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    Why does Djokovic drop the 1st set so often?

    why is he so sluggish/inconsistent recently at the start of a match?
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    Medvedev - Easiest Path To A Slam Final Ever?

    the red sea has parted for medvedev...never seen an easier path to a slam before. meanwhile djokovic has to go through Berrettini, Zverev, and Medvedev in succession to make history. the odds are stacked against the world's no gods don't want the calender grand slam to happen smh
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    USO needs to be moved back a week

    it doesn't feel that there is alot of attention/coverage of the USO from the us sports media and i suspect its because of the start of college football and NFL which are the two most popular sports in the country. once again the ITF continues to show their incompetence in the promotion of the...
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    Prediction: The 2021 US Open Will Be The Greatest Slam of All Time

    there are so many storylines in this one. the 20/20/20 angle alone is enough hype on its own merit as all members of the big 3 will be desperate to breakthrough. however, one must consider the possibility, given their ages, that this could be the last slam we ever see Roger Federer and Serena...
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    Decent Chance for FAA vs Berrettini ?

    this seems where the road should end for FAA but i'm really surprised he's gotten this far. beating Zverev is a huge accomplishment for him. he has already beaten Federer on grass too. makes you wonder what might happen if he gets past the italian....
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    Why is there so much tampering with court surfaces ?

    why is the ATP/ITF always tweaking its court surfaces (often slowing them down) ? how is this even allowed ?
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    Why is Djokovic Not as Dominant at The US Open as at The AO ?

    what explains his disparity of success at the two hard court slams? at one he demonstrates record breaking mastery while at the other he falters quite often. does it have something to do with the surface (plexicushion vs rebound ace) ? is it because he's worn out by the time the USO rolls...
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    If You Were A Pro, How Would You Set Up Your Calender ?

    The rules state that you must play 18 touraments (19 if you qualify for the ATP Tour Finals) and must include the following: - the 4 slams - the 8 mandatory M1000's (excluding Monte Carlo) - 6 competitions consisting of ATP 500, ATP 250, Davis Cup (i think one 500 has to come after the US OPEN...
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    Parking Lot Open (aka miami open) Atmosphere ?

    for those who have attended, is it as soulless and depressing in person as it appears on screen? i can't imagine being accustomed to the beautiful, exclusive surroundings of Key Biscayne and then having to transition to 'the hood' in a football stadium parking lot surrounding by concrete and...
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    Anyone Else Loving The Rising Emphasis on Drop Shots?

    drop shots always seem to make points more exciting as you're never quite sure if the player will get there, and if he/she does, what will happen next. this is great for the evolution of the sport as well as now there is more of an athletic component required with quick reflexes and foot speed...
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    How Good is Musetti?

    Took more sets off Novak at RG than nadal did. Future ATG?
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    Where Does the 3rd Set of Nadal/Djokovic RG21 Rank All Time ?

    the cliche 'unstoppable force meets immovable object' is a fitting description for what occured in that set. was it the best set of tennis ever ?
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    Carlos Alcaraz Grunting

    please make it stop...
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    Sinner is the next ATG

    has all the tools and should be top 5 by end of the year. i think slams will be won in 2022.
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    Zverev Grunting

    my there anything worse?
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    and so it begins...
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    Federer to miss 2021 AO i guess that means no federer until around wimbledon really.
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    Apologizing for winning point when ball grazes net?

    totally unnecessary in my opinion. nobody purposely grazes the net to win a point. its a matter of bad luck/good luck, simple as that.
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    "Oh, Stop It!"

    anyone else gets annoyed when that atptour announcer guy says this? so cringeworthy
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    Most Annoying Grunter on ATP Tour?

    my god do i dislike grunters. there are quite a few offenders on tour such as Nadal and thank the gods that Ferrer retired. but is there anyone worse than Rublev? this dude is SUPER loud and obnoxious with it. can't watch any of his matches.
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    Felix Auger Aliassime

    might legit mess around and win this thing. the dude has some poise!
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    Are Any of These Feats Actually Achievable?

    - Finishing an entire calender year Undefeated. - winning a slam without losing a game. - winning a match without losing a single point. will we ever live to see any of these happen? which is most likely?