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    2019 Yonex Regna (Japanese exclusive)

    Well, I tried many polys in there and you definitely have to use a soft one! Ice Code is quite nice. Recently I put some Still in Black X8 and the raquet plays fantastic!!! It's a polyamide string and i get great pop, nice control and superb comfort!! Next tests will be some "control" multis...
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    Has someone tried both the new Vcore Pro 310 and the Regna 98? Looks like the new Vcore Pro 310 is the closest in specs to the regna, which still might be a tad more powerful due to higher RA
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    loocking for my new string

    Tecnifibre Ice Code 120 if you want exceptionnal longevity!! Razor Code if you need the extra control and a bit less comfort...
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    soft polys

    Still in Black X8, X10 and most of all X12 Polyamide VEEEERY soft polys (X12 being even softer than multis)
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    Frames on your bucket list?

    Volkl V Cell V1 Pro for me :) should be available any day on TWE!! :)
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    2019 Yonex Regna (Japanese exclusive)

    I did something to my Regna 98 and its GREAT!! Well many will call it dumb but I actually remove the leather grip on one of my Regna and replaced it with some regular Babolat grip. It remove about 7gr from the racquet and made the balance go from 32 to 32.5 approx I find it à bit more...
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    Maybe but ive never had any arm pain playing tennis.. until switching to the pure aero. I mean Babolat sticks are not really known for their comfort
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    Thoughts about Volkl V-Cell V1 Pro (2021)

    wondering aboout the level of power of this frame... being almost 100 sq inches and 16x19, it should be quite powerful, but has lower flex and thin beam... Anybody would guess?
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    Thoughts about Volkl V-Cell V1 Pro (2021)

    still not available ton TWE
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    It's quite crisp... not mushy at all despite quite powerful and tolerant... I'm currently testing ice code in parallel and they're quite similar
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    Soft & control oriented polys

    Still in Black... Impact or X8 are really comfortable and still control oriented!! Good value too... very happy with those!
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    Ok... tried a new string in my VS and so far really like it! Still in Black - Impact 120 at 23 kg... Super arm friendly, soft but good control and no trampoline effect!! Spin generation is not over the top, but the VS is enough for all the spin you want right ;)
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    The ice code is easier on the arm and has less trampoline effect than Hyper G 120 soft at the same 23 kg tension. Tried the confidential today... awful!! Destroyed my arm and elbow!! Too stiff and not enough tolerant for my poor technique HAHA May try to add 1-2 kg to my hyper G setup... of go...
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    I also play with the 2020 Pure Aero VS... found that Hyper G (120) is rather erratic in this frame... I switched to Ice Code and am currently also trying Confidential (both 120 too)... The Ice Code is already a nice improvement over the Hyper G for me... Previously tried some Volkl strings that...
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    Babolat Pure Aero VS 2020

    Leather is around 333gr while the "normal" version is 325gr. (With overgrip and anti vibration). Previously I was playing a Yonex Regna. Loved it by was lacking a bit of easy power.
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    Babolat Pure Aero VS 2020

    I have 4 VS... on one of them I added a leather grip and use 125 gauge strings...(instead of the 120 I usually use) grip adds 5 gr and the bigger strings add 3-4 gr... the stick is around 10gr heavier than the other with the same 32cm balance... just did it and still have to play with it to have...
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    Babolat Pure Aero VS 2020

    I guess not before 2023, as this one is the 2020 model... and it won't come out at the same time than the new Pure Aero... so yep, another12-18 month before any teaser ;)
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    Babolat Pure Aero VS 2020

    The VS is my go to racquet right now... Use full poly at 23 kg on it but some soft ones... Ice Code, Volkl V Torque Tour, TopSpin Cyber Blue all 120 gauge... Polyfribre strings would also fit as they are really soft Tried Alu Power 120 and was GREAT on this stick as well... Might string one of...
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    Volkl V Cell V1 Pro

    Hey This new model version will soon be availble from Volkl. I see that it's already available on TW US... (nothing on the European website yet!!? Does any of you have any experience with this stick?? Looks like its a bit more manouvrable that the former version... Would be really interested...
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    Round Poly Recommendations (Crisp, predictable, 1.2 gauge or less)

    TopSpin Cyber Flash 120 could be worth a try... very low cost too and great reviews... Love the Cyber Blue but Cyber Flash may be crispier
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    Ball pocketing: Ice Code and Other Tec polys

    Was going to say Volkl V Square too ;) And I just ordered a reel of Ice Code, for just 70 bucks on sales, after trying it... love this string too (120 gauge)
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    2019 Yonex Regna (Japanese exclusive)

    Also loaded some tecnifibre Ice Code 130 on my Regna 98... 23kg. Cant wait to try it :)
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    Weight difference between strin gauge

    Hey everybody! After several experiments, I observed that the difference in weigh between my regular 120 gauge and 125 gauge is between 3-4 grams (dependind on the strings). Maybe everyone knows but I didn't haha... So with just a bump in gauge (+4gr) and adding a lether grip (+5-6gr) I can...
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    Top 1.20 polys?

    Top Spin Cyber Blue 120 Hyper G Soft 120 Volkl Vsquare 120 WC Silverstring 120 Solinco Confidential 120 Love those and have a hard time deciding between one of those... leaning toward Confidential 120 (as well as Hyper G 115)
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    Pro Staff 97 v13 is too stiff?

    Damn I was about to try one of those :( however I like stiff raquets, like Babolat Pure Aero VS, Yonex Vcore 98 and Volkl V Cell 10.... so maybe it would me ok for me...
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    For a Volkl racket fan, which would you recommend right now?

    V Cell 10 320 gr... absolutely great frame! control with some nice pop and super maoeuvrable despite the static weight!
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    What's your string for this raquet? based on spec only

    Hey guys! Let's play a game: I tell you my raquet specs and you tell me what would be your go to strings and tension for it. I won't mention the brand and model as it can bias your opinions I guess ;) So here it is!! 98 sq head 340gr strung 20 - 22 - 20 profile 16x19 stringbed standard...
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    Volkl V Cell 10 reviews?

    @TW Staff One more question about this one: it's not mentioned on the TW Europe website, but my V Cell 10 came string 1 piece and i saw on another site that it was recommended 1 piece for stringing. Do you also recommend it? or can we string it also 2 pieces without problem? How were strung...
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    Volkl V Cell 10 reviews?

    @twthanks for the nice reviews !! I must surprised about the many comment about the small sweet spot of the V Cell 10... i definitely dont have a perfect hitting technique and I find those 2 frames pretty forgiving for 98 sticks... Anyway I will certainly keep the 320 as my main raquet for a...