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    Is the 4 1/2 grip size slowly dying out?

    Yeah, they're definitely less common- I can only find larger grip sizes on the web or special ordered, a lot of players are defaulting to 3/8 or 1/4 nowadays.
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    Was This Injury Caused By Slippery Wimbledon Grass? Or Poor Footwork?

    Her running and court coverage was good. The former professionals that were commenting on the match said as much.
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    Was This Injury Caused By Slippery Wimbledon Grass? Or Poor Footwork?

    She was moving well before the hamstring injury, did you watch the match?
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    18x19 pattern Club - Djokovic, Medvedev, Agassi and...

    I use the SW102-- I love the current model's pattern as it is very dense in the middle but more open outside to allow for spin.
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    Favorite trait or practice of teaching pro?

    A nice perk of this gig is that it is a secondary job, so I can control my schedule better and don't need to try and fill every week's schedule to keep my house. I agree as far as jaded coaches, some are just a combination mediocre ball machine/unlicensed therapist for people to talk at. There...
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    Favorite trait or practice of teaching pro?

    I like targets for hand-fed things, but I try to keep the number relatively low (usually safe groundstrokes and then an angled one for inside out forehands) I agree that some people have a tendency to litter the court with every cone, dot, line, hula hoop, or other prop they can find and it...
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    Favorite trait or practice of teaching pro?

    I'm neutral on it, but the USTA also has plenty of its own issues to manage.
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    Favorite trait or practice of teaching pro?

    They do have good lesson progressions... I did the Performance camp so it's slightly different in structure in that you begin with competition to assess what a player's needs are, rather than just assessing strokes with drilling. I'm going to steal some things that were used at the Real Club de...
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    Favorite trait or practice of teaching pro?

    I'll be starting a new side job as a teaching pro for individual and group work (I've coached high schoolers and some adults before, am a classroom teacher, and am PTR certified, but it'll be my first "teaching pro" gig) I'm curious what traits or practices of a teaching pro in either private...
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    Which type ofracquet will give players the greatest advantage?

    If you are talking about the best racket for pace on a serve +1 combo or aggressive tennis, probably something with a high swingweight like the RF97, SW102, or an extended length pure drive tour. The problem is that not everyone can swing that effectively, (or swing it effectively for the whole...
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    Worst Team Tennis Scandal Ever - Welcome to Tennessee

    True. Sandbagging is fairly normal, unfortunately.
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    Best racquet for young man

    Agree with this. Demo 4 rackets. Then demo 4 more that are similar in specs to the one you liked best, but maybe have one thing that is notably different, then pick your favorite and repeat. As you try different rackets, you will figure out what you value.
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    Ultimate racquet for a 4.5 player

    Typically about 98-100", a shade under 12oz strung weight, low to mid 60s flex, 18x20 pattern, 20-22mm beam.
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    Server etiquette disagreement

    Depends on the level, but the faster the ball is travelling the more likely that out serves are returned, it's part of the game. The server has a responsibility to wait until you are ready, and the returner has to play at the server's *reasonable* pace. If server wants better rhythm in this...
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    Return policy change

    It was great; I once had t do a return about 6 months after a purchase (switched rackets while off the continent for a semester)
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    Jannik Sinner fined for not using the toilet during a toilet break when facing Karatsev

    I've seen a woman get a code violation warning at a challenger for taking the bathroom break and not using the bathroom. Maybe the ref is in locker room and observes if they enter a stall or something? Not sure, and don't really want to dig into it lol
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    Jannik Sinner fined for not using the toilet during a toilet break when facing Karatsev

    Mental break. There are quite a few that will take a bathroom break or a fake medical time out cough Djoko AO 2020 cough.
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    Pro rackets break more easily?

    Of the rackets I've broken, the pro staff 90 definitely broke the most easily.
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    Pro rackets break more easily?

    They probably have a higher desire to crush a racket than someone that is pissed but has to pay for the new one.
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    If you got a free pair of shoes every match what would it be?

    Agree with the Vapor 9 or 9.5. Their durability was actually pretty good for me, but those were my favorite shoes ever.
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    Question on tennis teaching pro income

    Yeah I think the pros have a totally valid opinion there. It's one thing for a highly reputable club with a big membership and tourism to charge a percentage-- they're truly setting you up with potential students. The director may be bringing in players, but if they are a totally different...
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    Cautionary Study of H.I.I.T.

    Agree. There are a lot of people that completely fail to build up their training over time, and so they get hurt early because they overtrain and/or have crap form.
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    Question on tennis teaching pro income

    30% off the top is normal from the pros I've talked to. That covers the court space (indoor or outdoor), and the club I play at supplies new cases of balls. I don't think that the fees go to the Director, but he is salaried in addition to getting money from any lessons he does.
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    Pickleball is spreading

    I'm increasingly annoyed with pickleball-- they use the basketball gym at our facility in the winter, and are increasingly hijacking public tennis courts. The entitlement was absurd, a couple tried to argue with me over using courts during a high school tennis match I was coaching, when we had...
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    Why do clubs even host USTA leagues?

    My club staggers different levels/teams to try and leave courts available for members. In winter it's much more of a challenge. Spring teams still play indoors, the primary member demand in the early evening is for the outdoor clay courts anyway.
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    Wilson Blade update delayed

    I did a blade 98 CV with all glossy emerald green like that but gold lettering, looked amazing.
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    The question for TW play testers - racquet reviews scores

    What I've looked most closely are the comments of individual playtesters, and then based on what they say, and their game, plus what you can discern from specs, I can pretty easily figure out which rackets are worth a demo and which are not. If you look at who is on a playtest and see what...
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    Do you cut the rest of your strings after playing and breaking your string? Does this prevent warping?

    I cut it once I'm off the court and giving it to the stringer, but mainly to help out the stringer, since he is a teaching pro as well, taking a couple of minutes off of the time can mean I get the racket sooner. Plus it's just nice.
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    Fist pumping

    It definitely depends on the player. Some people are going to positive self-talk on big shots or points. I agree that some unnecessarily SCREAM on minor points/flukes, and that's just annoying. Also doing things like fist pumping while facing the opponent can work against you, a teammate did it...
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    My Wife's UTR is Plummeting!

    I think that UTR is great for juniors and people playing lots of tournaments, but it can get wonky with leagues. Mine is UR currently, but I'm a 4.5-5.0 NTRP. Most of my friends that have a rating right now have seen it drop. It might defeat the purpose, but I think that counting mixed doubles...