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    Looking for something simar to Head Lynx Tour

    Hi all! I'm just looking for a string similar to Head Lynx Tour that has a tiny bit more spin potential and is a tiny bit less muted, but still maintains the same controlled response. I really enjoyed using Head Lynx Tour 17G as I felt I could take big cuts on the ball and redirect pace...
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    Trying full bed poly after poly/multi hybrid

    Hi all! I have been using a poly/multi hybrid for the past year or two, usually in the form of Luxilon Power ALU 16L Lime and Head Velocity 16G Black at 53lbs and 56lbs in a 2015 Blade 98 18x20. I love this combo because I can take bigger cuts at the ball while maintaining control, generate...
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    What made the Bryan Brothers so good?

    Hi all, Was just wondering what attributes made the Bryan Brothers so good throughout their career? I feel like there is constant discussion about what makes a certain singles player so good or what they excel/lack in, but in regards to doubles, I don't see any of that discussion or nuance. I...
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    Calling Foot Faults - Do you call it or no?

    So I have played a little bit of semi-competitive matches recently where someone is clearly foot faulting. It astounds me that so many people do it, yet I never call them for it. It frustrates me to no end, but I just don't know how kosher it is to do. If a player steps on the line a little bit...
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    Methodology to become a better stringer

    Hi all, So I have recently purchased a Gamma Progression 2 ELS as I have played tennis for 10+ years and I am sick of paying for +$40 string jobs. The hope is to string my own racquets, friends' racquets, and eventually start doing it as a side hustle for people who don't want to pay $35 bucks...