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    New Prince Neos availability

    So, my tennis buddy has decided to upgrade from his tabletop drop weight stringer to a Prince Neos 1000 now that he's got a bit more space in a larger apartment. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be currently available anywhere at the moment. I would imagine, with TW owning Prince, in a sense...
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    The US Open Women's Singles Champion will be one of these player, crazy right?

    US Open Women's Singles Champion will be Leylah Fernandez, Emma Raducanu, or Maria Sakkari. Crazy. I love the WTA. People would have thought you were crazy if you had suggested these three before the tournament started. Or at least thought Sakkari was unlikely but maybe remotely plausible.
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    It's 9:30pm here and the USO is done for the day.

    I went to do a few things and came back and FAA has won after Alcaraz retires. So, I'm checking when the next match starts..... and it's all done. Last night I entertained until through 1 am. Huh?
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    This Wimbledon is shaping up to be Novak's easiest path to the Finals, ever.

    Kudla in R3, Garin or Martinez in R4. Schwartzman, Fucsovics, Fognini, or Rublev in QF. Tiafoe, Khachanov, Evans, Korda, Murray, Shapo, Koepfer, or RBA in the Semis? Sad. Yeah.....
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    Greater Accomplishment - Grand Slam (CY) or Nole Slam

    What's a more impressive achievement, Novak's 2015-16 non-calendar year "Nole" slam or an actual calendar year grand slam? Is Laver's 1969 Grand Slam greater? Is Novak's "Nole Slam" greater?
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    Djokovic leads the h2h with Djokovic in 9 of 18 Tournaments in their career

    There's a thread about their h2h in tournaments starting in 2011. However, their careers started long before 2011. It just wouldn't be fair to omit those, after all, Novak won a many of those matches. It seems unfair to not give Novak credit for them. As the great Lew said: So, here we are...
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    Do you care about "weak era"

    So, as a Tennis Talk poster or reader, do you care about if an era is "weak." Obviously, competition varies from year to year, era to era. Technology changes. Players arrive, decline, improve, retire (probably not in that order). Laver didn't play Edberg or Becker. Rafa didn't have to play...
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    Where does Olympic Tennis rank?

    There has been occasional discussion of the value of the Olympics as far as a tennis tournament. Where does it rank for you? Edit: I tried to add the equivalent WTA events, but was unable to. They are included. So, ATP / WTA Finals. Masters 1000 / Premier Mandatory. Let the debate begin!
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    Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 17 gauge vs 16 (or 18)

    I've been playing with BHB7 in a 17 gauge and really liking it. Thus, I'm going to have to order more. I'm pondering trying it in a 16 gauge - or maybe even 18. Does anyone have any comments on any differences they noticed? I've played the same string in various gauges before and generally I...
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    Recommendations for a good Tabletop Stringing Machine

    My friend has had a Gamma Drop Weight Stringer that he got a year and a half ago. He's thought about upgrading to either a lockout or a electric pull machine. However, he lives in an apartment and the typical stringer with a base is likely just too large for his situation. Maybe, I'll be able...
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    Good Flying Clamp?

    My buddy has a drop weight stringing machine that we both use. A few days ago, he was stringing a friend's racquet and the string kept slipping though one of his flying clamps. It's a Gamma Composite one (sold on TW, for example). Does anyone have any recommendations? Is this not that...
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    Comparison and Thoughts on Tourna Polys

    Hey everyone, I've been playing polys for about a year and am enjoying the spin and control I'm getting from them. I used to play on multis - Xcel and Rip Control were my favorites. I've used Volkl Cylone, Ytex Quadro-Twist, Isospeed Cream and Pyramid, and Prince Vortex so far. I just strung...