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  1. kragster

    Do we underestimate WTA player groundstrokes?

    At this US open we saw quite a few 85-90 mph groundies from the women and even a few 100+ . Yes perhaps they had less topspin action than the guys but a well-directed 90 mph ground stroke is going to be a winner more often than not, irrespective of the player on the other side. I know a lot...
  2. kragster

    Lot of positives from Novak's play in the USO final

    After watching Wawrinka boss Novak around the court and Novak content with just extending the rallies, I was wondering if Novak had lost the ability to be aggressive. In the final Novak came out swinging and he hit some monster Forehands especially in that 2nd set and early 3rd set. Yes, he...
  3. kragster

    Watching Stan's BH live is such a treat!

    Got to watch 3 of the best BH's in the game Wawrinka, Nole and Gasquet. Nole has been off on his BH and while Richie hit some awesome BHs , he takes too long to set up. Wawa's BH just looked in a different league, the pace of shot was unbelievable and he also has the sweet slice to go along with...
  4. kragster

    USO Semis here I come!!

    The wife surprised me with tickets to the USO semi finals. Super excited. Just wish I could have seen both Fed and Nadal but now only 1 of them will be there.
  5. kragster

    2nd best FH of all time. Period!

    I don't know if there is still any doubt that Nadal's FH is the 2nd best of all time behind prime Fed's. Sure guys like Delpo and Gonzo can on their day be explosive. Pete had a great running FH. But day in and day out Nadal's FH is hands down the more effective shot. And he bends that ball like...
  6. kragster

    What was up with Nole today

    Right from the 1st game he looked listless. Novak badly needs something to get his mojo back, too up and down these days for absolutely no reason. Credit to Isner for playing some top class tennis but really a poor performance from Djokovic on the day.
  7. kragster

    Djokovic declares Nadal best player of 2013

    One more incident showing how arrogant Novak is. I hope humblerer, humbluray* and humbudal show this cocky man how to behave. *Humbluray - Does not refer to the latest DVD player technology.
  8. kragster

    nice to see the warm Djokodal embrace at the end

    I thought after the whole being hit incident there might be a cold handshake but it was nice to see the warm embrace and resolving t he matter with a few quick words.I thought Nole over reacted a bit during the heat of the moment but it was classy that they hashed things out and Nole kept his...
  9. kragster

    The Laver Borg greatness disadvantage - nothing to chase?

    This is not a "why Laver/Borg is the Goat" thread. Rather, I wanted to raise a point in terms of comparing the greatness of past year greats and today's greats. Greatness as measured by some total of accomplishments is the only objective way and I recognize that. However, put yourself in the...
  10. kragster

    What would the Fed-Murray H2H look like if they both had to play in kilts?

    Would Federer's ballerina like movement benefit from the freedom that a kilt would allow him? Would the "roof" for his legs turn conditions in his favor? Or would playing in a kilt spark Murray's nationalistic pride and inspire him to be even better.
  11. kragster

    Sampras dental > Federer dental

    Even a well past prime Sampras seems to be pretty good compared to a close to his prime Federer. This despite the fact that floss string technology has only gotten better.
  12. kragster

    The switch your allegiance for Montreal thread

    This is inspired by Nikdom's attempt to watch Rafa matches as if he were a Rafa fan. So here's the deal. For 1 tournament only, try your hardest to be a fan and root for one of the top 4 guys who you don't typically support. And by support I don't mean some jinxing kind of way of support, I...
  13. kragster

    Poor Virginia Wade?

    The last Brit to win Wimbledon was not Fred Perry in 1936 but Virginia Wade in 1977. Fred Perry was the last MALE brit to win Wimby but tons of articles have neglected to mention that.
  14. kragster

    Analysis of the Murray- Djokovic Matchup

    There really is not much to choose between the two in this matchup and I believe the H2H of 11-8 rightly reflects this. So here is what in my opinion decides the outcome of the match Murray has a more effective 1st serve than Djokovic but Djokovic usually has a better 1st serve % (Murray is...
  15. kragster

    Crowd cheering UEs by JJ

    I've often heard that the Wimby crowd is the least biased in the world. I have a hard time believing that based on what I've seen today. Then again, I can't think of any crowd that is ever not biased.
  16. kragster

    Sexy daughter of God to crush God's personal chef tomorrow

    You heard it here first. 121 mph serves out wide.
  17. kragster

    The Son of God is taking on his Dad's role

    Amazing serving to keep him in the game. BH shanks Awful BP conversion.
  18. kragster

    Wimbledon 2013 Men's Final: TBD P1 vs TBD P2

    Lots of folks seem to enjoy being the first to post these match threads. I am in the mood to steal some thunder. Will edit once player names are known :)
  19. kragster

    If Novak were to win Wimby, how many more would he win?

    So let's assume for the sake of this discussion that Djoker wins Wimby 2013. Of course it's a big IF but we are discussing hypotheticals anyway. So if Djoker did win Wimby, what would his future outlook be. My 2 cents With 2 Wimbys, Djoker would prove beyond doubt that he is one of the...
  20. kragster

    Will there be a permanent asterisk on this year's Wimbledon winner?

    Whoever wins the Wimby this year will not have had to go through big John isner. Given that the grass seems to be playing faster, isner would have been a huge factor if not for his knee mono. 145 mph second serves are pretty hard to deal with on normal surfaces. But on grass 145 mph is actually...
  21. kragster

    ESPN article on Wimbledon slippery courts

    Not sure if this has been posted but this article is a decent read. Highlights 1) Courts prepared exactly the same way as always 2) 2012 Olympics should have had no impact since Wimby courts are...
  22. kragster

    Why do commentators never talk about Steffi Graf in GOAT discussions?

    Multiple times during this Wimbledon, I have heard commentators talk about Serena's GOATness and mention Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova in the conversation. Why is Steffi not mentioned? Open era singles slam count leader (22 Slams) plus only woman with Calendar Golden slam. Perhaps one...
  23. kragster

    Why I do not like upsets in today's state of things

    The underdog story is one that is typically greatly cherished. David beats Goliath. However the reality is that in today's big 4 world , any upsets just mean that the chance for those remaining from the big 4 go up. It is rare to see a Darcis/Stakhovsky get a big upset and then carry that...
  24. kragster

    Maybe shoes are more slippy?

    Why are we blaming the poor grass, maybe the shoes are the ones that need to be banned.
  25. kragster

    Is DBrown the goat volleyer?

    Where did this guy come from?Some of his touch and drop volleys at the net today were spectacular. I really hope this guy goes far this Wimby, he was truly enjoyable to watch.
  26. kragster

    Could Borg have had a second wind in 1982?

    Despite his 3 losses to Mac, Borg had a pretty decent 1981. If he had simply taken a break to refresh and come back fully recharged (rather than play 1 off tournaments here and there), could he have won more slams? If you look at the year 2008, for a while it might have seemed that thing were...
  27. kragster

    Classy interview from Nadal - no excuses

    The reporters keep trying to bait him into talking about his knee but he is having none of it. Plenty of credit to Darcis. Q. What would you say went wrong today and what went right, if anything? What happened? RAFAEL NADAL: Happen that is sport. And sometimes you play well and you have...
  28. kragster

    Spare a thought for Rosol

    Once upon a time a guy from the Czech Republic thought he would never see fame. Then in 2012, he became the poster boy for the most popular gif in the tennis forum trolling world. Diseases were named after him. People suddenly cared. "Where is he in the draw" they asked. But that time has...
  29. kragster

    Is it about quicker grass or is it about more practice?

    The popular theory is that Nadal struggles in the earlier rounds at Wimbledon because the grass is faster/slicker. But could it also be a function of him taking longer to adapt to the surface than others? i.e. as the tournament progresses and he has more practice under his belt, he gets better...
  30. kragster

    Where are the draw conspiracy theorists now?

    I can guarantee that Nadal and Djokovic will be in different halves - FO I can guarantee that Nadal will be in Ferrer's quarter - Wimby Nadal and Federer will be in Djoker's half so the Brit Murray has an easy pass to the final - Wimby You must be feeling pretty smart right now :).