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    How do you stop pulling off of heavy topspin shots without much pace?

    I was playing with someone that hits a flatter ball and hitting great. Then I started playing this guy that doesn't hit very hard, but he hits with a ton of topspin with very little on it. His shots were deep, but not moonballs. For some reason I started out strong but then started pulling off...
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    Why do people scream during pro matches as players fun for drop shots or hit overheads?

    In all the years I've been playing and watching tennis at parks and clubs I've never seen anyone scream like they just witnessed a murder as someone runs for a drop shot or moves back to hit a lob. How come when I watch pro matches on TV or go live events people in the crowd will start screaming...
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    How should I workout for recovery after tough points?

    I can play hitting cross court or "regular" 2 or 3 shot rallies for a while. What gets me are the long points where I'm sprinting up for a drop shot and then running back for a lob or hitting a shot on the full stretch and then racing to cover a few more shots. I'm perfectly fine finishing those...
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    How can I improve my lob ROS for doubles?

    Lately I've noticed more server's partners crowding the net. This is especially true when the server has a big serve. Naturally the way to counter this is with a lob, but my lob off a serve where I'm reaching or struggling to get back isn't very good. A lot of times I'll miss it wide, which I...
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    Should your legs still be sore a few days after cramping?

    My legs cramped after a hard match during the week, but it didn't cramp that bad and went away after 5 minutes or so. The next few days I did yoga, Pilates and used a foam roller and felt fine. The day before I was going to play this weekend I didn't do anything. When I played I was moving...
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    How do you have a left hand dominant 2H BH without collapsing right side?

    The example in this video of what NOT to do looks almost exactly like my 2H BH when I'm trying hard to use the left arm. My shots will fall down and to the right. He says to fix that you need to move/extend both arms at the same speed and it's like 80/20 left vs right arm. Any other tips...
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    How do you adjust your 2H BH swing when jammed?

    Obviously you don't want to get jammed, but on my FH I can still hit a decent shot from that position. On my 2H BH if get jammed I miss almost every shot and can't put anything on it. This is especially problematic on clay with bad bounces and ROS when I don't have time
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    Has anyone found drivers assist that keep you in your lane or steer/brake for you useful?

    I borrowed a friends car and tried out one of these systems that's supposed to keep you in your lane and slow down and speed up to keep you at a preset speed on the highway. To me this is terrifying! Like asking a teenager you're not sure about to handle these functions for you while you monitor...
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    Would playing a let if you thought your serve was out and caught the ball be proper etiquette?

    In a friendly practice match with someone on my league I hit a 1st serve that looked like it was clearly out to me. He hit a return that looked like it was going into the next court where there was a kids clinic with a ton of balls on the court so I ran over and just stopped the return and kind...
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    What to work on when returning to tennis after a month off?

    For the first time in a while I took about a month off from tennis. I've been working out hard with weights and cardio, but haven't touched a racket in a month. I'm going to get back into it and was wondering if there are any common things to focus on or look out for when returning. Would you...
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    How can I hit a high % return of serve that's not a chip?

    My basic return of serve I have a short backswing and get my weight into the shot. The problem against better players seems to be that I either hit a very strong, aggressive return that puts me on the offensive or I miss the return. I don't really have anything in between besides just chipping...
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    Are most people ok with having a practice singles match recorded?

    I'm playing a practice singles match with a tennis friend and was thinking of bringing a small tripod I can attach to the back fence to record us playing or just put on the bench to record myself during the match. Do you think most people would be ok with that or is that a strange request? I...
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    How do you like to relax at home besides working out?

    If you're stuck at home on a rainy day and are tired/sore and not working out what's your favorite thing to do if you're trying to relax? Watch a movie, read a book, or something else?
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    Is going cross court or down the alley the higher % play when pulled out wide in doubles?

    In an important point in my doubles match I keep getting pulled further and further off the court with heavy topspin and was in a forehand cross court rally. As we're hitting the opposing net player would be covering the alley but then fake also move towards the middle and had been aggressively...
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    What do you like to eat to recover after intense playing if you'll be playing a match the next day?

    I'm playing with someone that is better than me and where it takes everything I have to stay with him and then playing a match again the following morning. The hitting I'm doing is when it's pretty hot out also. Obviously I'm going hydrate well while playing, but is there anything in...
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    Would someone tank a set to keep from getting bumped?

    I played a 4.0 doubles match vs. 2 guys that were nearly undefeated all season. One of the guys was just horrible in the 1st set and could hardly get a ball in the court. 2nd set he starts playing extremely well and we had an epic battle, lost the set and then eventually pulled through in a...
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    How do you return a lefty serve?

    I played a lefty in doubles and missed almost every return. I'm not talking about the wide one on the ad side, but one on the deuce side to your (right handed) forehand. I just felt like I was getting jammed or mistiming all the returns. It was like every serve was a trick shot and I couldn't...
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    Returning flat wide serve on ad side in doubles

    As a righty how should you position yourself to return a serve on the ad side where the server is standing as far into his doubles alley as allowed and hitting a flat serve that bounces away from you? Their net player was in close to the net and guarding the alley. I felt uncomfortable trying...
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    How do you split step to get ready for opposing net player in doubles?

    When we have 1 up and 1 back vs. another team that's doing the same how do you time the split step or get ready in case the opposing net player intercepts the ball? I know to watch him until the ball gets by him, but even though I'm watching him I feel flat footed if he goes at me or hits a...
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    Can finally hit a great serve but it causes back pain. What can I do?

    Not sure if I should post this here or the health/fitness section. Basically I figured out how to hit a great serve that has a ton of pace and is more reliable than my normal 1st serve. No one I've played at 4.0 or even the tennis pro I hit with can do much returning it. During my 4.0 league...
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    Do you have any favorite current TV shows that are just fun and not political, gory, or crude

    I've been watching the Mandalorian and Wondavision and these are the first shows I've seen in a while that I've actually enjoyed and I miss fun TV. I follow the news very carefully and read some political books and can't stand seeing politics pushed into TV programming, which I know happens...
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    Played horrible day after playing almost my best tennis

    I played for around 1.5 hours with a very good player doing a long warm up and getting great rhythm doing all the shots (GS, volleys, OH, serves,) and different drills. Then we played out a few games and I played about as well as I ever have and felt like I was ready for the Australian Open...
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    What is good etiquette for giving your opponent another 1st serve?

    In my match a ball from the other court rolled into mine between my 1st and 2nd serves that I had to clear and my opponent gave me a 1st serve. In most matches I've played they've not given me a 1st serve and I haven't been doing that for my opponents. Regardless of the official rules (which I...
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    Where should you stand as the server's partner with a weak 2nd serve?

    A lot of guys I play with have very strong 1st, but weak 2nd serves. Obviously if the returner is blasting return winners I'm going to move back, but what if they're occasionally going up the line, but mostly hitting aggressive returns cross court? My last partner's serve lands short in the...
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    Bag for 3 rackets, towel, extra shirt, and water

    What would be a good bag for what I have listed in the subject? Right now I have a bag with 1 small compartment for keys, wrist bands, etc and main one for my rackets where I also put an extra shirt, a towel and have to wrap the water around the towel. If I have cold water I'm trying to avoid...
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    Felt bored during a match for the 1st time

    I've been playing a lot lately and played for several hours just hitting the day before a friendly match. During the match I won the first set easily and right after winning it I just felt like I was ready to go home. The 2nd set turned into a battle and I wasn't serving or returning well so...
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    Timing of bringing down off hand on serve

    Someone watching me play said it looks like when I'm tired/rushing/nervous I tend to drop the off (left) hand too soon. Since then I've been trying to intentionally keep it up until I start my serve swing. Sometimes I still rush and don't do this, but when I remember to do it it's helped me a...
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    How to use massage fun for tennis elbow?

    For Christmas I got a massage gun and was wondering if anyone's used them for tennis elbow and if you have any tips. My elbow just started slightly bothering me the other day so I figured this would be as good a time as any to use it.
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    What does it mean to "stick" your volleys?

    I was at a clinic and a few times when I missed my volley the pro said "you need to stick those volleys". What does that mean? I think it was a low forehand volley I missed. Just hit it harder? Better contact?
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    Leg drive with platform stance

    I'm thinking of switching to a platform stance (at least on 2nd serve) and was wondering if anyone has a favorite tip or video on how to properly use your legs with it vs. the pinpoint stance. The reason being that I tend to toss too far in front on my 2nd serve when I'm nervous and end up...