from other racket for Wilson Surge BLX?

    Does anyone know if there are grommets from other Wilson racquets that fit in a Wilson Surge BLX? Where I live, those grommets are almost impossible to find. And paying 30 dollars for delivery only from TW is a to high cost for me.. More information on the Wilson Surge BLX: 16 mains...