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    Rafael Nadal vs Lewis Hamilton - Who is the greater champion?

    Had Rafael Nadal took up Formula 1 instead of Tennis, would he be able to beat Lewis Hamilton? Had Lewis Hamilton took up Tennis instead of Formula 1, would he be able to beat Rafael Nadal? I personally feel that Rafael Nadal and Lewis Hamilton are the two greatest sports champions of all time...
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    Nadal always had this psychological advantage over Federer and Djokovic

    Right from the beginning, people always under estimated Nadal's ability and potential. Almost everybody predicted that his career will be very short because of his physically taxing style of play. People always had very less expectations on him (many people predicted that Nadal would just be...
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    I wish Djokovic and his fans do not become over confident on account of sunday's victory over Nadal.

    One of the main reasons why Djokovic managed to defeat Nadal on Sunday in the ATP cup final was that Nadal was extremely tired from playing too many singles and doubles matches last week in the follow up to that final and Nadal's energy level was very low. In spite of that, the second set was...
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    Is it possible for other players to emulate Nadal's style and approach towards Tennis with same success?

    Is it possible for other players to play exactly the same way as Nadal even if they try really hard? For example, does Federer have the ability to continuously run down balls and make maximum effort for each and every point like Nadal does, even if he really wants to? Why is it that no player in...