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    Best 18x20 rackets for control?

    Have been playing with 16x19 almost exclusively, currently play the DR98 and like it a lot but I want to try something for those days when my forehand is misfiring and I just need a lot of control on my shots and I can win. So I want to try an 18x20 and the main thing I want is more control...
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    Does anyone use a different racket or set up for doubles vs singles?

    I don't know about others but I find rackets tend to play better at singles or doubles when compared. I get that I should stick with one racket but I find no matter which one I try it is either better for doubles or better for singles and my dilemma is I want to be as good as I can at both with...
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    Does spray painting a racket add any significant weight to it?

    I know pros have their rackets painted or blacked out quite a lot, is their any weight difference or is it negligible?
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    What was the spiritual successor to the Wilson Steam 99?

    Looking to pick these up but not paying over £100 for used rackets, looks like the Burn 99 may be the closest to it and the one Wilson claimed to be the successor? Anything else comparable?
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    Best 100in or more for backhand slice and serve?

    Thinking of getting a 100in head or higher to compliment my current rackets. I have 95 (price Textreme Tour) and 98 rackets (original pure strike 16x19) that I am very happy with, especially when playing the better players at my club. I want something a bit more forgiving for those times I am...
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    Best Shoulder and Serve Friendly Rackets

    I have been having some pain in my serving shoulder recently, I'm happy with my rackets (og Pure Strike 305 and Dr98 310s) and like to lead them up and customize which is part of the problem as my shoulder is not used to the weight yet. I want to have a super friendly racket for when my shoulder...
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    Closest was to mod a Pure Strike (2014) 16x19 305g to a Pure Strike Tour?

    Got a few Pure Strikes keen to try some modding and would like to know what's the best way to get it close to being the specs of the tour? I realise it may not be possible to get it match it but what is the closest I can get? Thanks
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    How long does a modern racket last?

    After a period of racketholism I think I have found my long term racket. It’s out of production now and am stocking up (currently have 6). I’m wondering how long will these rackets last before becoming unplayable if unused? Do you think the back ups can last 20-30 years if need be? If so I will...
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    Yonex Ezone Plus Racket irreparably damaged?

    Hi guys, could really do with some opinions, bought the Ezone 98+ second hand from the US, live in the UK. It was delivered yesterday and all seemed well until I gave it a really close look and noticed some cracks at the bottom of the frame above the handle. It looks like the strings have maybe...