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    Volkl V Cell V1 Pro

    Hey This new model version will soon be availble from Volkl. I see that it's already available on TW US... (nothing on the European website yet!!? Does any of you have any experience with this stick?? Looks like its a bit more manouvrable that the former version... Would be really interested...
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    Weight difference between strin gauge

    Hey everybody! After several experiments, I observed that the difference in weigh between my regular 120 gauge and 125 gauge is between 3-4 grams (dependind on the strings). Maybe everyone knows but I didn't haha... So with just a bump in gauge (+4gr) and adding a lether grip (+5-6gr) I can...
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    What's your string for this raquet? based on spec only

    Hey guys! Let's play a game: I tell you my raquet specs and you tell me what would be your go to strings and tension for it. I won't mention the brand and model as it can bias your opinions I guess ;) So here it is!! 98 sq head 340gr strung 20 - 22 - 20 profile 16x19 stringbed standard...
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    Volkl V Cell 10 reviews?

    Hey TW Team! :) You teased us with the full Volkl bag line... how about a review of the latest V Cell 10 raquets? Curious to know how you like them both the 300 and 320 gr frames!!
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    Bags, how many and what size?

    Hey guys and girls!! Recently switched from Yonex Vcore 98 to Babolat Pure Aero VS... Now craving for the VS 9 bag from babolat haha Already have a yonex 6 bag and don't really need it so convince me many bags is good for me :) do you have multiple bags?? Do you try having the same brands for...
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    Gamma X6 tension issue - help!!

    Hi !! I got a X6 stringer a while ago and am very happy with it... stringed about 10 raquets already and the results were pretty accurate when I checked right after finishing the string job with my phone app. Last time I strung my Babolat with some Hyper G at 22 Kg I was surprised to see the app...
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    Yonex VCore 98 L... any lover?

    Hi everyone... I've played for quite some time with the VCore 98 (305) and also the Regna 98 (310). Love both of these frames, for their solid feel and headlight balance. But was wondering recently if the 98 L at 285 gr was worth a try? Looks like it could be even more playable and a bit...
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    New raquet day! Babolat Pure Aero VS

    Hey guys I usually play with a Yonex VCore 98 and also a Regna 98... love them and really had a révélation switching from 100 heads to 98.. Previously played years with a Babolat Pure Aero... the regular model I ordered a Babolat VS Pure Aero. Apart from the great look i think it may be just...