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    Donnay F100, Bio 400 T, X8, IG

    If someone might try the mention racket which one do you recommend for a 3.0 player? Donnay Formula 100 Dunlop Biomimetic 400 Tour Volkl Organix 8 (300g) Head YOUTEK IG Instinct About Formula 100 color, I can read in review: "...Nice racquet but the paint chips off, the decal chips off, and...
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    Where to get this kind of bag for tennis?

    Hello! I would like to get something like this for tennis rackets? Any idea where to get it? Thanks!
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    Volkl bags - anyone using this?

    Hello! I like this bag and I wonder how does it handle? Thanks
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    Donnay Silver or Gold (x-dual core series) ?

    Hello! Would like to know more about the racket differences. TW reviewed gold bit I can find little information about silver (customer responses). I also tried Donnay racket selector on their page and if I changed specifications of some parameters I get this result: Silver: more control...
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    Need more poweful racket, easy swing - suggestions

    Hello! I made a list of racket on which I am interested to try and buy. Can you please give me your comment on those racket if someone compare them or try them individually. Here is my list: Head YOUTEK IG Instinct - coming Volkl Organix 8 Dunlop Biomimetic 500 Tour Prince EXO3...
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    Prince EXO3 Tour 100 (16X18) or EXO3 Tour Team 100

    Hello! I would like to try some of this rackets... Which one do you think I should try or which one from your experiences and testing perform better? Thanks!
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    Speed IG 19x16 or 18x20?

    Hi! I will test one of this and I have to choice one of them to get it. Can you please advice regarding string pattern and specific behavior of this racket what I should choice. Each racket will also have different SW and stiffness. What do you recommend based on experiences demo...
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    Djokovic racket - speed head shape

    Hello! Maybe this was already discussed before but anyway. Does Djokovic use original speed head shape of the racket as we can buy it in store? Thanks.
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    Which would you advice and why?

    Looking to try something new...currently I am using TF 295. Choices are: HEAD IG Speed 300 HEAD Radical MP Babolat Pure Drive GT Dunlop Bio 500 tour Thanks!
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    Which would be more forgiving and easy to handle - Head Speed or Donnay X-silver

    Hi! Just wonder if anybody tried this rackets and how they are compare to each other? I can not try Donnay so I am asking here. Other choices were: Volkl 10 295 Babolat pure drvei gt Volkl 8 Maybe just a quick comparison with that list? So looking for a racket which is not stiff...
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    Which racket for a (again) beginer?

    Hello! Looking for a new racket because my new TF F 320 vo2max is to heavy. My choices are, please advice: Volkl Organix 10 295 Head YouTek IG Extreme MP Head YouTek IG Speed MP 300 Wilson Blade 98 BLX
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    Pro's do not use gimmicks - true?

    I read on another forum that pros do not use any of the gimmicks which is available in normal rackets sold in shops...for example Head youtek, Babolat build in stuff etc.. There was a nice guy direct me to this forum but i can not find post proving this... Usually in today world we use all...
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    Wilson or Tecnifibre bag - advice

    Hi! I am interested in those two bags specially because of the design of straps ( i do not like Head or Babolat design). I prefer Tecnifibre much more than wilson regarding design (shoe compartment, big pocket in the middle of the bag...) but i like Wilson materials because bag is easy to...
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    Strings for TF T.Fight 320 VO2 Max

    Hi! I need a little help picking a right string for me on above mention racket. I was looking at this string below. I should mention that I do not have any experience regarding strings so any feedback is welcome. Because this are all poly string I am looking arm friendly string which is...
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    Babolat Team Line 9 Pack Bag

    Can I wear this bag on back also way around - can I move strips on the other side of the bag?
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    what is new Wilson K Factor KBlade 98

    Hi! Someone mention to me that new Wilson K Factor KBlade 98 is out? Please help me find what si model name? Thx.
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    How good is Tecnifibre?

    Hello! It looks like some pros like Verdasco move from TF to Dunlop? How good are their rackets compare to Dunlop, Volkl which I prefer in general as a brand. Many thanks!
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    new Dunlop biomimetic 2011

    more here:
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    T-FLASH 285 SPEEDFLEX or T-FIGHT 295 VO2Max - difference in the game?

    Hi! I am looking at this Tecnifibre brad and do not know what to expect from this brand compare to Head, Dunlop, Babolat. As a beginner (used to play tenns) I need new racket. They all told me pick a weight 280-290, not to stiff and as big head as possible. When I look to those two...
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    Racket stiffness - what does numbers mean??

    Hello! I have this racket in mind and I just checked racket stiffness. I really do not know what does this actually mean in practice because the difference between those numbers is small. Babolat AeroPro Team GT - 69 Head Speed Elite - 66 Head Extreme Elite 62 Thanks!
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    Head Extreme Elite or Speed Elite or Babolat AeroPro Team GT ????

    Hello! I am looking for amateur racket which will be around 280g (3-3.5 NTRP). I was looking on those 3 rackets and now I need final opinion about those 3: Head Seed Elite Head Extreme Elite...